Comfy and Cheap: Youth Hostels in Dalian

Comfy and Cheap: Youth Hostels in Dalian

As a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers, accommodation options are found on almost every street in Dalian. For the average budget-conscience tourist, however, basic comfort, cleanliness, convenient location and low prices are the main criteria in choosing a place to stay. Youth hostels are nothing new to foreign travelers, and China’s more popular scenic spots like Yunnan, for example, have long mastered the art of providing international standard youth hostels. In Dalian, however, the fad has been slower to catch on. At present, the city only has a handful of youth hostels to choose from; below we introduce two of the more popular choices.

Dalian Merry International Youth Hostel

Dalian Merry International Youth Hostel 大连美丽国际青年旅舍 View In Map
Located in downtown Dalian, near the Fujiazhuang Scenic Area, this three-storey villa-style hostel provides guests with a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. Merry Youth Hostel is conveniently located, with easy access to a number of bus lines that go directly to the city’s scenic spots, including bus no.4, 5, 12, 404, 501, 541, 702 etc. The hostel provides 24-hour hot water, free internet access, breakfast ordering, a self-service laundry room, a canteen, free tourist information, a message/event photo board, wireless network coverage, bedside lamps, magazines and books for free reading, exchange boxes, hair dryers, emergency medication and services etc. However, the drawback of this hostel is that rooms don’t come with their own private bathrooms and no televisions are provided either.

Prices (relevant at the time of writing): dorm rooms with six beds range from 45-50 RMB; standard three-bed rooms, 150-160 RMB; large bedroom, 100-120 RMB; double room, 100-120 RMB; romantic platform room, 120-130 RMB

Add: 8A Zhongxia Huayuan, 133 Bayi Lu, Xigang District, Dalian
地址:大连市西岗区八一路133号 仲夏花园8A
Tel: 0411 8247 0837
Front desk opening hours: 07:00-24:00 (peak season, Apr 1-Oct 31); 08:00-22:00 (off-peak season, Nov 1-Mar 31)
Getting there: take bus no.5 to Taiyuan Shanzhuang (桃源山庄)

Dalian Haiyun International Youth Hostel大连海韵国际青年旅舍

Dalian Haiyun International Youth Hostel大连海韵国际青年旅舍 View In Map
Haiyun International Youth Hostel has the unusual feature of being located within an old Chinese warship. The hostel currently offers 128 beds, which includes double rooms, four-bed rooms and 6-bed rooms; none of the rooms have private bathrooms, but there are shared showers and toilet facilities. There’s also a communal marine canteen and recreation bar. Embracing its location within a warship, the hostel also features a hallway of art, a military exhibition area, ammunition exhibition hall, a naval weapons exhibition hall, 130 cannons etc. Each room has been given its own unique military name, like: “antisubmarine command room”, “marines room”, “sonar room” etc. What’s more, each room has notices that describe the role of each marine on board.

Note: This hostel closes every winter from Nov 1–April 20.

Prices (relevant at the time of writing):
Double room: 80 RMB per room (members), 90 RMB per room (non-members)
4-bed room: 25 RMB per bed (members), 30 RMB per bed (non-members)
5-bed room: 20 RMB per bed (members), 25 RMB per bed (non-members)

Add: 104 Warship, 667 Zhongshan District, Dalian
Tel: 0411 239 4026
Getting there: take bus no.404 from the pier; bus no.3 from the train station; bus no. 202 from the bus station

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