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2014 Bookworm Beijing Literary Festival: Which Events to Hit? HOT

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The Bookworm Literary Festival celebrates literature and ideas brought together from China and beyond. This is a great opportunity to meet your favorite authors, especially those writing on China, and listen to them talk about their books and/or areas of ...... Read More>>

Halloween Hell Raiser 2012: Top Events in Beijing HOT


Halloween is creeping upon us once again in Beijing, and there are plenty of events happening across the city. If you were planning on spending a quiet evening in watching an episode of Vampire Diaries or True Blood, think again! With so many hellish good ...... Read More>>

Interview: Finnish Metal Legends Apocalyptica Talk China, Food and Girls HOT


What do you get when you mix hard rock and metal with a few bad-ass cello players? The answer: Finnish cello-metal band Apocalyptica. From their break out cover album Plays Metallica by Four Cellos to the newest 7th Symphony, the band has rocked out around ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Speed Dating, Frida Kahlo, Beggars and More! HOT

Given the fact that Beijing is such a dry city, it's a bit strange to find everyone suddenly filled with dread at the forecast of rain. Still, don't let it stop you from getting out and enjoying some of the upcoming events and openings in Beijing! ... Read More>>

Scream, Sing, Dance, Drink – Beijing’s August Nightlife Round Up HOT

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Summer is synonymous with vacation and yet here we are, slogging away at work. For those of you who want to make the most of your weekends – who want to scream, sing, dance and drink – we've got you covered. Here are the hottest nightlife events hitting ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Controversial Crotch, Violence, Events and More HOT

It's hard to imagine it was only four years ago that Beijing hosted the Olympic games. No time for nostalgia, however, as the capital is buzzing in feverish awe, horror, and delight at all the events and news taking place. Read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Football, Zhangbei Music Festival, New Openings & More HOT


Unfortunately the Euro Cup and the cool rainy weather are gone, but that doesn't mean it's time to despair. There is plenty of great events on the horizon; everything from a Hip-hop legend to a clash of football powerhouses. Read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

2012 Beijing July Revelling – British Rush, Anniversaries and More HOT

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1) Yugong Yishan British Rush <br /> In honour of the London Olympics, Yugong Yishan presents a day and night of British fun. The celebrations begin in the afternoon with a British Vintage Market and an exhibition of London street scenes. Rock out at ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Damien Hirst, Aircraft Carrier Parties and More HOT

The muggy summer air of Beijing might tempt many of you to close your windows and crank up the AC, but with everything from a Damien Hurst exhibition to a giant party on a decommissioned aircraft carrier in the works, there are plenty of reasons to venture ...... Read More>>

Football Frenzy: The UEFA Euro 2012 Hits the Bars of Beijing HOT

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It's time to break out the face paint, national flags and Heineken; the colourful boisterous circus of the UEFA football championships is upon us. The games will run from June 9-July 2 and Beijing bars are gearing up for the competition with drink deals and ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Two Flies’ the Limit, Hutong Theatre and More HOT

You may not be able to tell by the heavy rains and the smoggy gray, but summer is upon Beijing. And there's no better way to welcome the summer than to get out there and enjoy the upcoming events in Beijing. Read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Misbehaving Foreigners, Biting Pandas and Japanese DJs HOT

The last few weeks haven't been the best time to be an expat in Beijing with misbehaving foreigners and police crackdowns, so why not get out there and relieve some of stress with some hot parties and great movies. Read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Dirty Districts, Movies & Wild Parties HOT

This May Beijing is going to be heating up with plenty of good activities from Hollywood blockbusters to a dance extravaganza. Plus if you want to know the dirtiest districts in Beijing, read on to find out more. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Live Music, Wi-Fi Buses and Toilet Paper Thieves HOT

The May Labour Day holiday is once again upon Beijing, ushering in a whole month of various musical festivals to enjoy. And with the weather turning nicer there is no better excuse to get out and enjoy Beijing before the sweltering heat of summer. ... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Pollution, Hackers and Thanksgiving Feasts HOT

Cough... sneeze... hack… and a symphony of other grotesque sounds have assaulted our ears over the last two weeks; a result of Beijing's notorious "fog". Hopefully some cold fronts will blow the soupy air away, but with coal powered heating ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Free Condoms, Kevin Spacey and Freshly Baked Cookies HOT

Halloween is here and Beijing's short autumn is nearly gone, leaving the rather grim prospect of Beijing's cold, dry winter. But how can you complain when Kevin Spacey is coming to town to play Richard III? Other big things are happening too, like a free ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Bad Buns, Sex Ed and a 7th Year Anniversary HOT

Cool air has officially settled in the capital, bringing in its wake plenty of cloudy days. Continued food safety scares have added to the cloudy gloom but with plenty of great events coming up and Chinese National Day just around the corner, there is ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Moon Cake Tax, a Horny Professor and Open-air Cinema HOT

School is just around the corner and Chinese are preparing for the Mid-Autumn Festival, but a lot of Beijingers are raising a fuss over a new ‘moon cake tax’. Hopefully, everyone can chill out in time for the festivals and other great events that are ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: Rising Rent, Beer Festivals and Groove Assassin HOT

According to the traditional Chinese calendar, autumn is officially upon Beijing, which hopefully means we can all stop worrying about how hot it will be. Instead we can focus our worries on high speed trains, rising renting prices and scandals at famous ...... Read More>>

Beijing Watchdog: A Round-up of Things Happening in Beijing HOT

Like a race car driver, Beijing is speeding forward in top gear. As we’re inevitably dragged along for the ride, many things flash by so quickly that we don’t even notice them, nor do we have time to turn our head and look back. Below, we’ve compiled a ...... Read More>>

Top 10 Happy Hours in Beijing HOT

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We’ve gone in search for some of the best happy hours and drink deals in town, so that you can save that hard earned cash for something more sustainable and long lasting. In an attempt to find something for everyone we have included bars, restaurants and ...... Read More>>

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