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Yandai Xijie (Old Pipe Street): Old Beijing Vibes Without the Crowds HOT


Yandai Xiejie is less crowded than its famous neighbor Nanluoguxiang and still has plenty of old Beijing vibes. If you hate crowds, and love shopping and culture than make sure to check out Yandai Xiejie while in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Celebrate with Cubans: Beijing's Best Pipe and Cigar Shops HOT

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Where do you go Beijing to find nice pipe tobacco or a good cigar to enjoy while out at night or relaxing after a hard day? We've got you covered with four great spots in Beijing to meet your needs. ... Read More>>

Unexpected Deliveries: 6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get Delivered in Beijing HOT


Beijing is a city of convenience, that is clear. However, a lot more can be delivered than you expected. This is a run down of six unexpected things that you didn’t think you could order, but that you can. ... Read More>>

Trend Magnets: Beijing’s Most Popular Hipster Hangouts HOT

The broad concept of ‘hipster’ is that whatever is being described as such should be unique or special in some way. In Beijing, there is no shortage of bars, eateries, galleries and other hangouts that attract the hipster crowd. ... Read More>>

From Bookstores to Curbs: Sourcing English Language Books in Beijing HOT

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Gone are the days when your best bet for picking up an English novel in Beijing was browsing through the limited selection at the Foreign Language Bookstore in Wangfujing. Beijing’s selection of English-language books is better than ever before! ... Read More>>

Hidden Gems: Ancient Culture Streets in Beijing HOT

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Beijing is famous for its wonderful ancient alleys (hutongs) and streets, many dating back to the Ming Dynasty and retaining their traditional architecture. However, over the years a number of historically rich hutongs have succumbed to the bulldozer – a ...... Read More>>

Tis the Season to be Generous: Sourcing Unique Gifts in Beijing HOT

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Between the cookie-cutter malls and the market tat, finding a truly unique, valuable gift in Beijing can seem like a challenge. However, Beijing is a creative city at heart, and in reality you won't have to look far to find a gift that will delight the ...... Read More>>

Organic Farms around Beijing that Deliver to Your Door HOT

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Having fresh organic produce delivered to your door may seem like a luxury, but when you live in Beijing, where food scandals and general unhealthiness are facts of life, you may find yourself reconsidering, especially when there are plenty of affordable ...... Read More>>

Fix Up, Look Sharp: Where to get Fixed Gear Bikes in Beijing HOT

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With their minimalist, elegant frames and endless customizability, the popularity of fixed gear bikes (often known as fixie bikes) has grown exponentially in recent years, especially in urban areas. True to their name, fixed gear bikes have no freewheel, ...... Read More>>

Indigo Mall: 798’s Trendy New Shopping & Dining Hub HOT

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Hardly a week goes by without a new mall or shopping complex opening somewhere in Beijing. While they may be great for providing extra local jobs and contributing to their area's GDP, many seem to just be clones, attracting the same old international brands ...... Read More>>

Thou Shall Drink: Beijing Booze Shopping Guide HOT


Having trouble finding your distilled spirit of choice in Beijing? Then look no further because this guide to Beijing liquor and wine shops will put your search to an end. Take a walk down your average street in Beijing and you will be hard pressed to find ...... Read More>>

No Supermarkets! Great Food Markets in Chaoyang District HOT

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Chaoyang District is huge, and the places to buy fresh fruits and veggies in the district are numerous. So go back to Beijing’s roots and take a trip to a dedicated food market instead of a supermarket to stock up your kitchen. Small markets are located ...... Read More>>

Four Eyes on Mingjingyuan – Navigating Beijing’s Glasses Paradise HOT

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Living in China you may be worried about what happens if your glasses break. Do you have to send home for a new pair and spend the waiting weeks feeling your way around? Will you be able to get quality eyewear in China? Will this be your big opportunity to ...... Read More>>

Shopping for Big-sized Shoes in Beijing HOT

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Shopping for shoes should be fun! But when you have trouble finding what you are looking for, it can be a bit frustrating and overwhelming. In Beijing those seeking big-sized shoes can have a hard time finding shops that provide what they need . But it’s ...... Read More>>

Making the Most of Your Chinese Kitchen in Beijing HOT


Congratulations on your new place in Beijing! As you look around your apartment though, you might feel a bit overwhelmed, especially when it comes to the kitchen. You may have noticed that your Chinese kitchen has one or two burners, a small refrigerator ...... Read More>>

Live Well: Natural and Organic Food Stores in Beijing HOT

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For several years I lived down the street from a weekly farmers’ market in Brooklyn, New York, surrounded by a multitude of organic and natural food stores, yet I never gave much thought to buying organic groceries. My main reason for this was the price. ...... Read More>>

Beijing DIY Guide: Knitting, Sewing, Jewellery Making, Woodwork etc. HOT

Comments(1) ( View In Map )

Are you a do it yourself kind of guy or gal? For those of you who enjoy creating your own projects but don’t know where to start in this massive city, we’ve created a “Do it yourself” (DIY) list of shops in Beijing to assist you in your favourite DIY ...... Read More>>

Shopping Frenzy at Beijing Zoo Market HOT

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that only Beijing’s big department stores and tourist markets stock the hottest goods. Beijing is dotted with plenty of clothes markets that have two very special traits: fashionable and cheap! This article introduces you to ...... Read More>>

Face the Music: Where to Buy Musical Instruments in Beijing HOT

If you’re looking to start a rock band or simply looking to test your musical talent, Beijing has what you need, if you know where to look. Specialized items can be difficult to find when you move to a foreign country but Beijing has ever so cleverly ...... Read More>>

Beijing Scitech Premium Outlet Mall: “Big Brands, Small Prices” HOT

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With so many malls already to choose from in downtown Beijing, there’s still one big reason to make the trek out to the Scitech Premium Outlet Mall near the Beijing airport: big savings. With a tagline of “Big Brands, Small Prices”, the Scitech Premium ...... Read More>>

Shoppers Delight: A Guide to Xidan Shopping Area HOT

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“We used to build civilizations, now we build shopping malls,” best selling American author, Billy Bryson, once wrote. Beijing’s Xidan is more than just a mall; it’s an entire area full of malls, dedicated to shoppers’ ...... Read More>>

5 Great Shops for Buying Traditional Clothes, Accessories and Knick-Knacks HOT

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In the bustling shopping areas of Wangfujing, Xidan, Qianmen, and Dongsi one can find classic Beijing wares, and in the newer more trendy shopping strips of Gulou and Nanluoguxiang, shoppers are delighted to find small shops selling eclectic ranges of ...... Read More>>

Shopping, Dining and More: Guide to Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park HOT

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Solana offers a unique open air experience to your shopping, dining and entertainment activities. Its European feel comes with a local twist and each street is uniquely named to guide you to your desired location whether it is shopping, dining, spa ...... Read More>>

Hidden Treasures: Panjiayuan Antique Market HOT

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Market shopping is a favorite pastime for many locals and visitors in Beijing and one incredible market in the city is Panjiayuan. Each of Beijing’s markets has unique characteristics and this one is no exception with its many appealing factors, starting ...... Read More>>

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