Experience 100 Years of Hoppy History at the Tsingtao Beer Museum

Experience 100 Years of Hoppy History at the Tsingtao Beer Museum

Tsingtao Beer Museum 青岛啤酒博物馆

The Tsingtao Beer Museum was built in 2001 in preparation for Tsingtao Beer’s 100 year anniversary. Designed by renowned international designers, the museum combines Eastern and Western cultures through a platform that is of historical, professional, and international interest. The museum first opened on August 15, 2003. The construction of the Tsingtao Beer Museum filled in a missing piece in Chinese beer industry museums, and has become an important part of the culture of the Tsingtao Beer industry.

The entire museum spans an area of over 6,000 square metres. It is divided into the following sections: the 100 years of history and culture exhibition, the production line, a multipurpose room, and three sightseeing areas. The exhibitions make full use of the 100-years-old German architecture and facilities, linking together a hundred years of historical development from traditional brewing techniques to modern day operations, giving visitors a thorough understanding of Tsingtao Beer. At the same time, the façade of the museum has been remodeled to look like classical European architecture, adding yet another unique vista to Qingdao cityscape. Moreover, the museum entrance ticket includes free beer tasting, museum memorabilia, and a guide map.    

Hundred Years of History and Culture Area
Perhaps the most important part of the Tsingtao Beer Museum is the hundred years of history and culture area. Here, following the path of history illustrated through detailed images and texts, visitors can discover the mysterious origins of beer making, Tsingtao Beer’s long history, Tsingtao Beer’s innumerable honours, the Tsingtao International Beer Festival, and the pantheon of national and international celebrities who have visited Tsingtao Beer.

The Production Line Area
This area exhibits the hundred year old workshop and facility as well as the modern production line. At every representative stage of the production line, there is a film introducing the evolution of Tsingtao Beer’s production process. To recreate a historical appearance, sculptures of factory workers are put in place in the old saccharification chamber and fermentation pool. They are also used to bring to life the old laboratory and malt flipping scenes. 

Multipurpose Entertainment Area
The first floor of the multipurpose entertainment area houses a 200 hundred person beer tasting station and gift centre. Visitors at the bar can taste several different types of fresh Tsingtao Beer. In the gift centre, the leisurely visitor can purchase vivid and distinct Tsingtao Beer tour memorabilia. The second floor has a scholarly exchange hall and all purpose entertainment facilities. The combination of advanced design and technology creates the perfect fusion of information and entertainment.

Add: 56 Dengzhou Lu, Qingdao, inside the Tsingtao Beer factory
Tel: 0532 8382 1169
Price: 50 RMB/person, 60 RMB/person during the beer festival.
Opening hours: 08:10-18:00
Getting there: Bus No. 201, 301, 304, 312, 313 to the Pijiucheng Stop

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