Have Fun at Dalian’s Wonderful Theme Parks

Have Fun at Dalian’s Wonderful Theme Parks

Dalian is a costal city with beautiful natural scenery. However, the city also boasts a rather good selection of fun theme parks, suitable for the whole family. Tiger Beach Marine Park, Discovery Kingdom, and Dalian Forest Zoo, which is the most famous of the three, are not only great for experiencing the stunning natural beauty of Dalian, but the parks also allow visitors to have close contact with exotic animals, enjoy performances, and explore the park’s varied entertainment facilitates. 

Dalian Tiger Beach Marine Park

Dalian Tiger Beach Marine Park大连老虎滩海洋公园
Dalian Tiger Beach Marine Park is a national 5A level scenic spot, offering exquisite views of Dalian’s winding coastline. The museum displays beautifully colored coral reefs, and also features a number of fantastic diving performances such as water ballet and mermaids. White whales, walruses, northern sea lions, penguins and other rare polar animals are on view at the polar museum, which simulates the polar environment. Niao Yu Forest is the largest semi-natural bird enclosure in China, where birds can fly around freely. The park also boasts the longest sea cableway in the country, so you can enjoy as much ocean scenery as you like. There is also a 4d theatre, ocean cruises and a pirate village, all offering a multitude of fun experiences.

White whale, dolphin performance in Ocean Pavilion(极地海洋馆): 09:00-10:10, 11:30, 13:20, 15:00, 17:40
Walrus, sea lion show in Polar Animal Joy Theatre (极地动物欢乐剧场): 09:50-11:10  12:40-14:10, 15:50-17:00
Parrot Show in Niao Yu Forest(鸟语林): 09:00 -10:00, 11:30, 13:00 ,14:30, 16:00 , 17:00
Peacock fly’s to the southeast, Niao Yu Forest(鸟语林):10:30 13:30 15:00

Dalian Tiger Beach Marine ParkView In Map
Add: 9 Binhai Lu, Zhongshan District, Zhengzhou
Tel: 0411 8268 6295
Price: 190 RMB
Opening hours: 07:30-17:00
Getting there: take bus routes 2, 4, 402, 403 to Tiger beach

Dalian Discovery Kingdom Theme

Dalian Discovery Kingdom Theme Park大连发现王国主题公园
Discover Kingdom is the northeast region’s premier theme park. There are roller coasters and over twenty different entertainment facilities to choose from, even daily parades and performances. Divided into crazy town, the mysterious desert, metal works, the magic forest, the legendary castle and the wedding hall; each of the six large areas has its own signature rides. All buildings are designed in an elegant European style; the castle in the middle of the lake includes a nightly firework show. Expect long queues for rides, so give yourself plenty of time. Every park area also has performances and shows. The performance schedule changes daily so be sure to ask the park service. In addition, to the right side of the Jinshitan light rail station there is a visitors’ service center that can help answer any questions.

Dalian Discovery Kingdom Theme ParkView In Map
Add: 36 Jinshi Lu, Jinshitan guojia Luyoudujia District, Dalian
Tel: 0411 8790 0000
Price: Adults: RMB 170; Students: RMB125
Opening hours: day 09:00-16:00 evening 16:00-21:00(May-October)
Getting there: take Jinshitan light rail 1, 2 to Jinshitan lightrail station, walk 566m

Dalian Forest Zoo Photo

Dalian Forest Zoo大连森林动物园
Dalian Forest Zoo is divided into two areas: the captive breeding area and the free-range area. This park has over 200 species of animals and is therefore a wonderful window to the animal kingdom. The captive area includes the bird area, dinosaur area, tiger mountain, bear and lion mountain, primate gallery and other herbivore animal areas. The free-range area includes the Africa area, high mountain area, hound area, Asia area and the beast of prey area. People can experience the wonders of the animal kingdom up-close and personal from behind the safety of a vehicle’s window. Dalian Forest Zoo also includes a wide variety of animal shows, museum shops, and a range of different areas such as tropical rainforest and desert landscapes for a well-rounded and comprehensive display of animals and their habitats.

Dalian Forest Zoo大连森林动物园View In Map
Performance times (May 1 -October 10):
Seal performance (opposite Giant Panda Hall): 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 15:00
Animal performance (Bear Mountain): 09:40, 13:40
Red-crowned Crane flying (Flying Plaza entrance): 10:00, 14:00
Animal acrobatics (entrance on the right): see the park guide map

Address: Dalian City Xigang South Stone Spring Road, No. 60 Thistle Street
Tel: 0411 8249 5072
Opening hours: Summer 7:00-17:00; winter 8:00-16:30
Price: High season: 120 RMB / person
Low season: captive area 20 RMB / person, free-range 100 RMB / person
Getting there: take bus routes 525, 529, 715 get off at Forest Zoo 

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