Exploring the Villas of Badaguan in Qingdao

Exploring the Villas of Badaguan in Qingdao

Badaguan is located on the southern coastal area in Qingdao and is unlike any other place in China. Its name is derived from eight well-known military forts in China, with each fort name being given to a street in Badaguan, (although today there are actually ten streets that form the area). Its crisscrossing roads are perfect for an afternoon stroll, and while you are there be sure to explore the many different-looking villas (which all date back to when the area was a German protectorate), that are located throughout. The villas, the quiet streets filled with greenery, not to mention the fact that its right next to the No.1, 2, 3 beaches all make Badaguan a place well worth visiting when you come to Qingdao 

Badaguan. Look at all of that green space!

The Villas of Badaguan
Walking around touring the villas in Badaguan are the area’s best attraction, as, not only do these villas look different from traditional Chinese architecture, but, as they were all once homes to people from more than 20 countries (German, USA, Russia, Britain, France, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Japan etc.), each villa’s aesthetic is completely different, reflecting each countries unique national styles. 

1) Huashi Lou  花石楼 View In Map
Easily the most famous villa in Badaguan, Huashilou was built by a Russian named Rasi Karimov in 1932. Its architectural style is that of a typical European fortress, merged with some Greek and Roman styles, and gothic architectural elements. The primary building materials used were granite and cobble, which is where its name, “Granite Mansion”, is derived from. The villa is five floors tall, 753.7 sq. m in size, and outside there is a large open yard. The top floor provides great views of the Qingdao coast.

Add: 18 Huanghai Lu, Qingdao

2) Villa at 5 Shanhaiguan Lu 山海关路5号 View In Map
The contemporary Japanese aesthetic of this villa is no coincidence. It was constructed in 1934, about 600 sq. m, for a wealthy Japanese family living in the German Protectorate. From the outside the villa looks very distinct, as its sides are covered with green-coloured glazed tiles, which after a rainstorm are particularly brilliant looking. The inner courtyard is filled with Chinese Wisteria, which give the villa a nice secluded feel.

Add: 5 Shanhaiguan Lu, Qingdao (opposite of No. 2 beach)

3) Gongzhu Lou  公主楼 View In Map
Most famous for its irregular-looking tower with a sharply slanting roof, Gongzhu Lou was constructed in the 1930s. The villa was supposedly built by the Danish Consul General for a Danish princess, so she would have somewhere to stay when she visited Qingdao. But alas, as it turns out, the Danish princess never came. This villa has very distinct turquoise colour that is complimented with light-green inlays decorating the window frames and corners. The interesting colour choice is offset by the Northern European-style courtyard and spacious lawn. Unfortunately, the building is currently closed to the public, so you will have to look from the street.

Add: 16 Juyongguan Lu, Qingdao

4) Villa at 1 Shanhaiguan Lu  山海关路1号View In Map
Across the street from Huashi Lou, this villa is designed after a French countryside 2-story flat-topped home. It was constructed in 1933, and inside is 700 sq. m. Outside, interesting little touches are everywhere, from the arched gateways, to the semicircular verandas and baroque columns. Gardens surround the villa on all sides, making the property’s atmosphere very pleasant. The villa is currently not open to the public.

Add: 1 Shanhaiguan Lu, Qingdao

Clockwise from top right: Juyongguan Lu, Shaoguan Lu, Zijingguan Lu, Zhengyangguan Lu

Natural Beauty in Badaguan

Although best known for its architectural marvels, it is also worth noting that there is an abundance of green space that fills the Badaguan area. All of the streets in Badaguan are lined with different species of flowers and trees (which are very well kept by the locals year round) making it a very pretty place to walk around.

Tickets: Touring most villas is free (if they are open to the public), however, the Huashi Lou cost 5 RMB to get in.

Getting there: Ride the No. 26, 304, 315, 31, 202, 212, 223, 228, 316, 321, 501, 801 bus and get off at Wushengguan Lu stop (武胜关路) 

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