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10 Modes of Transportation in Beijing During Cold Weather HOT


As Jack Frost nips at your nose, here’s a guide to help you select the best way to get around Beijing this winter. ... Read More>>

Bigger is Better: Discover Beijing’s Future Subway Lines HOT


Beijing traffic may get hostile on the surface sometimes, but deep down there's a subway system that always loves us, and it's one of the cheapest and most convenient in the world. You can hardly toss a cat without hitting one of the 192 stations in ...... Read More>>

The Recent Wave of Beijing Violence: Should Expats Be Worried? HOT


In 2008, in light of the Olympics, tourists, netizens, the media and expats alike all feared for the safety of foreigners in Beijing. Numerous publications warned individuals of growing antiforeigner sentiment and rising violence. Today, in 2012, some very ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Two Flies’ the Limit, Hutong Theatre and More HOT

You may not be able to tell by the heavy rains and the smoggy gray, but summer is upon Beijing. And there's no better way to welcome the summer than to get out there and enjoy the upcoming events in Beijing. Read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Misbehaving Foreigners, Biting Pandas and Japanese DJs HOT

The last few weeks haven't been the best time to be an expat in Beijing with misbehaving foreigners and police crackdowns, so why not get out there and relieve some of stress with some hot parties and great movies. Read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Dirty Districts, Movies & Wild Parties HOT

This May Beijing is going to be heating up with plenty of good activities from Hollywood blockbusters to a dance extravaganza. Plus if you want to know the dirtiest districts in Beijing, read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Live Music, Wi-Fi Buses and Toilet Paper Thieves HOT

The May Labour Day holiday is once again upon Beijing, ushering in a whole month of various musical festivals to enjoy. And with the weather turning nicer there is no better excuse to get out and enjoy Beijing before the sweltering heat of summer. ... Read More>>

A Guide to “Street-Side Curiosities” in Beijing HOT


Walking around the streets of Beijing, you're constantly bombarded by an array of sounds, sights and smells, some of which you may not have become accustomed to yet – chòudòufu (臭豆腐) anybody? But, living here for too long, in a constant hurry to get ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Pollution, Hackers and Thanksgiving Feasts HOT

Cough... sneeze... hack… and a symphony of other grotesque sounds have assaulted our ears over the last two weeks; a result of Beijing's notorious "fog". Hopefully some cold fronts will blow the soupy air away, but with coal powered heating ...... Read More>>

The Military Museum: A Portal into an Illustrious Past HOT

( View In Map )

The Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution is the only military museum of its type in China. It pays tribute to the fallen heroes from the People's Revolution and the Sino-Japanese Wars, as well as honouring the Chinese military heritage. It is ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Free Condoms, Kevin Spacey and Freshly Baked Cookies HOT

Halloween is here and Beijing's short autumn is nearly gone, leaving the rather grim prospect of Beijing's cold, dry winter. But how can you complain when Kevin Spacey is coming to town to play Richard III? Other big things are happening too, like a free ...... Read More>>

Beijing’s Oasis of Knowledge: The National Library of China HOT

( View In Map )

The China National Library has a worldwide reputation. It is the largest library in Asia and the 3rdh largest library in the world. It also holds the largest collection of Chinese literature and historical sources in the world. Its prestigious, worldwide ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Moon Cake Tax, a Horny Professor and Open-air Cinema HOT

School is just around the corner and Chinese are preparing for the Mid-Autumn Festival, but a lot of Beijingers are raising a fuss over a new ‘moon cake tax’. Hopefully, everyone can chill out in time for the festivals and other great events that are ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Rising Rent, Beer Festivals and Groove Assassin HOT

According to the traditional Chinese calendar, autumn is officially upon Beijing, which hopefully means we can all stop worrying about how hot it will be. Instead we can focus our worries on high speed trains, rising renting prices and scandals at famous ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Black Jails, Battle of the Bands and HOT


August temperatures may have been cooler than July so far, but other things are heating up in the capital. A man just confessed to murdering a little girl and escalators in Beijing’s subway system continue to malfunction. Luckily we can all relax with a ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog News Round-up: Death, Murder, Bribery and Gays! HOT

Check out this month’s lowdown on what really happens behind closed doors in the PRC’s gargantuan capital: dark deeds, art auctions, shanzhai shui, and new openings, closures and re-openings. ... Read More>>

Praise to the Lord: Christian Organizations in Beijing HOT


Jean Ellie Guillaume, 24, says that when he came to China from Haiti in 2009, he had it in his heart and prayers to find a place to worship, but when he arrived he was hesitant to ask people questions. He says he held back because he had learnt that China's ...... Read More>>

Haunted Beijing: the City’s Spookiest Sites HOT

( View In Map )

Do you believe in Ghosts? Believer or not, Beijing has some spooky places that are thought to be haunted and taunted by the remnants of the past. In a city with a vicious past, it’s no wonder that daunting ghouls of events from ancient regimes are still ...... Read More>>

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Beijing HOT

Comments(1) ( View In Map )

It is very easy to feel a kind of malaise when living in Beijing. With a million and one bars serving reasonably priced drinks, and a selection of twice as many restaurants at which a seemingly never ending conveyer belt of varied and delicious food is ...... Read More>>

Five of the Best Temples in Beijing HOT

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With dipping temperatures and Autumn fast approaching there has never been a better time to explore the wealth of culture that Beijing's ancient temples provide. In this article we discover some of the best temples in Beijing to be explored and enjoyed as ...... Read More>>

Top 5 Most Bizarre Museums in Beijing HOT

Comments(2) ( View In Map )

Beijing has hundreds of museums catering to almost all interests. Though most guide books lead you to the obvious museums, there are also those which you may never even have thought of. Water melons, tap water, bees, sandalwood, even an entire underground ...... Read More>>

Horse Riding Grounds in Beijing HOT

Comments(13) ( View In Map )

Now that the smothering summer heat has subsided and given way to mild temperatures, blue skies and gentle winds, the perfect time for horse riding has arrived! There are plenty of indoor and outdoor equestrian centers all around Beijing, so below we’ve ...... Read More>>

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