Buying Electronics in Dalian? Look no Further than Olympic Square

Buying Electronics in Dalian? Look no Further than Olympic Square

If you’re looking for electronics you can go to Wal-Mart, Metro, or a handful of other large department stores, but they aren’t nearly as expansive as Olympic Square. All of the Dalian locals that I know shop at Olympic Square, because it’s huge and it’s the cheapest place to buy electronics in the city.

Finding the entrance

Entering Olympic Square Electronics can be a little difficult, because there aren’t any signs pointing towards the entrances and there are no markings. Also, the entire complex is underground, so there isn’t a building to look out for.

The side entrance is the easiest to find. When you get to Olympic Park you will immediately see five Olympic rings in the center of the park. Walk to these rings and then go past them. Keep walking until you hit the soccer field (the end of the concrete) and then you’ll see a group of brown concrete stairs heading underground.

The main entrance is a little more difficult. When you arrive at Olympic Square you’ll notice two large colourful glass domes at opposite ends of the plaza. These are the two entrances to Wal-Mart (Wal-Mart is also underground). Walk to the glass dome to the left. (The one that doesn’t have a MacDonalds sign behind it.) Then walk about 50 feet past the Wal-Mart entrance and you’ll see a large set of doors leading to the underground plaza.


There are hundreds of different computer vendors under Olympic Square. They are located in the front section of B1. There are many different stores for each brand of computer (for example there are over ten Apple stores), so don’t just buy a computer from the first store you see, because you can bargain with other sales associates at other stores and compare prices.

At the time of writing, the iPad 2 was available at the Apple stores there. The 16G iPad 2 cost 3688 RMB, the 32G 4488 RMB, and the 64G 5288 RMB. The Macbook Pro with a 17 inch LCD screen and an Intel I7 processor was listed at 18,988 RMB. The cheapest Apple laptop that I saw was the Macbook Air at 10,498 RMB.

The Acer stores have the new Acer Android 3.1 Think Pad. The 32GB Think Pad was priced at 3,400 RMB and are some of the cheapest laptops I saw. The Pentium Acer laptop was listed at 3,699 RMB while the Acer I5 laptops are around 5,000 RMB. You can also buy an Acer notebook for around 2,500 RMB.

You can also find many Hewlett Packard, VAIO, Gateway, Dell, Toshiba, Asus, and Samsung stores inside as well. These stores all have the newest products available. Most of these stores also fix computers as well. A few months ago my Dell laptop crashed and I brought it to one of the Dell stores under Olympic Square and the man fixed it for me in under an hour for 50 RMB.


The accessories are located in the back section of B1 and all throughout B2. The accessories available include:

  • Printers
  • Digital Cameras
  • MP3 Players
  • Headphones
  • Mice
  • Computer Speakers
  • Computer Cameras
  • Power Strips
  • Wireless Internet Connectors
  • USB Storage Devices
  • TV remotes
  • Blank DVD’s
  • Various Cables for different electronic devices
  • Home phones
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Security Cameras
  • Cash Counting Machines
  • Finger Print Scanners
  • Spare Computer Parts
  • Credit Card Machines
  • Printer Ink Cartridges
  • Computer Paper (many colors are available)
  • Keyboards

The accessory stores are less professional than the computer stores and there are fake products sold at some of them, so just use the simple rule that if the price is too good to be true then the product isn’t real. You can also bargain a lot more at the accessory stores.

What you can’t find

Do not go to Olympic Square to buy TV’s and DVD players, because there are very few if any available. Also, the selection of video game consoles is small and they look like they could be fake.

Olympic Square Electronics City 奥林匹克电子城 View In Map
Add: 9 Olympic Square, Zhongshan Lu, Xigang District, Dalian
Tel: 0411 8210 2777
Opening hours: 08:30-17:00 (winter); 08:30-17:30 (summer)

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