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Dalian’s Most Popular Shopping Malls Around Qingniwaqiao HOT

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Historic Qingniwaqiao (青泥洼桥, literally, "bridge over the blue mud swamp"), is the de facto central business district of Dalian. To locals, this historic area south of the train station is effectively synonymous with "downtown ...... Read More>>

Retailer’s Paradise - Xi'an Lu Shopping District in Dalian HOT

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Despite its relative newcomer status, the Xi'an Lu Commercial Zone (西安路商业区) has quickly become one of the premier shopping, dining and entertainment destinations in Dalian, second only to the popular downtown shopping spot, Qingniwaqiao (青泥洼桥). ...... Read More>>

Buying Electronics in Dalian? Look no Further than Olympic Square HOT

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If you’re looking for electronics you can go to Wal-Mart, Metro, or a handful of other large department stores, but they aren’t nearly as expansive as Olympic Square. All of the Dalian locals that I know shop at Olympic Square, because it’s huge and ...... Read More>>

Tips on Buying Imported Food in Dalian HOT

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We all enjoy buying cheap food and groceries in China – the price of Chinese food compared to Western food is significantly cheaper. Even so, there comes a time when every expat craves a taste of home, even if it comes with an inflated price tag. In Dalian ...... Read More>>

Where to Head for No Stress Shopping in Dalian HOT

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Although there are those that love it, for many, shopping is not a favorite fun activity. Add on the language and communation issues, different shopping etiquette, and worries about product quality and authenticity, and shopping in Dalian can seem like a ...... Read More>>

Echo Books and Cafe: Dalian Cafe, Bookshop, and Cultural Centre HOT

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Now that temperatures have plummeted to below freezing in many places across China, and snow storms have been sweeping across the northern plains, keeping warm and finding shelter from the cold has become the number one priority. Below is a one Dalian venue ...... Read More>>

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