King of the Crabs: Qingdao’s Distinguished Seafood Restaurants

King of the Crabs: Qingdao’s Distinguished Seafood Restaurants

Seated on the shore of the Yellow Sea, Qingdao is rich with natural resources. The advantageous geographical location has also created an exquisite local seafood cuisine. Qingdao has a great variety of fresh seafood, making it a wise destination for a seafood excursion. Yet, there are so many seafood restaurants in Qingdao, and of varying quality – finding the right one is no easy task. These restaurants epitomize the finest of Qingdao’s seafood restaurants. From atmosphere to cuisine, these establishments reveal Qingdao’s unique seaside charm.

Yinhai Jingwei Dajiudian银海净雅大酒店 View In Map
Yinhai Jingwei Dajiudian is located in the choice portion of Qingdao’s ocean front. Built like a luxurious white ocean bound sail boat, this was the first restaurant in Qingdao with an underwater dining environment. Patrons can eat and marvel at the underwater vista at the same time. The first to fourth floors of the restaurant contain a proper dining area with 74 private rooms. The first floor underground is the Sunshine Coast buffet with a capacity of 550 seats. This floor is surrounded by the deep blue sea. Sunshine peeping through the translucent ceiling adds to the ocean atmosphere. Yinghai mainly serves five fish. The fish are bred in Weihai and shipped every other day to ensure freshness. The ordering process here is customer-friendly. Specialized dishes such as shark fin, bird’s nest and abalone can be ordered per serving. Dumplings and buns can also be ordered individually, providing the customer with more convenience.

Add: 30 Donghai Zhonglu, Qingdao (Inside Yinghai Dashijieyuan)
Tel: 0532 6887 3999
Opening hours: Lunch 11:30-14:30, dinner 17:30 – 22:00
Getting there: 231, 316, 232 bus to Tainan Lu
Buffet price: Afternoon 168 RMB/person, evenings 198 RMB/person

Old Sailor’s Seafood City老船夫海鲜城 View In Map
Old Sailor's Seafood City has a total of five floors, three banquet halls and around 100 private rooms. The restaurant is decorated like a scene from a voyage. Stepping into the lobby, you are instantly faced with light houses, rudders, mooring ropes, decks, hanging windows and other aquatic accoutrement. The surrounding areas also feature all sorts of handicrafts including calligraphy and pottery. It is as if you stepped into a luxurious cruise.

They serve Old Sailor’s own concoction of “Qingdao Seafood Cuisine”. The cuisine is fresh but not fishy, light and refreshing, without any of the lingering taste of seafood. Every dish reveals an uncanny level of craftsmanship. Old Sailor’s has a special fish roasting room. Washing, scaling, scraping and cooking all happen right here. More than a dozen pots especially used to cook fish reside in this room. They use one pot per fish so that there is no mixing of flavours. The most famous dishes include kung fu sea cucumber, Old Sailor’s sea sausage, Old Sailor’s roast cuttlefish and Old Sailor’s grilled fish.

Add: 111 Yanji Lu, Qingdao
Tel: 0532 8501 9999
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 23:00
Getting there: Take Bus No. 205, 211, 224, 307, 318, 320, 322, 33, 374, 502 or 605 to Tushuguan Station, walk 89 metres
Price: Around 80 RMB/person

Huiquan Wangchao Rotating Restaurant汇泉王朝大酒店旋转餐厅 View In Map
The restaurant is located on the 25th floor of the Huiquan Wangchao Hotel on the Huiquan peninsula. It is the highest of Qingdao’s five star rotating buffet restaurants. Here you can gaze out upon Huiquan Peninsula and Mount Xinhao, making for an extremely romantic experience.
The restaurant already has nearly 20 years of history, and it maintains the unique advantage of a 360 degree view of the island. Everyday starting at 11:30 the restaurant begins to rotate. Beautiful scenery changes right before your eyes; as if the vista were doing a circle dance. There is a large offering of seafood here at the buffet, and although the presentation isn’t great, all of it is fresh and delicious. The seashore is less than 50 metres from the restaurant. After a meal, you can take a walk along the ocean and experience Qingdao’s unique seaside atmosphere.

Address: 25/F, Huiquan Wangchao Hotel, 9 Nanhai Lu, Qingdao
Phone: 0532 8299 9888
Opening hours: Lunch 11:30-14:00, dinner 17:45-22:00
Getting there: Bus No. 302, 202, 31, 605, 6 or 26 to Haishui Yuchang Station
Buffet price: Lunch 138 RMB/person, dinner 168 RMB/person (plus 15% gratuity)

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