Soak It Up: Dalian’s Best Hot Springs Resorts

Soak It Up: Dalian’s Best Hot Springs Resorts

In recent years, hot springs resorts in Dalian have been developing at a fast pace to match the local demand. But with so many choices, where should you go for your hot spring holiday? Below are recommendations for some of the best hot springs in and around Dalian. 

1) Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa View In Map
The Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa (大连成园温泉山庄) is a great destination for fine dining, entertainment, vacationing and business conferences. Chengyuan has two main hot springs and 69 other springs that vary in size, temperature, scenery and water treatment (still water or bubbles), as well as many types of mineral water and chemical treatments from which to choose. The open scenery and fresh air create a refreshing atmosphere that welcomes you to experience nature at its finest. Inside the villa, there is a large "tropical hot spring water park" that features seven deep hot spring pools, as well as adult and child swimming pools. 

Address: 66 Liushu Jie, Hongqi Jiedao, Ganjingzi District, Dalian
Tel: 411 3912 8888; 411 8429 0606
Price: starting at 129 RMB
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Getting There: From Dalian Railway Station (大连火车站) take bus No. 101 to Malan Square (马栏广场), then transfer to bus No. 709 and get off at Chengyuan Villa (成园山庄站)

2) Dalian Kailun International Hot Springs ClubView In Map
Dalian Kailun International Hot Springs Club (大连凯伦国际温泉俱乐部) is an all-inclusive vacation spot. The hot springs' water, which is rich in sodium magnesium and other healthy minerals, is collected from the Dagushan Mountains (大孤山).  The springs are separated into men's and women's washing areas, with an additional co-ed hot spring lounging area.  In addition to the indoor hot springs, you can also refresh yourself in one of the outdoor hot springs while taking in the natural scenery. There are tons of different rejuvenating treatments from which to choose; you can even have little fish nibble away at your toes!

Add: 17 Haibing Lu, Kaifa District, Dalian
Tel: 0411 8733 2518
Price: 99 RMB
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Getting There: from Dalian take the light rail to Jinma Station (金马站), then transfer to bus No. 6 and get off at the Anshanjie bus stop (鞍山街站)

3) Golden Stone Beach Tang-style Hot SpringsView In Map
The Golden Stone Tang-style Hot Springs (金石滩唐风温泉) is about 55 km away from Dalian, and about 52 km away from the Dalian's Zhoushuizi International Airport. The resort's Huaqinggong Spring area features 76 different hot springs, as well as a standard swimming pool. All of the hot springs' water comes from a deep well located a few kilometres away and is naturally drinkable. The resort also features a hotel with 56 Tang Dynasty-style courtyards and other traditional amenities, leading to the saying that it's "three parts ancient, and seven parts modern". And the Marco Polo Restaurant provides authentic western and Japanese cuisine, which is worth checking out during your stay.   

Add:  1-38 Hot Springs, Zhenchi Lu, Golden Stone Beach International Tours and Vacations District, Dalian
Tel: 411 8755 6666
Price: 98 RMB (Mon-Thu), 158 RMB (Fri-Sun)
Opening Hours: 08:30-24:00
Getting There:  From the Dalian Railway Station (大连火车站) take the tourist bus to Golden Stone Beach (金石滩). It will cost 8 RMB and take about 20 minutes to get there. Or, from the Dalian Railway Station, walk over to Shenjianshe Jie (身建设街) where a "medium bus" will take you directly to the resort. The bus comes every 20 minutes and cost 10 RMB.

4) Tianmu Hot SpringsView In Map
Tianmu Hot Springs (营口熊岳天沐温泉) is not in Dalian per se.  It's actually in Yingkou City, which is well known for their hot springs. Tianmu has 60 different specialty hot springs, including a "health spring" that is located in a forest, as well as an indoor Spa.  There are 800 different bathing springs here as well, including a medical spa, a health spring, a standard swimming pool, dry and wet steam rooms, and a "kissing fish" (亲亲鱼) treatment, which uses specially imported fish to nibble away at the old skin on your feet, leaving you feeling smooth and healthy. Due to the imported fish, this treatment is priced separately so inquire at the front desk if you are interested.

Address:  Kangfuli, Xiongyue Town, Bayuquan District, Yingkou City
Tel: 041 7701 1111
Price: 188 RMB
Opening Hours: 09:00-23:30
Getting There: From the Dalian Railway Station (大连火车站) take the bus to Xiongyue Cheng (熊岳城).  The ticket costs 29 RMB and the trip will take about two hours. Afterwards, take a pedicab to the hot springs, which should cost 7-8 RMB.

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