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More Than Just Sushi: Popular Japanese Restaurants in Dalian HOT

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If you need a break from your usual Chinese-centric dining routine, why not explore Dalian’s Japanese dining scene? From the usual sushi and sashimi to barbeque and fusion, Dalian’s Japanese restaurants offer up mouth-watering cuisine to please every taste. ...... Read More>>

Dining at Dalian’s Best Foreign Restaurants (Part 2) HOT

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In Part 2 of this fine dining in Dalian series, I visited two more restaurants: Strollers and The Riviera. One restaurant, I'll never go back to; at the other, I enjoyed a gourmet meal. ... Read More>>

Dining at Dalian’s Best Foreign Restaurants (Part 1) HOT

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If you are looking for a good "date night" place, or if you’re simply craving a nice foreign meal, there are several restaurants you can choose from in Dalian. After talking to foreigners around the city, I’ve determined that four establishments ...... Read More>>

Finding a Taste of India in Dalian HOT

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Most of the foreigners who live in Dalian know about the many coffee shops, pizza restaurants, and Korean establishments. Many don’t know that the city has Indian food on offer. While the choices might not be extensive, they are there and you should check ...... Read More>>

Tips on Buying Imported Food in Dalian HOT

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We all enjoy buying cheap food and groceries in China – the price of Chinese food compared to Western food is significantly cheaper. Even so, there comes a time when every expat craves a taste of home, even if it comes with an inflated price tag. In Dalian ...... Read More>>

Searching for a Taste of Home at Dalian’s Top Western Restaurants HOT

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Dalian is a developed city and home to restaurants from around the world. Finding authentic western restaurants in Dalian isn’t difficult as Italian, Spanish, and French classic cuisine can all be found here. The following recommended restaurants in Dalian ...... Read More>>

Al Fresco Drinking in Dalian HOT

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The combination of Dalian's mild weather in the spring, summer and fall and its location on the coast make it an ideal place to enjoy a drink outside. Indeed, during the summer it's not hard to find Dalian residents sitting outside their homes enjoying the ...... Read More>>

Dining out in Dalian: A Selection of the City’s Best Restaurants HOT

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While Dalian is most famous for its seafood, at some of its best restaurants seafood only makes up one section of the menu. Nowadays, finding a good meal in Dalian requires you to consider a range of choices which illustrate Dalian's growing culinary ...... Read More>>

Dalian’s Top Coffee Shops HOT

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It used to be that if you wanted a good cup of coffee in Dalian you could only find it at one of the city's top line hotels. Fortunately, those days are over. While you can still get a quality cup at the hotel, there are often better and cheaper choices to ...... Read More>>

48 Hours in Dalian HOT

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Dalian is one of China’s cleanest and most pleasant cities and that, coupled with its seaside location and rapid development, has made Dalian an increasingly popular travel destination. With a population of over 6 million, Dalian is by no means a small ...... Read More>>

Echo Books and Cafe: Dalian Cafe, Bookshop, and Cultural Centre HOT

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Now that temperatures have plummeted to below freezing in many places across China, and snow storms have been sweeping across the northern plains, keeping warm and finding shelter from the cold has become the number one priority. Below is a one Dalian venue ...... Read More>>

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