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Singing in Style: Dalian’s Top 5 KTVs HOT

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If you’re anything like me, when you finally catch a moment to breathe during the madness of everyday life, your mind naturally drifts to the desire to wander into a KTV, that magical place where you can spend some quality time with friends and family ...... Read More>>

Have Fun at Dalian’s Wonderful Theme Parks HOT

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Dalian is a costal city with beautiful natural scenery. However, the city also boasts a rather good selection of fun theme parks, suitable for the whole family. Tiger Beach Marine Park, Discovery Kingdom, and Dalian Forest Zoo, which is the most famous of ...... Read More>>

Making a Splash: Dalian’s Shengya Sea World HOT

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Shengya Sea World (大连圣亚海洋世界) is an aquarium theme park where visitors can experience the world of the sea through a story-telling structure. Each attraction features a different aspect of the undersea world so visitors enjoy and learn all about sea ...... Read More>>

Dalian's Best Outdoors Activities HOT

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Dalian's small size, distinctive neighbourhoods, coastal location and unique integration of natural spaces into the urban landscape, make it one of the most beautiful walking cities in China. While a simple stroll around town might be all you need to ...... Read More>>

The Best Cinemas in Dalian HOT

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If you’ve been in China for a while and you’re starting to itch for a little reminder of home, a trip to the movies is a great way to sit back, relax, and get away from the city atmosphere. As a city with a long history of western influence, Dalian has ...... Read More>>

Blast from the Past: Best Museums in Dalian HOT

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Dalian has a rich cultural heritage and the best way of appreciating this is by visiting one of the city’s many museums. Whether it is the area’s natural, artistic, social or cultural history you are interested in, there’s something for every visitor in ...... Read More>>

Echo Books and Cafe: Dalian Cafe, Bookshop, and Cultural Centre HOT

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Now that temperatures have plummeted to below freezing in many places across China, and snow storms have been sweeping across the northern plains, keeping warm and finding shelter from the cold has become the number one priority. Below is a one Dalian venue ...... Read More>>

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