Where to Go Strawberry Picking in Beijing

Where to Go Strawberry Picking in Beijing

As the winter winds gradually disappear and temperatures begin to rise into double digits, there's simply no better time to head to Beijing's outskirts for some strawberry picking. From now until the end of May, strawberry fans can grab a basket and pick to their heart's content. Read on to find out where to go strawberry picking in Beijing.

1) XingshouView In Map
Xingshou is Beijing's most famous green, fertilizer-free vegetable growing area, and doesn't disappoint when it comes to strawberry picking. Amid the treasures is a specially imported variety from Japan, with its famously fresh and juicy taste.

Add: Xingshou Village, Changping District, Beijing
地址: 北京市昌平区兴寿村,兴寿草莓基地
Price: 40-60 RMB (per 500g)
Tel: 136 5110 2729
Getting there: take bus 537, 856, 870, 916, h63, (昌) 30, (昌) 31, (昌) 31(支线), 59 (昌) 60 (郊) 80 (郊) or 94 to Xingshou Station (兴寿站)

2) Royal GardenView In Map
Royal Garden offers fresh, juicy strawberries for any visitor, and boasts large strawberries that can grow up to 100 grams. Visitors can also indulge in the picking of other vegetables including turnips and lettuce.

Add: Chilu Village, Changziying Town, Daxing District, Beijing
Price: 100 RMB (per 500g)
Tel: 130 5179 8777
Getting there: take subway line 4 to Huangcun Xi Dajie Station (黄村西大街站), then take bus 17 to Chilu Station (赤鲁站)

3) Hongmei GardenView In Map
Hongmei Garden is located in Huairou District and features 30 tents that are used to grow strawberries. The strawberries are grown under organic conditions, free of fertilizers and pesticides.

Add: North Chawu Village, East Qiaozi Town, Huairou District, Beijing
Price: 100 RMB (per 500g)
Getting there: take bus 916 (支), 936 (支), h14, h14 (区间), h21, h22, or h28 (区间) to Chawu Station (茶坞站)

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