How to Find a Bicycle in Beijing

How to Find a Bicycle in Beijing

There are nine million bicycles in Beijing. And that’s a FACT (probably…). In fact, the number of bicycles in Beijing is likely to have increased inline with Beijing’s ever expanding population since Katie Melua crooned those immortal words back in 2005. To be honest, figures stating the numbers of bicycles in Beijing are likely to be fairly vague; it must be more or less impossible to work out exactly how many bicycles are in the city. Does one just count the number new of bikes sold by large retailers? Does the number include the bikes rotting away in the Wudaokou bike graveyard – a mound of rusty bikes previously abandoned by their Tsinghua and Beida student owners outside the subway? Or the bikes that are built from scratch using parts of old bikes? It’s a total mystery.

However, what is certain is that a bike is a good investment in Beijing and there is plenty of choice for you out there to choose from. We’ve put together some helpful tips on finding your dream Beijing bicycle.

Brand name bicycle stores

If you are serious about cycling and planning on heading up into the hills west of Beijing, then you’ll want to invest in a decent bike. You should find Beijing has a decent selection of international bike brands offering not only high quality bikes, but also accessories and components that are often hard to find. Windspeed has a few locations across town and stocks a wide selection of helmets, shorts, tools, components and bicycle clothing. The store also has trained repairmen ready to put your bike back on two wheels. The Giant store on Jiaodaokou Dongdajie stocks a wide range of the Taiwanese mountain bike brand, along with bike locks, helmets and other accessories. If you are after a bike that you can ride to the subway and then take on the train with you, then you’ll want to pop into one of the many Dahon stores around town and pick up a folding bike. A word of warning: Bike theft in Beijing, like most bustling cities, is rife. If you are buying an expensive brand name bicycle then it’s worth while investing in a decent lock (or three) and be picky about where you park your bike. Many areas have designated parking attendants who can watch your bike and subways often have pay-per-hour parking stations. 

Windspeed行如风 View In Map
Add: 66 Di’anmen Dongdajie, 100 meters west of Nanluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing
地址: 北京东城区地安门东大街66号,南锣鼓巷往西100米路南
Tel: 010 8403 6967

Add: 10 Ritan Jinghua, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 010 8562 2509

Giant 捷安特 View In Map
Add: 77 Dongdajie, Jiaodaokou, Dongcheng District, Beijing
地址: 北京市东城区交道口东大街77号
Tel: 010 6403 4537

DahonView In Map
Add: 2 Guanghua road, Chaoyang district, Beijing.
Tel: 010 5100 3241

Add: 88 Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng district, Beijing.
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
Tel: 010 8604 1061

Simple and affordable bikesView In Map
There are less expensive options for buying a bike if you still want to purchase something new and shiny. Carrefour stocks plenty of simple no-frills Chinese brand name bikes that are reliable, but cheap. Compared to expensive international brands, these bikes aren’t particularly popular with bike thieves.
Add:31 Guangqu Neidajie, Chaoyang district, Beijing.
地址: 北京市朝阳区广渠门内大街31号
Opening hours: 8:00 - 22.30 
Tel: 010 6712 3750

Add: 6 Beisanhuan Donglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Opening hours: 8:00 – 22:30
Tel: 010 5209 2539‎

Second hand bikes
This is the most popular option for those staying in the city for a short term period, or for those who want to purchase a cheaper used bicycle that they can afford to lose. Many roadside bicycle repairmen often sell second hand bikes for around 80 to 200 RMB. While they may appear to be bargains on first site, sometimes these bikes are little more than rusty death traps – a mangle of wrought iron that was, perhaps, fused together by a macabre mechanic on a dark, broody night down a winding hutong. Exaggeration aside, these kinds of bikes often need a lot of repairs (new breaks, new tyres, new basket etc) and constant TLC, which can bump up the overall cost. Sometimes, however, you may find a good deal. As roadside repair stall selling bikes are sporadically dotted around the city, if you don’t have time to leave purchasing a bicycle up to fate, then you can try an official second hand bike store in Beijing. One of which is Jindian Second-hand bike store on Dongsi Beijidajie, which has an array of legitimate second hand bikes ranging from 100-800 RMB.

Jindian Xintuo Shop金典信托商行View In Map
Add:43 Dongsi Beidajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing.
Opening hours: 9:00 – 17:30
Tel: 010 8402 1939

If you’re able to read Chinese and don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, you could try buying a new or second hand bike from a seller on or Both sites sell a wide range of bikes, from simple bikes to folding bikes to mountain bikes.

Bike rental:
For people who are in Beijing for a really short amount of time, bike rental can be idea. There are many outlets all over the city. Usually a deposit is required, and this is refunded when the bike is returned on time. Quite often news paper stands also rent bikes out as a side business, and many hotels and hostels also provide a bicycle rental service. If you are looking to rent a high quality bike to tackle the Beijing roads, then it’s best to look towards the large rental companies in the city. Bike Beijing rents out Giant brand high quality bikes and also offers comprehensive biking tours. Prices start from 100/day, 300/week and they can even deliver the bike to your door.

Bike BeijingView In Map
Add: 34 Donghuangchenggen Nanjie, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 133 8140 0738

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