Dive Deep with Qingdao’s Underwater World

Dive Deep with Qingdao’s Underwater World

Qindao Underworld World is located on Qingdao’s Huiquan peninsula, surrounded by reefs. Modern exhibition methods combine the resources of Qingdao Aquarium, taxidermy hall, and fresh water aquarium, with natural sea cliff scenery to create a unique vista of mountain and ocean. It’s one of the most distinctive marine life showcases in China.

Underwater World is made up of the inter-tidal zone, submarine tunnel, and four levels of underground structures. Parts of the exhibition are entirely underground. The 86.2 metre-long submarine tunnel utilizes 180-degree arched glass design, making it feel like you’re walking on the ocean floor. Fish of all sizes swim and cruise around you, and you can even see people dancing with sharks! Sub level four includes the 7.6 metre tall cylindrical tank, which is the largest of its kind in Asia. Colorful corals, protean and sea anemone form an underwater paradise for countless species of sea creatures.

The outside exhibition hall includes the marine mammal hall, sea taxidermy hall, and Qingdao Aquarium (Dream Jellyfish Hall), the mainland’s first professional aquarium. Inside Dream Jellyfish Hall are thousands of jellyfish of a dozen varieties. While viewing the jellyfish, visitors can interact and play games with them as well. Marine life feeding hall showcases spotted seals, sea lions, and other rare creatures. Their lively and curious performances are unforgettable. Sea taxidermy hall displays over 20,000 items and is the perfect classroom to learn about marine life.

Qingdao Underwater World has a variety of performances lined up everyday. Right now, they are featuring “Dances with Sharks,” “Mermaid Performance,” “Underwater Ballet,” and other unique performances. After experiencing the thrilling performances, visitors can use wireless underwater communication devices to connect with the performers and ask questions. Underwater World pioneered the “Underwater Adventure,” ‘Underwater Wedding,” and other fashionable tourism activities. You too can personally experience the boundless beauty of the underwater word.

Qindao Underworld World青岛海底世界 View In Map
Add: 2 Laiyang Lu, Qingdao
Tel: 0532 8289 2187
Price: Ticket Pack: high season 120 RMB, low season 100 RMB, includes Underwater World, Marine Life Hall, Freshwater Fish Hall, Qingdao Aquarium (Dream Jellyfish Hall), Marine Mammal Hall (not including performances).
Regular Ticket: 90 RMB, includes Underwater World, Marine Life Hall, Freshwater Hall.
Opening Hours: 07:30 – 20:00
Getting there: Take Bus No. 6, 26, 231, 223, 202, 228, 214, 801, 802, 501, 311, 321, 312, 304, or 223 and get off at Luxun Gongyuan (Underwater World) Station.

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