Beijing Watchdog: Controversial Crotch, Violence, Events and More

Beijing Watchdog: Controversial Crotch, Violence, Events and More

It's hard to imagine it was only four years ago that Beijing hosted the Olympic games. No time for nostalgia, however, as the capital is buzzing in feverish awe, horror, and delight at all the events and news taking place. Read on to find out more.

Notable News:

1) Recent violence: American stabbed to death and man shot dead at Hujialou Station
On July 11, a 62 year-old American man was stabbed to death in Qudeng Hutong just off a commercial street in the area south of Qianmen. The American was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime and police have apprehended the attacker, An Libo. According to reports, An Libo already had a criminal record from a spat of robberies in Shanghai but instead of jail he was merely sent on a train back to his home province of Heilongjiang because the police believed he suffered from mental illness. He murdered the American man in a robbery attempt.

In the latest spate of news involving death and violence, a man was shot dead by police in Hujialou subway station on July 19, after he took a female security officer hostage and attempted to hurt her with a knife.

2) Two separate collapse incidents kill 6, injure 27
On July 10, three people were killed and 17 injured when a large sculpture over 10 meters high and 30 meters long collapsed along with its supporting scaffolding. The dead and injured included both workers and recently graduated students who were putting up the sculpture as part of an art workshop in Changping District. According to witnesses, victims were buried under 50 centimeters of dirt, debris and steel rods.

Then, on July 11, three workers where killed and 10 injured when an auditorium they were conducting maintenance work on collapsed in Chaoyang District. According to eyewitnesses there was an extremely loud noise just before the collapse.

3) Foreign drug mule detained at Beijing Capital Airport
On July 7, a foreign female on a flight from Malaysia was detained at Beijing Capital Airport after she tried to smuggle over 1,000 grams of heroine into China. Police first noticed the woman's erratic behavior after she got off her flight and took her aside for questioning. Police report the woman had a bulging stomach and claimed to be pregnant. However, after further questioning and a negative result on a pregnancy test the woman admitted that she had ingested over 90 capsules filled with heroine in an attempt to smuggle them into China. The woman is currently in police detention.

4) David's junk causes controversy
As part of its 100 year celebration the National Museum of China is currently displaying a collection of works from the Italian Renaissance. But one of the works, Michelangelo's David-Apollo, has been the center of a censorship controversy in China. On the noon broadcast of CCTV news on July 9, editors decided to blur the statue's marble penis.


1) See the Renaissance in Beijing
While David-Apollo has left many hot and really bothered, there is plenty else to see at the current exhibition of Italian Renaissance art that is currently running at The National Museum of China just off Tiananmen Square. There will be 67 pieces of art from greats like Da Vinci and Michelangelo to enjoy in all their uncensored splendor. Entrance to the exhibit only costs 10 RMB and will run till next July. 

2) Beijing Dance Festival
If you like dance then make sure not to miss the first ever Beijing Dance Festival, which runs until July 28 at the People's Liberation Army Opera House. Performances will be performed by dance troupes from all over the world and tickets cost between 180-680 RMB. For more information about scheduling, go here.

3) Olympics, Olympics, Olympics
While the Olympics aren't in Beijing this year, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy them. To help you get prepared for the summer games Yugong Yishan is hosting British Rush 2012 on July 21 from 14:00 till late. The afternoon will be filled with displays and descriptions of London's street scenes and then the night you can rock out to British rockers Exile Parade. Tickets cost 120 RMB in advance and 200 at the door.

Then on July 28 don't miss the Olympic opening celebration bash that is going on at 2 Kolegas. There will be everything from a re-broadcast of the opening ceremony (live at 05:00 on the 28) along with special Olympic cocktails and a live performance from the Beijing Beatles. Tickets for the Olympic bash are 150 RMB and include two free cocktails as well as prize giveaways. Don't miss it!

Restaurant Openings:

1) Uncle Otis and The Big Smoke
If you like rotisserie chicken and great drinks then make sure to check out the new two-part restaurant Uncle Otis, which focuses and rotisserie chicken, and then The Big Smoke, which will feature a more complete menu and bar. The new venue is located on Xifucun Middle Road. 

2) Brand new El Nido Bistro
If you are in the Fangjia Hutong near Line 5 subway station Beixinqiao, be sure to drop in on the El Nido Bistro for what the owner calls 'Western home-style' food. The new joint just opened and, while fairly small, word on the street is that the food is well worth the trip. 

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