4 More Reasons to Become a Beach Bum: Dalian’s Popular Beaches

4 More Reasons to Become a Beach Bum: Dalian’s Popular Beaches

The sweaty summer months are here, and you know what that means!?  If you answered: "shutting myself inside with the air conditioner and refusing to leave until September," then you my friend definitely need a Dalian beach get-away. Turn off the AC, and kick back in the fresh ocean breeze. Pack your bathing suits and your family and get ready to dive in headfirst. We've rounded up a few perfect places to spend that well-deserved seaside break.

1) The Gold Coast in Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩黄金海岸 View In Map
The Gold Coast in Golden Pebble Beach is named for its golden stretches of perfect sand (4.5 kilometers wide and 100-200 meters long to be more precise). The beach is so large it can fit up to 100,000 sun bathers and swimmers. Tall lanterns glow on the beach at night as swimmers soak in bathing pools (which are open until 22:00).

Attractions near the beach include the Golden Pebble International Convention Centre to the west, the Golden Pebble Golf Club to the east (with 12.8 km of golfing fun). Apart from traditional swimming, activities on the beach include scuba diving, wind surfing, fishing, BBQ, sand sculpture competitions, beach motorbikes, beach volleyball, beach soccer and other beach-themed fun.

Add: Golden Pebble Beach National Resort District, Dan Feng Lu, Jinzhou District, Dalian
Price: Free
Getting there: Take light rail line 3 to Golden Pebble Beach Station or take the 1 Golden Pebble Road Bus, 2 Golden Pebble Road Bus, the Golden Pebble Lumei Special Bus or the Golden State- Golden Pebble Beach Bus to Golden Pebble Beach Light Rail Station.

2) Xinghai Beach Park 星海公园浴场 View In Map
Xinghai Beach Park is one of Dalian City's four main beaches with a total area of 41,000 and a coastline of 800 meters. The ends of the bay are slightly curved in and naturally form the shape of a pincer; luckily Xinghai is so beautiful that beachgoers are never crabby. The beach is known for its comfortable soft golden sand and beautiful stones washed smooth by the sea. Xinghai is so popular that it is not a great idea to visit during Golden Week as the beach is overcrowded with noisy bathers and swimmers. Pick a different week to enjoy this spot!

Add: Xinghai Park, 634 Zhongshan Lu (South-West Road), Shahekou District, Dalian
Price: Free
Getting there: Take bus 15, 16, 25, 202, 523, 528, 531 to Xinghai Park Station.

3) Fu Jia Zhuang Beach 傅家庄浴场 View In Map
Fu Jia Zhuang Beach spans 26,000 square meters with a coast line of 450 meters running from east to west. The sand is decent and the water is clear; the sandy ocean floor is visible up to 3 meters deep. Be careful when swimming though: there is a large drop-off about a hundred meters in! The summertime spot is very popular for Russians who often come with their families to enjoy the beach. Come summer, Russian bathing beauties become a key characteristic of Fu Jia Zhuang beach. However, due to staggering crowds, it's also best to avoid this spot during national holidays and the peak tourism season.

Add: 53 Fu Chuang Park, Binhai West Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian
Price: Free
Getting there: Take bus 5, 501, 541, 702 to Fu Jia Zhuang Station

4) Bangchui Island Beach 棒槌岛海滨浴场 View In Map
Bangchui Island Beach has 26,200 square meters of sand and is 700 meters long. The beach is characterised by soft sand, small pebbles and beautiful clear water. Beachgoers can bath in the ocean surrounded by wooded groves and steep cliffs while basking in the beautiful scenery. The beach boasts amenities including changing and shower areas. Villas dot the island like flowers scattered on a lawn, some even former summer homes of national leaders.

Add: Yingbin Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian
Price: 10 RMB
Getting there: Take the 2,712 bus to Hutan New District station

Whether you are a sun tanning fan, an avid swimmer or an extreme beach sports enthusiast the beaches of Dalian are a perfect place to pass the lazy summer days (provided you find an unoccupied spot!). 

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