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Summer’s Here! Cool Off at Beijing’s 4 Best Water Parks HOT

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One the best ways to spend a hot summer day in Beijing is to hit up one of the city’s many water parks. From man-made beaches right in the middle of the city, to a huge choice of slides and wave pools, Beijing has tons of options! ... Read More>>

Flying in the Nest: Winter Activities at the Olympic Village HOT

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The Bird’s Nest in the Olympic Village is host to a veritable wonderland of winter fun. Here are some of the activities on offer this December. ... Read More>>

Beijing Summer Special Part II: Go Beyond Your Limits HOT

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Last month we brought you Part I of the Beijing Summer Special, and now we present to you, Part II. This time we bring you more of the summer-time, heat-loving activities that you’ve been waiting all winter to get back to doing. ... Read More>>

Beijing Summer Special: Eating out & relaxation (Part 1) HOT

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As we move through this brief period called spring and head full speed into summer, we all feel a sense of excitement that we can once again do all those things that we missed doing during winter. Here are a few options to consider for beautiful summer days:... Read More>>

A Blossoming Culture: Art Exhibitions and Events in Beijing this Spring HOT

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The number of art exhibitions and events in Beijing are on the rise, there are great choices almost everyday. Here are some of our picks of longer running art exhibitions, and of JUE events, that are good to be enjoyed on both weekdays and on weekends. ... Read More>>

Festivities Season: 2013 Christmas events in Beijing HOT

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Ready for a rocking Christmas or just want a few options to usher in the cold weather and the season of giving (or shopping)? Here is a shortlist of 10 of the best ways to celebrate this month in Beijing. ... Read More>>

No More Empty Nest Syndrome: Olympic Stadium Hosts Winter Events HOT

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This winter Beijing’s Bird’s Nest will be playing host to a high stakes snowboarding competition and will be transformed into a Disney princess snow castle among other highlights in what is, to date, the most active month for the venue.... Read More>>

Let the Ghosts Dance! Beijing Halloween Round up 2013 HOT

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Halloween is a time when the hell raisers come forth and take control of our streets. When Death’s minions dance on our calm and ordered existence and leave in their wake a destruction of hangovers. But where to celebrate this night of madness in Beijing? ... Read More>>

Where to Go Strawberry Picking in Beijing HOT

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As the winter winds gradually disappear and temperatures begin to rise into double digits, there’s simply no better time to head to Beijing’s outskirts for some strawberry picking. From now until the end of May, strawberry fans can grab a basket and pick ...... Read More>>

2013 Beijing Capital M Literary Festival: Book the Best Events Now! HOT

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For all you book lovers out there, the annual Capital M Literary Festival is about to kick off, with writers, poets, artists, and rock stars from China and abroad all getting involved. We take a look at the hottest events. ... Read More>>

Spring Festival Fever: 2013 Temple Fairs in Beijing HOT

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Love them or hate them, Temple Fairs are a staple event in the annual festivities surrounding the Spring Festival. Embrace the madness and attend one of the temple fairs in Beijing this Spring Festival 2013! ... Read More>>

Ring in 2013: New Years Eve Countdown Parties in Beijing HOT

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If you are reading this then it can only mean one thing: the world didn't end and this year's awesome New Year's Eve parties in Beijing are still on. So without further ado, here's our list of this year's hottest events to ring in 2013. ... Read More>>

2012 Round-up of Christmas Dinners in Beijing HOT

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Christmas is a time to gather with your friends and family, put on your tackiest jumper, and consume more calories than physically possible. Whether you plan to cook at home or treat yourself to a restaurant blowout, we’ve rounded up our picks of the best ...... Read More>>

Embrace the Winter: The Best Ski Resorts in Beijing HOT

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Every year, when a whole load of fluffy snowflakes fall in Beijing, the city turns into a winter wonderland – for about an hour. Then, it all turns to brown, slippery slush or a compressed sheet of ice with the sole purpose of slipping you up. Only ...... Read More>>

Tis the Season to be Generous: Sourcing Unique Gifts in Beijing HOT

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Between the cookie-cutter malls and the market tat, finding a truly unique, valuable gift in Beijing can seem like a challenge. However, Beijing is a creative city at heart, and in reality you won't have to look far to find a gift that will delight the ...... Read More>>

2012 Thanksgiving in Beijing—Eating Out and Dining In HOT

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You don't have to be American to enjoy Thanksgiving in Beijing. Whether you choose to spend the evening at one of the many restaurants offering Thanksgiving specials, or opt to cook your own turkey, the fourth Thursday in November is a great excuse to stop ...... Read More>>

Halloween Hell Raiser 2012: Top Events in Beijing HOT


Halloween is creeping upon us once again in Beijing, and there are plenty of events happening across the city. If you were planning on spending a quiet evening in watching an episode of Vampire Diaries or True Blood, think again! With so many hellish good ...... Read More>>

The Big Sizzle: How to Survive Beijing’s Summer HOT

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After enduring an exceptionally long, grey and smoggy winter, it can be said with certainty that most Beijing residents have been looking forward to the more laid-back summer days, often associated with open-air dining at one of the many make-shift eateries ...... Read More>>

May Festivals Galore: Intro, China Music Valley & Hanggai Music Festival HOT

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Beijing's festival season is well under way, with the capital being host to not one but four music festivals during the May Day holiday alone. But the musical mayhem doesn't end there: many more great events are coming up including the Hanggai Music ...... Read More>>

Decisions, Decisions: 4 Music Festivals Battle it out in Beijing this May Day Holiday HOT

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the two biggest music festivals of the year – Midi and Strawberry – are taking place at the exact same time again this year (April 29 – May 1). But still, despite facing the same debacle year after year, the decision ...... Read More>>

Haunted Beijing: the City’s Spookiest Sites HOT

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Do you believe in Ghosts? Believer or not, Beijing has some spooky places that are thought to be haunted and taunted by the remnants of the past. In a city with a vicious past, it’s no wonder that daunting ghouls of events from ancient regimes are still ...... Read More>>

Make it a Hot Spring Festival at Beijing's Hot Springs HOT


Winter in Beijing is cold and freezing. At free weekends, bring your family, invite several friends and take along your lovers to hot springs and enjoy the above-water joy, making your winter in Beijing as warm as the hot springs! ... Read More>>

Finding Beijing’s Tastiest Mooncakes HOT

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Mooncakes enjoy a 3000 year history and are traditionally eaten on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. This date in the Gregorian calendar changes from year to year; in 2010 it falls on September 22nd. ... Read More>>

How to Find a Bicycle in Beijing HOT

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There are nine million bicycles in Beijing. And that’s a FACT (probably…). In fact, the number of bicycles in Beijing is likely to have increased inline with Beijing’s ever expanding population since Katie Melua crooned those immortal words back in 2005. ...... Read More>>

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