Old Stone Man and the Sea: Qingdao’s Best Beaches

Old Stone Man and the Sea: Qingdao’s Best Beaches

Beach culture in China is fairly unique. Tanning and skimpy bathing suits? Not on these sandy shores. Beachgoers often rent tents to stay in the shade, dig for clams and swim in reasonable and conservative swimwear. Qingdao is known throughout China as the home of some of the best beaches on the east coast (as well as some of the most crowded). Now that the summer beach crush is over and you can actually find space to walk on the sand, Qingdao’s beaches may even offer some reprise and tranquility from the hustle and bustle of the city.

1) Old Stone Man Beach (Shilaoren Beach) View In Map
Old Stone Man Beach, also known as Shilaoren Beach, is located in the Laoshan District, which is a bit further east from the center of the city but well worth the ride. The beach is one of Qingdao’s largest and cleanest, boasting three km of shoreline. The spot is famous for the 17-meter craggy rock formation in the ocean near the beach, which is said to resemble an old man sitting in the sea, hence the beach’s name. The beach area features beautiful fine sand, perfect for spreading out on or playing beach sports. The waves here are gentle and there are always lots of people playing in the water.

Add: southern section of Hai’er Lu (near Haikou Lu), Laoshan District, Qingdao
地址:青岛市崂山区海尔路南端(近海口路) , 石老人海水浴场
Tel: 532 8889 4729
Operating hours: 24 hours
Price: free, (changing room cost 10 RMB, electronic safe cost 10 RMB)
Getting there: Take bus No. 317, 旅游1 to Shilaoren Yuchang (石老人浴场)

2) No. 1 Bathing Beach View In Map
Qingdao’s No. 1 Bathing Beach was once known as Asia’s largest beach. Other than the usual sand and swim, the beach boasts all different kinds of activities including parachuting and boating, as well as a number of nearby seafood restaurants. During the summer the beach can get a little crowded, so it’s best to head here either early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Also, due to the beach’s popularity, it has become a bit expensive; merely using the public foot-washers can run you up a 15 RMB bill, so be sure to bring your own food and drinks.

Add: 23 Nanhai Lu, (near Huiquan Bay Square Dynasty Hotel), Shinan District, Qingdao
地址:青岛市市南区南海路23号(近汇泉湾广场王朝大酒店), 第一海水浴场
Tel: 532 8287 8020
Operating hours: 24 hours
Price: Free (shower costs 30 RMB)
Getting there: Take bus No. 6, 26, 202, 206路环线, 214, 219路环线, 223, 228, 231路环线, 304, 312, 317, 321, 370路环线, 501, 604 to Zhongshan Gongyuan (中山公园)

3) Golden Sands Beach View In Map
Located in Qingdao’s Huangdao District, Golden Sands Beach or Jinshatan Beach is a 3500 meter stretch of sand, divided into crescent-shaped areas. The beach is known for its fine sand and picturesque views and is a favorite with tourists and locals alike. Build a sand sculpture, fly a kite or take a ride in the beach cable car down the coast. Visitors can also fly in a beach airplane or adventure into the waves in a boat. The beach is a little far from the city which is probably why it is so beautiful and well-preserved. The seawater is very clear and perfectly clean to swim in. Relax on the beach and enjoy the waves; Golden Sands Beach is a great spot for a day trip outside of the city.

Add: Lijiang Lu (near Jinshatan Lu), Xuejia Dao, Kaifa District, Qingdao
地址:青岛市开发区薛家岛漓江路(近金沙滩路) , 金沙滩海水浴场
Operating hours: 24 hours, Jul 1-Sep 15
Price: Free
Getting there: Take the 隧道2 bus from Zhongshan Park to its last stop at Xuejiao Dao (薛家岛), then from there take bus No. 4 to Jinshatan (金沙滩) 

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