Dalian’s Most Useful Public Transportation Routes

Dalian’s Most Useful Public Transportation Routes

While Dalian is one of the best city's to explore on foot, unless you live close to where you want to go, you can't walk everywhere all the time. Dalian's public transportation system offers an inexpensive and convenient alternative to taking a taxi. In fact, there are very few places in the city and suburbs that are not serviced by at least one bus line or train. Below are our choices for the five most useful lines and their routes.

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No. 23 Bus (Dalian University of Foreign Languages to Dalian University of Technology 外国语学院 -理工大学东门)
Long a staple of international students studying at the Foreign Languages University, the No. 23 has gained popularity with expats living downtown because it is one of the most convenient routes available. The No.23, which passes through just about every district in Dalian with useful stops at Zhongshan Square (the centre of downtown), Qingniwaqiao (downtown's Dalian's major shopping venue with access to the train station), Heishijiao shopping and residential district, the Dalian Convention Centre and Xinghai Square. Buses run from 5:40AM to 10:00PM. Fare is 1 RMB.

No. 10 Bus (Lily Valley to Shahekou Train Station 百合山庄—沙河口火车站)
If you work or live in or near Dalian's Softwark Park and Hi-Tech Zone, the No. 10 is one of the few routes with convenient access to some of the areas dominant players, including Hewlett-Packard, Accenture, Neusoft and GenPact. Important stops on the No. 10's route include, Lily Valley (suburban residential area), Shuma Square (centre of the Software Park), Xi'an Road (major shopping venue including access to Walmart, Carrefour, Xi'an Road Electronic City and Roosevelt Cinema) and Wusi Square (transfer to buses heading to the downtown city centre). Buses run from 5:20AM to 9:00PM. Fare is 1 RMB.

No. 710 Bus (Orchard Village to Jiesheng Street兰花小区—捷胜街)
Not only is the No. 710 one of Dalian's longest routes, if you were to take the full ride from terminal to terminal you'd have taken one of the best 1 RMB tours of Dalian that money could buy. Indeed, the No. 710 passes through all of North Dalian's main points of interest and landmarks. Key stops long the No. 710's route include Zhoushuizi Airport, Xianglujiao (with access to IKEA and Metro), Renmin Square and City Hall, Youhao Square, Zhongshan Square, Renmin Road (Dalian's Golden Mile of top-end hotels), Gangwan Square (access to the port and ships to Korea, Shandong and Shanghai) and 2-7 Square (access to HaiBin Road) scenic walk. Buses run from 5:20AM to 10:30PM. Fare is 1 RMB

Daheishi to Jianshe Street Route大黑石—建设街
If you need to do anything with your visa or residence permit, you will have to trek out to the Public Security Bureau's (PSB) Entry-Exit Office near Longquan, a place so far out that more than a few taxi-drivers have had to ask directions. The Daheishi route eases your transportation concerns by providing a direct and inexpensive route that drops you off about 15 minutes by foot from the office. Useful stops include 5-1 Square (transfers to buses heading in all directions) and Longquan School (access to the PSB Entry-Exit Office). The bus doesn't have a number so you'll need to look for the actual name of the routes terminals ( 大黑石—建设街). Best place to catch it is 5-1 Square. The bus runs from 5:00AM to 9:40PM. Fare is 1 RMB.

Dalian Light Rail
Getting around the city used to be a hassle. Since there were few city bus routes, you were forced to either hire a taxi or take a "private" mini bus that was often, dirty, dangerous, crowded and unscheduled. All that changed with the new elevated light rail train, phased in over the last couple of years. Now, getting into town is quick, easy and dependable. The station and trains are clean safe and modern (although like most forms of public transportation, can get extremely crowded during rush hours and on the weekends). Useful stops on the route include the terminus at Dalian train station, Xianglujiao (access to IKEA and Metro store), Jinma Road (access to Development Zone's city centre) and Jinshitan (Golden Pebble Beach Scenic Area). The fare is based on how far you travel between stops, with the cheapest ticket being 1 RMB and the most expensive being 8 RMB. The train runs from 6:00AM to 8:00PM.

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