Following the Aromas to Qingdao’s Coffee and Tea Art Street

Following the Aromas to Qingdao’s Coffee and Tea Art Street

Tea might come from China, but coffee is probably a more popular drink in Qingdao these days. Qingdao, home of Mount Lao green tea (Laoshan green tea) is also the home of up to one hundred coffee shops, all trying to corner the market. The Qingdao Coffee and Tea Art Street (青岛咖啡茶艺街) is lined with coffee shops and teashops, with indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor tables, lined up the street, give Qingdao a feeling of the Mediterranean.

Qingdao Coffee and Tea Art Street is located at Minjianger Lu, between Minjiang Lu and Zhangzhou Er Lu. There are eight coffee shops on the street and another five off the side streets of Zhangzhou Yi Lu and Zhangzhou Er Lu, in addition to four teashops. The Qingdao haunt is located in the Fanhai Mingren Area, an area well known for its Korean community, while the surrounding areas of street are filled with boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. Many of the stores are Korean run, and it is a wonderful area to go for a stroll and do some window shopping.

Cafe MinjiaView In Map
The first coffee shop on the street is Minjia Café. The café is Korean run and very artistic. They sell Philadelphia Cream cheesecake and many other tasty snacks. They also make Dutch iced coffee by using a two-meter-tall Dutch coffee maker! It takes seven hours to filter the coffee and seven days to brew - the coffee is out of this world! Minjia is bright, has clean facilities and is very well decorated. It might also offer the best latte and macchiato on the street.

Add: 55 Minjiang Er Lu, Qingdao
Tel: 0532 8577 5152
Getting there:
By bus: Bus Line 110, 12, 208, 210, 216, 314, 363, 601, 801 all stop at the Fuzhounan Lu bus stop.

Double CafeView In Map
Another popular coffee shop is Double Café. It is a decent café for those that like to drink coffee or a beer, but they also offer a selection of wine. Double Café is managed by Double, a fun hostess. The café is relaxed and open very early. It usually plays foreign or trendy Chinese music and has outdoor tables and plants in the spring, summer and fall.

Add: 43-3 Minjiang Er Lu, Qingdao
青岛闽江二路 43-3号
Tel: 0532 8966 9666
Getting there:
By bus: Bus Line 110, 12, 208, 210, 216, 314, 363, 601, 801 all stop at the Fuzhounan Lu bus stop.

Cafe KonaView In Map
The second-to-last coffee shop is probably the most popular. Next to Richmoon Bakery, Café Kona keeps setting the trend in Qingdao’s coffee culture scene. Café Kona sells a variety of beverages including espressos, drip coffee and teas. They also make tasty grilled sandwiches, pre-made sandwiches, bagels and breads provided by Hanbur German Bakery (located in Hisence Plaza). Café Kona is also a wine bar, selling fine wines and champagnes. Café Kona’s greenhouse has a rustic feel and is a smoking area because, as of January 1, 2010, the main space of Café Kona is smoke free.

Add: 21 Minjiang Er Lu, Qingdao
Tel: 0532 8573 5300
Getting there:
By bus: Bus Line 110, 12, 208, 210, 216, 314, 363, 601, 801 all stop at the Fuzhounan Lu bus stop.

There are many other coffee shops on Qingdao’s Coffee and Tea Art Street. I only managed to write about a handful, but the others also make decent coffee and everyone prefers their own taste. The only way to know which one is for you is to experiment. You can try Colour Cafe, Happy Days Coffee, Mingtian Coffee, Coffee Maru, Richmoon, Encour Café (killer hot chocolate), Sadless Café, Mingtian Coffee Language and He He Cafe.

And if the Qingdao coffee scene isn’t for you, try a teahouse!

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Michael Scirocco

He He Cafe closed down since I we checked this....

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Michael Scirocco

Note: Cafe Kona started putting out the ash trays. I heard there was a national ban on Public smoking this year or next year. Though I also hear that it is illegal to smoke in public places. Anybody know anything about this. Michael Scirocco

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