Beijing Watchdog: Football, Zhangbei Music Festival, New Openings & More

Beijing Watchdog: Football, Zhangbei Music Festival, New Openings & More

Unfortunately the Euro Cup and the cool rainy weather are gone, but that doesn't mean it's time to despair. There is plenty of great events on the horizon; everything from a Hip-hop legend to a clash of football powerhouses. Read on to find out more.

Notable News:

1) Punish the illegals
Beijing is well into its 100 day crack down on illegal foreigners and now China's National People's Congress Standing Committee has decided to increase punishments for foreigners that overstay their visas or work illegally in China.

In particular, the fine for overstaying one's visa has been doubled to 10,000 RMB and the violating party can even be 'detained' for up to 15 days. Foreigners working illegally can be fined between 5,000-20,000 RMB and could face similar detentions like those who overstay their visas. Furthermore, foreigners that engage in 'illegal' activities will not be allowed to re-enter China for at least 10 years.

So if you are not legit, then here is one hell of a good reason to get off your butt and get the paperwork done.

2) City emergency shelters, disappearing?
At their height, around the time of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, there were dozens of emergency shelters all across Beijing to provide tenting areas, fresh water and medical attention in case of emergency. Now, it seems, someone is cashing in on their development.

In Haidian District an emergency shelter that also doubled as a 'disaster relief' park has now been turned into a golf range. However, the latest emergency shelter makeover is happening in Taiyanggong Park in Chaoyang District. The park which was designed to shelter upwards of 180,000 people in case of emergency but now is being turned into a water park. Local residents are up in arms but of course developers have been quick to deny that any violations occurred. But the real question is: what if a disaster hits Beijing? Hopefully city officials will realize their mistake, before it is too late.

3) Rainy weather causes problems
The rainy weather over the last few weeks not only gave Beijing an amazing 'blue sky' run but it strangely made the city feel more like northern Europe. While plenty of people enjoyed the cooler weather, the city's infrastructure took quite a hit.

Jiaomen East Station, on the line 10 extension, which is still under construction, flooded with stinky water when a local canal spilled over its banks. Also near the Lido area a 10 meter sinkhole opened up due to the heavy downpours. Elsewhere in the city, streets were flooded and drains damaged, but luckily no one was seriously injured.


1) Summer fun at Beijing theme parks and carnivals
What would summer be without theme parks and wet and wild carnivals? Luckily, Beijing has it all. Here are some interesting ones you might want to check out.

  1. Super Heros military themed amusement park: Running from July 7 till September 3 in the area just north of the Bird's Nest. This amusement park offers an interesting diversion if you aren't into watery summer fun. You can do everything from meeting real life Chinese military pilots to checking up on China's space expeditions. It cost 100 RMB to enter and a 180 for a through ticket and the park will be open daily from 08:30-18:00. For more info go here.
  1. Magical Fantasy Electro Music nights at the Water Cube: It might sound like a mouthful, but when you mix great electronic beats, the coolness of the Water Cube and watersides it makes for a great evening. Starting July 1, the electro music nights will run throughout the summer from 17:00-22:00. Tickets cost 120 RMB and lockers can be rented for 30 RMB.
  1. Beijing Ocean Beach Carnival in Chaoyang Park: If you want to stay outdoors then the ocean beach carnival at Chaoyang Park is your best bet. It has been going on for years and there are   plenty of games and activities if you don't just want to lie around in the sun. The carnival will   be open daily from 06:00-21:00 from July 16 and will run till September 2. Tickets only cost 5 RMB, so what are you waiting for?

2) Rev Run hits Beijing
That's right everyone, Hip-hop legend and founding member of Run-DMC is making his China debut   at 22:00 on July 20 at Elements. Run, one of the most highly respected rappers from what many consider to be Hip Hop's golden age, went on to sell millions of albums, and is best known perhaps for his groundbreaking genre-mixing cover of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" in 1986. Early bird specials are 200 RMB, 250 in advance and 300 at the door. Click here to buy a ticket online.

3) YEN's 8th anniversary party at the Great Wall
Really it doesn't get much better than wild anniversary parties and chilling at the Great Wall in the midst of the summer. Thanks to YEN, you can experience both on July 21. Early Bird tickets can be picked up at Lush or Apertivo for 280 RMB (for a limited time), while regular tickets can be picked up at Lush, Apertivo and Café Zarah for 350 RMB or 550 RMB (VIP). Buses will leave from Chaoyang Park South Gate and Huaqing Jiayuan East Gate (Wudaokou) 19:00 on the 21 to bring revelers to the Great Wall.

4) English Champions Manchester City vs. Arsenal
If Euro 2012 has you salivating for more great football then mark July 27 on your calendar because on that day two of England's top football teams will be squaring off in Beijing's iconic Birds Nest stadium. The game will start at 20:00 and tickets range from 180-2010 RMB. Click here for tickets, but hurry; they’re proving to be hot commodities and are likely to sell out over the coming days.

5) Zhangbei InMusic Festival
Over the last few years, thousands of Beijingers have made the trek to the Hebei grasslands northwest of the city to enjoy the fantastic lineup of the InMusic Festival. This year will be no exception with an impressive lineup of foreign and domestic acts expected again at this year’s festival which runs from July 27-29. While details are still somewhat scarce, according to the event’s official Weibo, the big news is that UK space-rockers Spiritualized and EDM icons Orbital will both be playing at this year’s festival, in addition to other international headliners such as Joyce Jonathan (France), Linkoban (Denmark) and Joanna Wang (Taiwan). Local acts like Tang Dynasty, Miserable Faith, Brain Failure, Queen Sea Big Shark are scheduled to perform as well, with many more acts likely to be added in the coming days. Stay tuned to the official website ( for more information.

Restaurant openings:

1) The Corner bar and cafe opens
If you live in the Lido area, head on out to the intersection of Jiangtai Lu and Fangyuan Xilu and check out newcomer The Corner. They have everything from cocktails to burgers and are open daily from 10:00 till 02:00.

2) Lucky Lopez Mexican Grill opens
If you like Mexican food then this is a good year because quite a few Mexican food restaurants have been popping up of late. The most recent one is Lucky Lopez Mexican Grill which just opened in the Jianwai SOHO building. The word on the street is that they have a decent burrito so if you want a little Mexican magic in your stomach, check it out. 

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