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Welcome to China’s Longest Boardwalk: Binhai Road in Dalian HOT


Binhai Road’s claim to fame is its rare blend of mountains and sea, and its 20.99 km long wooden boardwalk, the longest in China. In addition to the boardwalk, Haibin Road stretches on for a total of 40 km with 12 scenic attractions dotted along the way. ... Read More>>

Soak It Up: Dalian’s Best Hot Springs Resorts HOT

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In recent years, hot springs resorts in Dalian have been developing at a fast pace to match the local demand. But with so many choices, where should you go for your hot spring holiday? Below are recommendations for some of the best hot springs in and around ...... Read More>>

Just Off the Coast: Dalian Summer Island Getaways HOT

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Now that the scorching summer heat has arrived in full-effect across Dalian, item number one on many expats' lists is to head to the nearest beach for a bit of fun in the sun, followed by a cool, relaxing swim. Unfortunately, as countless expats have no ...... Read More>>

4 More Reasons to Become a Beach Bum: Dalian’s Popular Beaches HOT

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The sweaty summer months are here, and you know what that means!? If you answered: "shutting myself inside with the air conditioner and refusing to leave until September," then you my friend definitely need a Dalian beach get-away. Turn off the ...... Read More>>

Summer Fun: Beating the Heat at Dalian’s Parks HOT

The summer heat and humidity are here causing Chinese women to break out their parasols and Chinese men to lift up their shirts and show off their bellies. It’s obvious to the keen observer that all of these men and women are frantically pondering one ...... Read More>>

Beautiful and Remote: Escape to Dalian’s Bangchui Island Beach HOT


Your adventure to Bangchui Island Beach (棒棰島) begins once you step into your taxi. Soak in the Dalian skyscrapers that rise like giants throughout downtown, breath in the smog, and listen to the car horns barking at you, because you’re about to leave ...... Read More>>

Comfy and Cheap: Youth Hostels in Dalian HOT

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As a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers, accommodation options are found on almost every street in Dalian. For the average budget-conscience tourist, however, basic comfort, cleanliness, convenient location and low ...... Read More>>

Have Fun at Dalian’s Wonderful Theme Parks HOT

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Dalian is a costal city with beautiful natural scenery. However, the city also boasts a rather good selection of fun theme parks, suitable for the whole family. Tiger Beach Marine Park, Discovery Kingdom, and Dalian Forest Zoo, which is the most famous of ...... Read More>>

Making a Splash: Dalian’s Shengya Sea World HOT

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Shengya Sea World (大连圣亚海洋世界) is an aquarium theme park where visitors can experience the world of the sea through a story-telling structure. Each attraction features a different aspect of the undersea world so visitors enjoy and learn all about sea ...... Read More>>

Dalian’s Most Useful Public Transportation Routes HOT

While Dalian is one of the best city's to explore on foot, unless you live close to where you want to go, you can't walk everywhere all the time. Dalian's public transportation system offers an inexpensive and convenient alternative to taking a taxi. In ...... Read More>>

Dalian's Best Weekend Getaways HOT

While there are plenty of activities, sights and places to enjoy in Dalian, everyone once in a while needs some time away from the hustle and bustle of city living. The following suggestions are convenient weekend getaways from Dalian you can enjoy without ...... Read More>>

Dalian's Best Business Hotels HOT

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If ever there has been a time to focus on business travel it is now. As companies make significant cuts in spending for business travel, business travelers are increasingly being directed to seek low-cost, no-frills alternatives in order to reduce costs. ...... Read More>>

48 Hours in Dalian HOT

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Dalian is one of China’s cleanest and most pleasant cities and that, coupled with its seaside location and rapid development, has made Dalian an increasingly popular travel destination. With a population of over 6 million, Dalian is by no means a small ...... Read More>>

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