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Welcome to China’s Longest Boardwalk: Binhai Road in Dalian HOT


Binhai Road’s claim to fame is its rare blend of mountains and sea, and its 20.99 km long wooden boardwalk, the longest in China. In addition to the boardwalk, Haibin Road stretches on for a total of 40 km with 12 scenic attractions dotted along the way. ... Read More>>

Soothing by the Seaside: The Most Reputable Massage Centers in Dalian HOT

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Dalian may be one of the more relaxed Chinese cities, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of a good massage from time to time. Here, we delve into the most reputable places for a massage in Dalian. ... Read More>>

More Than Just Sushi: Popular Japanese Restaurants in Dalian HOT

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If you need a break from your usual Chinese-centric dining routine, why not explore Dalian’s Japanese dining scene? From the usual sushi and sashimi to barbeque and fusion, Dalian’s Japanese restaurants offer up mouth-watering cuisine to please every taste. ...... Read More>>

Dalian’s Most Popular Shopping Malls Around Qingniwaqiao HOT

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Historic Qingniwaqiao (青泥洼桥, literally, "bridge over the blue mud swamp"), is the de facto central business district of Dalian. To locals, this historic area south of the train station is effectively synonymous with "downtown ...... Read More>>

Pumping Iron: Dalian’s Best Fitness Centers HOT

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For a city of its size, there are a surprising number of high quality fitness centers in Dalian. If money is no matter, hands down, the best of the bunch (in terms of equipment and services) is Bally Total Fitness Club, which boasts two locations in the ...... Read More>>

Retailer’s Paradise - Xi'an Lu Shopping District in Dalian HOT

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Despite its relative newcomer status, the Xi'an Lu Commercial Zone (西安路商业区) has quickly become one of the premier shopping, dining and entertainment destinations in Dalian, second only to the popular downtown shopping spot, Qingniwaqiao (青泥洼桥). ...... Read More>>

Soak It Up: Dalian’s Best Hot Springs Resorts HOT

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In recent years, hot springs resorts in Dalian have been developing at a fast pace to match the local demand. But with so many choices, where should you go for your hot spring holiday? Below are recommendations for some of the best hot springs in and around ...... Read More>>

Just Off the Coast: Dalian Summer Island Getaways HOT

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Now that the scorching summer heat has arrived in full-effect across Dalian, item number one on many expats' lists is to head to the nearest beach for a bit of fun in the sun, followed by a cool, relaxing swim. Unfortunately, as countless expats have no ...... Read More>>

4 More Reasons to Become a Beach Bum: Dalian’s Popular Beaches HOT

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The sweaty summer months are here, and you know what that means!? If you answered: "shutting myself inside with the air conditioner and refusing to leave until September," then you my friend definitely need a Dalian beach get-away. Turn off the ...... Read More>>

Dining at Dalian’s Best Foreign Restaurants (Part 2) HOT

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In Part 2 of this fine dining in Dalian series, I visited two more restaurants: Strollers and The Riviera. One restaurant, I'll never go back to; at the other, I enjoyed a gourmet meal. ... Read More>>

Dining at Dalian’s Best Foreign Restaurants (Part 1) HOT

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If you are looking for a good "date night" place, or if you’re simply craving a nice foreign meal, there are several restaurants you can choose from in Dalian. After talking to foreigners around the city, I’ve determined that four establishments ...... Read More>>

Buying Electronics in Dalian? Look no Further than Olympic Square HOT

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If you’re looking for electronics you can go to Wal-Mart, Metro, or a handful of other large department stores, but they aren’t nearly as expansive as Olympic Square. All of the Dalian locals that I know shop at Olympic Square, because it’s huge and ...... Read More>>

Finding a Taste of India in Dalian HOT

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Most of the foreigners who live in Dalian know about the many coffee shops, pizza restaurants, and Korean establishments. Many don’t know that the city has Indian food on offer. While the choices might not be extensive, they are there and you should check ...... Read More>>

Summer Fun: Beating the Heat at Dalian’s Parks HOT

The summer heat and humidity are here causing Chinese women to break out their parasols and Chinese men to lift up their shirts and show off their bellies. It’s obvious to the keen observer that all of these men and women are frantically pondering one ...... Read More>>

Dalian’s Quiet Pearl: Five Color City HOT


A Brief History<br /> The first stores, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops started to open in Dalian’s Five Color City (五彩城) in 1988 in the New Development Area, and it was immediately touted as one of the most interesting places in Dalian. ...... Read More>>

Beautiful and Remote: Escape to Dalian’s Bangchui Island Beach HOT


Your adventure to Bangchui Island Beach (棒棰島) begins once you step into your taxi. Soak in the Dalian skyscrapers that rise like giants throughout downtown, breath in the smog, and listen to the car horns barking at you, because you’re about to leave ...... Read More>>

Singing in Style: Dalian’s Top 5 KTVs HOT

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If you’re anything like me, when you finally catch a moment to breathe during the madness of everyday life, your mind naturally drifts to the desire to wander into a KTV, that magical place where you can spend some quality time with friends and family ...... Read More>>

Comfy and Cheap: Youth Hostels in Dalian HOT

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As a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers, accommodation options are found on almost every street in Dalian. For the average budget-conscience tourist, however, basic comfort, cleanliness, convenient location and low ...... Read More>>

Tips on Buying Imported Food in Dalian HOT

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We all enjoy buying cheap food and groceries in China – the price of Chinese food compared to Western food is significantly cheaper. Even so, there comes a time when every expat craves a taste of home, even if it comes with an inflated price tag. In Dalian ...... Read More>>

Keep Hunger at Bay: Dalian’s Dining Districts HOT

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You can’t come to Dalian without trying the different mouth-watering cuisines on offer in the city. Dalian restaurants offer a wide range of gourmet, including northeastern Chinese cuisine (Lu cuisine) typical to the area, fresh seafood unique to this ...... Read More>>

How to Find a Good Apartment in Dalian HOT


Many expats consider it a blessing that, increasingly, companies are not providing us with their own housing but instead a housing allowance. This way we can have the freedom to choose a suitable apartment to our taste as refuge from the hustle and bustle ...... Read More>>

Searching for a Taste of Home at Dalian’s Top Western Restaurants HOT

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Dalian is a developed city and home to restaurants from around the world. Finding authentic western restaurants in Dalian isn’t difficult as Italian, Spanish, and French classic cuisine can all be found here. The following recommended restaurants in Dalian ...... Read More>>

Have Fun at Dalian’s Wonderful Theme Parks HOT

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Dalian is a costal city with beautiful natural scenery. However, the city also boasts a rather good selection of fun theme parks, suitable for the whole family. Tiger Beach Marine Park, Discovery Kingdom, and Dalian Forest Zoo, which is the most famous of ...... Read More>>

Making a Splash: Dalian’s Shengya Sea World HOT

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Shengya Sea World (大连圣亚海洋世界) is an aquarium theme park where visitors can experience the world of the sea through a story-telling structure. Each attraction features a different aspect of the undersea world so visitors enjoy and learn all about sea ...... Read More>>

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