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Real Polish: Beijing’s Best Nail Salons HOT

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Low prices and speedy service make getting a manicure or pedicure one of the small pleasures of living in Beijing. However, choosing from the huge number of salons scattered across the city, especially in areas like Sanlitun, can be bewildering. Here, we ...... Read More>>

Wining, Dining, Pampering: Beijing’s Lido Area Has You Covered HOT


By now, even if you've relatively new to Beijing, you must have surely heard the name "Lido" mentioned somewhere. Lido – an up-scale, international neighborhood just outside the fourth ring road in Beijing's north-eastern suburbs – is the ...... Read More>>

Going Under the Knife: Artificial Beauty in Beijing HOT

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Beauty is only skin deep, they say. Yet a glance at any Beijing news stand, or a look up to the invasive billboards in Guomao or Dongzhimen invariably tells us what we long to forget: perfection exists. Some might wisely turn a blind eye, and choose ...... Read More>>

In a Hair Frenzy? Beijing’s Most Foreign-Friendly Hair Salons HOT

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Some of us have deeply rooted relationships with our hair professional and therefore, one of the most frightening things about moving to a foreign country is finding someone you trust to cut, colour and style your hair. While it’s difficult to give in to ...... Read More>>

Find Your Home Décor Style in Beijing HOT

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Ever look through magazines and wish you could either afford an interior designer or be one of those really creative people who just know how to decorate like the TLC stars? There is no magic to it, you don’t have to be a professional, you just need to ...... Read More>>

From Rags to Retro: Beijing’s Hippest Vintage Clothing Stores HOT

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Vintage clothing has been making a huge comeback in fashion forward cities around the world, especial at major fashion centers like New York and London. Polka dot frocks from the 50’s, eccentric outfits from the 1960’s, elegant dresses and brogue shoes ...... Read More>>

How to Get Clothes Tailor-Made in Beijing HOT

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Photo: Once you find the right combination, having clothes tailor-made in Beijing can be a wonderful experience. Not all fashion is created equal so why settle for a finished product that is lacking your style or needs to be altered to fit ...... Read More>>

Get Pampered: Safe Nail and Waxing Practices in Beijing HOT

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What’s not to love about pampering yourself with manicures, pedicures and wax treatments? The Chinese are known around the world for their precise and meticulous manicure/pedicure and waxing abilities, so it goes without saying that Beijing is fantastic ...... Read More>>

Make it a Hot Spring Festival at Beijing's Hot Springs HOT


Winter in Beijing is cold and freezing. At free weekends, bring your family, invite several friends and take along your lovers to hot springs and enjoy the above-water joy, making your winter in Beijing as warm as the hot springs! ... Read More>>

Four Top Tattoo Parlors in Beijing HOT

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Tattoos have a long history in China. They even have a place in traditional literature – Shijin, a character in Water Margin, has tattoos of 9 dragons on his back. Many hundreds of years ago, people bearing the mark of a tattoo were much maligned. During ...... Read More>>

Shopping, Dancing and Dining: A Guide to Wudaokou's Wonders HOT

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Wudaokou’s Chengfu Lu is one of Beijing’s commercial and recreational areas most overlooked by the non-student/university crowd. However, in recent years, the area has come on in leaps and bounds receiving attention from residents of other districts. With ...... Read More>>

Wining, Dining, Dancing and Shopping in Sanlitun and Gongti HOT

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Sanlitun and Gongti – the latter referring to the area around the Worker’s Stadium – have long been names synonymous with dining and entertainment. In the last few years, the arrivals of high profile developments such as The Village and the more recent ...... Read More>>

Beijing Bargain Hunt: Where to Snap up Great Deals on Clothes HOT

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Shopping in Beijing can be a nightmare, especially if bargaining isn’t your thing or if you’re simply not willing to pay an extortionate price for something that should be cheap. Well dream no further! Here’s an introduction to Beijing’s best bargain ...... Read More>>

Beijing Shopping Chic: Traditional at Heart HOT

There isn’t one single word that can sum up what’s hip and fashionable in the Imperial city of Beijing. However, one thing is for certain, from viewing what people are going for in the hutongs and courtyard houses it is very much Beijing’s old folk ...... Read More>>

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