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Wine in Qingdao: Exploring China’s Wine Valley

Qingdao may be famous for its beer, but there is also no shortage of wine. Whether you want to visit a vineyard, learn more about wine, buy it, or just want to relax somewhere and drink it, read our guide on wine availability in Qingdao. Read more>>

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Qingdao Bay: Beyond the Beaches HOT

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Although Qingdao’s beach is perhaps most famous, there are a lot of other things to do in this city. This is a run through of some of Qingdao’s best attractions that don’t require you to get out onto the beach. ... Read More>>

Work Off that Qingdao Beer Belly with our Best Gyms in Qingdao Guide HOT

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For those of you worried about all that excess beer having an adverse effect on your weight, worry no more with our guide to the best gyms and fitness centers in Qingdao. ... Read More>>

Soak It Up: Hot Springs In and Around Qingdao HOT

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Concentrated in Wenquan Township of Jimo City near Qingdao are dozens of hot spring "resorts" in a dizzying variety of scale and quality of service. Here we’ve selected three of the best so all you have to worry about is lying back and enjoying ...... Read More>>

Old Stone Man and the Sea: Qingdao’s Best Beaches HOT

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Beach culture in China is fairly unique. Tanning and skimpy bathing suits? Not on these sandy shores. Beachgoers often rent tents to stay in the shade, dig for clams and swim in reasonable and conservative swimwear. Qingdao is known throughout China as the ...... Read More>>

Bibimbap and Barbecue: Qingdao’s Best Korean Restaurants HOT

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Since Qingdao and South Korea are only separated by one small body of water, it makes sense that Qingdao would become a beacon for Korean industry in China. And these days, elements of Korean fashion, culture and entertainment can be found all over the ...... Read More>>

The Pride of Qingdao: 10 Local Dishes That You Must Try HOT

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Whenever someone mentions Qingdao, the first things that most expats will associate with it is, of course, Tsingtao Beer, touring the brewing factory, and the notoriously rowdy Qingdao Beer Festival. But don't be fooled: the local food culture is the true ...... Read More>>

Exploring the Villas of Badaguan in Qingdao HOT

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Badaguan is located on the southern coastal area in Qingdao and is unlike any other place in China. Its name is derived from eight well-known military forts in China, with each fort name being given to a street in Badaguan, (although today there are ...... Read More>>

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Qingdao HOT

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Qingdao is well known for its beer, beaches and mountains. However, living here, we may get stuck in our routines and not realize that there is more to this beautiful city. Perhaps you have visitors in town? Or you’re going home soon and need more ...... Read More>>

Weekend Getaways Outside of Qingdao HOT

With Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul only an hour's flight away from Qingdao, the lure of the big cities can dominate your early thinking when it comes to weekends away. It’s easy to check those boxes and, in doing so, miss the less-travelled ‘getaways’, and ...... Read More>>

Finding a Taste of Home in Qingdao HOT

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There used to be precious few places in Qingdao where Westerners could buy imported food. For those familiar with Jenny Lou’s in Beijing, for example, there was nothing comparable in Qingdao, and even finding staples like bread, milk and cheese could be ...... Read More>>

An Introduction to Stages and Concert Halls in Qingdao HOT

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Though Qingdao may not boast the enormous venues and visiting A-list musicians on show in some of Asia’s more major cities, there is an interesting – sometimes underground – music and stage scene emerging. Filipino house bands entertain with covers of ...... Read More>>

Uncovering Qingdao’s Art Scene HOT

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Qingdao’s art gallery and museum scene can seem elusive to the visiting expat or new arrival. Indeed, art exhibitions can prove a moving target, temporary by nature and often poorly promoted, while the museums are more permanent. If you’re an art lover ...... Read More>>

Soy to the World: Eating Vegetarian in Qingdao HOT

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Vegetarianism isn’t afforded the same importance in Qingdao as in China’s more prominent cities, but vegetarians can still eat out happily in a number of venues without surviving entirely on tofu, though vegans will find their options limited. While ...... Read More>>

May the Fourth Be With You: Exploring Wusi Square in Qingdao HOT

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Qingdao wouldn’t be the same without Wusi GuangChang, or May Fourth Square. Almost as prominent a Qingdao landmark as Zhan Qiao Pier, the square’s unmistakeable ‘Winds of May’ statue is captured on every tourist’s camera. By day or night, its imposing, ...... Read More>>

Dive Deep with Qingdao’s Underwater World HOT

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Qindao Underworld World is located on Qingdao’s Huiquan peninsula, surrounded by reefs. Modern exhibition methods combine the resources of Qingdao Aquarium, taxidermy hall, and fresh water aquarium, with natural sea cliff scenery to create a unique vista ...... Read More>>

Where to Go Shopping for Bargains in Qingdao HOT

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Qingdao has well-documented appeal as a tourist destination, due to its beautiful beaches, mountain ranges and free flowing local beer. You can add shopping to that list too; there are plenty of bargains to be found in Qingdao’s markets – for those with ...... Read More>>

All Booked Up: Where to Find English Language Books in Qingdao HOT

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Despite a thriving English speaking expat community, Qingdao has very few bookshops to interest them. While little libraries of books left by departing expats can sometimes be found in the international schools or coffee shops, dedicated bookshops servicing ...... Read More>>

King of the Crabs: Qingdao’s Distinguished Seafood Restaurants HOT

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Seated on the shore of the Yellow Sea, Qingdao is rich with natural resources. The advantageous geographical location has also created an exquisite local seafood cuisine. Qingdao has a great variety of fresh seafood, making it a wise destination for a ...... Read More>>

Experience 100 Years of Hoppy History at the Tsingtao Beer Museum HOT

The Tsingtao Beer Museum was built in 2001 in preparation for Tsingtao Beer’s 100 year anniversary. Designed by renowned international designers, the museum combines Eastern and Western cultures through a platform that is of historical, professional, and ...... Read More>>

Spectacular Performances and Fireworks to Open Qingdao Beer Festival HOT

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The opening ceremony of the 20th Qingdao International Beer Festival on August 13th promises to be a dazzling affair. As the biggest and most established beer festival in China, it’s not surprising that an impressive line-up of popular Chinese stars have ...... Read More>>

Western-Style Shopping Complex Opens in Qingdao HOT

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Qingdao Xinhai Square, a new shopping mall/park modeled on Western retail parks, recently opened in Qingdao. Located in the heart of the Olympic Sailing Center, Xinhai Square is comparable to the Western-style Solana shopping malls in Beijing and Shanghai, ...... Read More>>

Exploring Old Qingdao: A Guide to the Area’s Main Attractions HOT

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There are many hills and windy roads in Old Qingdao. The old area created and designed a hundred years ago as a colony by Germany still stands. After touring with a German professor that had a vast knowledge of German history and archeology, I came to ...... Read More>>

Following the Aromas to Qingdao’s Coffee and Tea Art Street HOT

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Tea might come from China, but coffee is probably a more popular drink in Qingdao these days. Qingdao, home of Mount Lao green tea (Laoshan green tea) is also the home of up to one hundred coffee shops, all trying to corner the market. The Qingdao Coffee ...... Read More>>

Summer Loving: The Best Beaches in Qingdao HOT

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The seaside city of Qingdao is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China, especially around this time of year when the short, cold winter days give way to long hours of sunshine and blue skies, warm temperatures, and pleasant sea breezes. ...... Read More>>

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