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What's New In Hohhot

Under Pressure: Chinese Students Go to Extreme Lengths to Get into Top ...

There are more Chinese students than any other kind of international students studying in the United States. Chinese students want to gain admission into top schools in the United States but the numbers are often...

An Anxious Beijing to Departing Expats: “Please Stay, Guests from Far Away.”

As China’s capital, Beijing is the center for foreign embassies, news organizations, foreign companies and all kinds of international artists. Tens of thousands of foreigners have traveled to Beijing to work and live.

Asia’s Largest Ski Resort Opens in Inner Mongolia

On November 23, the Meilin Valley Ski Resort – Asia’s largest ski resort – is now open for business in Kalaqinqi, City of Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. This ski resort has a total area of 400,000 square kilometers, with ski ...

Globalization 3.0 and Beyond: What’s Next for China’s Economy?

Have you been desperate for some basic leggings, or fashionable grandpa jumpers? Well your dream is to come true. The first H&M opened in Hohhot on September 26. At 1,500 square metres you will be ...

History of Hohhot
As early as the Warring States Period the area we now call Hohhot was inhabited. The city of Yunzhong was founded here at this time by the Zhao ...

Hohhot Transport - Introduction
Hohhot serves as a hinge, linking northwest China to Beijing. The city can be reached by air, road and train. The city's airport has direct flights ...