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Parenting in China: 3 Expert Tips for Healthy Eating HOT

During one of YCIS Beijing’s regularly held parenting workshops, Registered Dietitian from Oasis International Hospital Leora Martin gave a talk discussing children’s nutrition and how to encourage healthy eating habits. ... Read More>>

With the Wind in Your Hair: Top 5 Places to Run in Beijing HOT

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With the cold winter on the horizon, now is as good a time as any to get outside and run in Beijing. Here are five places in Beijing where running is a pleasant (well…less unpleasant) experience. ... Read More>>

Taking a Splash with Style: The Best Water Parks in Beijing HOT

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Like almost any city in China during the summer, the heat in Beijing is pretty relentless. It’s best to embrace it however; and there’s no better way to do it than taking a splash in one of the city’s many water parks. ... Read More>>

Going Up! The Best Places for Rock Climbing in Beijing HOT

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Beijing has an array of extreme sports you can try at your hand at, one of these is rock climbing. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned climber, Beijing has a whole host of indoor and outdoor rock climbing areas to try. ... Read More>>

Run to the Hills! The Best Spots for Hiking in Beijing HOT

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Unbeknownst to some, Beijing’s surrounding landscape is dramatic and stunning, and for many hikers, a true paradise. Fancy breathing some fresh air for a change? Why not take a look through our guide to the best spots for hiking in Beijing. ... Read More>>

A Breath of Fresh Air: Buying Anti-pollution Masks in Beijing HOT

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Beijing’s air is not going to markedly improve any time soon, so it makes sense to protect you and your family from the long-term health effects of air pollution. Read on to find out where to buy good-quality anti-pollution masks in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Embrace the Winter: The Best Ski Resorts in Beijing HOT

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Every year, when a whole load of fluffy snowflakes fall in Beijing, the city turns into a winter wonderland – for about an hour. Then, it all turns to brown, slippery slush or a compressed sheet of ice with the sole purpose of slipping you up. Only ...... Read More>>

Organic Farms around Beijing that Deliver to Your Door HOT

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Having fresh organic produce delivered to your door may seem like a luxury, but when you live in Beijing, where food scandals and general unhealthiness are facts of life, you may find yourself reconsidering, especially when there are plenty of affordable ...... Read More>>

Fix Up, Look Sharp: Where to get Fixed Gear Bikes in Beijing HOT

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With their minimalist, elegant frames and endless customizability, the popularity of fixed gear bikes (often known as fixie bikes) has grown exponentially in recent years, especially in urban areas. True to their name, fixed gear bikes have no freewheel, ...... Read More>>

Beijing's Most Pleasant and Scenic Cycle Routes HOT


9 million bicycles in Beijing sung in the lulling tones of Katie Melua, and the Chinese independent film Beijing Bicycle, a touching -at times heart-breaking- movie charting the hardships of a Beijing courier, are just some of the associations between ...... Read More>>

Battling Beijing’s Winter: Tips on How to Stay Warm, Healthy & Sane! HOT

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Beijing's winter has developed a split personality in recent years. It likes to lull people into a false sense of comfort and security – that feeling you get when it's early December and you can still go outside without wearing long underwear – but wham! ...... Read More>>

Surviving the Smog: How to Deal with Beijing’s Air Pollution HOT

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When you live in Beijing, you face bad pollution days. Sometimes the air is thick with lung-harming particles and you just don’t want to be outside in that. If you live in Beijing it should not be the biggest surprise if you wake up one morning, open the ...... Read More>>

Looking for a Gym in Beijing? 5 Tips HOT

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Gyms in Beijing have long realised that to match every member's dream of toned bodies and flexed muscles, variety is the key. When choosing the perfect sweat arena you should be aware of the choices too. In the wake of a number of high-profile chains in ...... Read More>>

Live Well: Natural and Organic Food Stores in Beijing HOT

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For several years I lived down the street from a weekly farmers’ market in Brooklyn, New York, surrounded by a multitude of organic and natural food stores, yet I never gave much thought to buying organic groceries. My main reason for this was the price. ...... Read More>>

Use Your Racquet: Top Racquet Sports in Beijing HOT

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On January 29th, many in Beijing found themselves waiting in trepidation. Asia's first ever Grand Slam singles finalist was about to enter the tennis court, and she was Chinese. Beautiful Wuhan- born Li Na did not win the match, but her humble smile to ...... Read More>>

Get Pampered: Safe Nail and Waxing Practices in Beijing HOT

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What’s not to love about pampering yourself with manicures, pedicures and wax treatments? The Chinese are known around the world for their precise and meticulous manicure/pedicure and waxing abilities, so it goes without saying that Beijing is fantastic ...... Read More>>

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Beijing HOT

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It is very easy to feel a kind of malaise when living in Beijing. With a million and one bars serving reasonably priced drinks, and a selection of twice as many restaurants at which a seemingly never ending conveyer belt of varied and delicious food is ...... Read More>>

Alternative Activities in Beijing HOT

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From time to time people get bored of their normal routine in the city, this sometimes leads to a kind of stagnant feeling; going to the same places, seeing the same faces and doing the same things. Something that many Beijing expat residents are not aware ...... Read More>>

Hands-on Wellbeing: Beijing Massage on Any Budget HOT

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Along with elegant tea, ink brush painting, paper cutting, martial arts and Chinese medicine, massages are also an important aspect of traditional Chinese culture. Chinese massage stems from the Chinese medical massage and is one of the cornerstones of ...... Read More>>

Adrenaline Anyone? Where to do Extreme Sports in Beijing HOT

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In Beijing, expat life outside of work can be one long succession of indulgent evenings out wining and dining, interspersed with evenings of DVD box sets. For many, their only adrenaline rush is the mad dash to the elevator before a less civically minded ...... Read More>>

Beijing Stadium Guide HOT

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With a rapid developing construction industry and infrastructure, Beijing, as China’s capital, is an international window to the modern face of China. With the blossoming of entertainment and leisure industries as well as increased interest in sporting ...... Read More>>

Getting Wet at Beijing’s Best Pool Spots HOT

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With many people tired of the meat market atmosphere of Beijing’s many bars and the pop-oriented dance scene, a game of pool is an often forgotten but very viable alternative to going out on the razzle. If you are tired of shouting into the ears of people ...... Read More>>

Instant Expert: Understanding TCM and Finding it Beijing HOT

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Traditional Chinese Medicine, from here on referred to as TCM, is something that fascinates Chinese and non-Chinese people alike. It is part of Chinas long legacy and, to many, constitutes a significant part of the country’s mystique. Along with feng shui, ...... Read More>>

2010 Guide to Beijing’s Best Ski Resorts HOT

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What’s the point of cold weather and dirty snow mounds piled up on the pavements when there’s absolutely nothing fun about it? Why do we even bother enduring the random snow showers that scare away taxi drivers and cripple public transport? Why do we even ...... Read More>>

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