Making a Splash: Dalian’s Shengya Sea World

Making a Splash: Dalian’s Shengya Sea World

Shengya Sea World (大连圣亚海洋世界) is an aquarium theme park where visitors can experience the world of the sea through a story-telling structure. Each attraction features a different aspect of the undersea world so visitors enjoy and learn all about sea life. Shengya has multi-dimensional exhibits that make you feel as though you are actually on the seabed.

As you venture through the shark infested sea rocks, you will pass by the submarines, underwater pyramids and even a blue illuminated, disc-shaped tank and underwater research station. Sharks swim freely through the exhibits, looking for their next catch in the lost city underwater and its entire splendor. More than 10,000 species of marine life swim overhead and all around as you walk by. The Shark Island is a fun seaside adventure, which is great for the kids. Havana Avenue offers a bit of the exotic and foreign elements for visitors and Dreamland Dolphin Bay has multiple showings throughout the day. Below are some of the main attractions at the Shengya Sea World.

1) Underwater Disc-shaped Home海底飞碟
The underwater disc-shaped object illuminated in blue brings about a futuristic, sci-fi element to sea life. It shows how human life would exist and live deep in the ocean, suggesting that we will eventually be able to sleep, eat and enjoy all the luxury of comfortable home life under the sea.

2) United Underwater Research Station联合号海底工作站
Aquarium staff dress up as the lead, marine researchers and take visitors on a tour of the research station. You can watch through the windows as the research team brings the station to life to give you a feel for the mysterious world deep under the water. The sights include pyramids and other archaeological finds of ancient Egypt lost at sea.

3) Dreamland Dolphin Bay梦幻海豚湾
Throughout the day, four performances of the show, Love at Dolphin Bay, will be staged at this venue. The underwater, love story is the tale of a mermaid, a white whale, a dolphin and a dolphin prince.

Performance times: Daily, 10:00, 11:30, 14:00 and 16:00

4) Underwater City海底城市
As you walk along the 118 m long tunnel, framed with see-through glasses, you are surrounded by sea rocks, marine plants and a replica of a deserted fishing village and wharf by the sea. Visitors can also ride the sightseeing train through the tunnel and watch for more than 10,000 species of marine life swimming all around. There are sharks, large and small fish, sting-rays and more. It truly is a beautiful presentation of the lively wonders under the sea.

Shengya Sea World大连圣亚海洋世界 View In Map
Add: 500 m west of Xinhai Plaza in Dalian
Tel: 0411 8458 1113
Opening hours: Nov 1st-Mar 31st, 09:00-16:00; Apr 1st -Oct 31st, 08:30-18:00
Getting there: Bus 22 or 23 to Medical University station and walk 100 m to venue
Price: 110 RMB/person

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