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6 New Kids on the Block: Xi’an Bar and Club Round-Up

With the number of tourists passing through and foreigners living in Xi’an the number of bars is ever increasing. This is a round-up of some of the newest bars, late-night restaurants and clubs since we last wrote about Xi’an’s nightlife. Read more>>

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An Insider’s Guide to Xi’an’s Muslim Quarter HOT

The Muslim Quarter in Xi’an is one of the most well-known parts of the city. Visitors to Xi’an may consider it a whirlwind lesson in bartering and delicious-looking street foods, but there’s more to this vibrant area than meets the eye. ... Read More>>

Food, Shopping & Death Temple: A Walking Tour of Xiao Zhai HOT

Xi’an is a treasure trove of small restaurants and hole-in-the-wall places but you may need some guidance to navigate your way through the alley ways in order to find them. So let’s start breaking this city down, starting with a walking tour of the Xiao ...... Read More>>

Appetite of an Army: In Search of Foreign Food Options in Xi’an HOT

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While Xi’an’s list of cultural cuisines is growing, it can still be difficult to find a good foreign restaurant. To help ease your search, here are a couple suggestions. ... Read More>>

Five Xi’an Coffee Shops to Sort out Your Caffeine Fixes HOT

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I’ll readily admit that I’m a fan of Starbucks. Even so far as to collect the mugs from different cities, but while I salute their empire, there are times when you want to break away from the Moby Dick inspired namesake. When that time hits, try and check ...... Read More>>

Introducing the Most Popular Nightlife Spots in Xi’an HOT

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Going to the same place repetitively can get old, but one of the great things about Xi’an is that it offers a huge variety in bars, clubs, and hangouts. This article introduces just a couple of visit-worthy nightlife spots in Xi’an. ... Read More>>

Huashan Mountain Trek: Breathtaking Views, Plenty of Danger HOT

There’s mountains-a-plenty in the Middle Kingdom, though for those of you in and around Xi’an, you can’t get better than Huashan Mountain, one of China’s Five Sacred Mountains. ... Read More>>

Get Your Skis On! Where to Go Skiing Around Xi’an HOT

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Everyone knows that the best cure for the winter blues is good old-fashioned fresh air and exercise. Try spending a weekend at one of these four ski resorts located outside the city of Xi’an. ... Read More>>

Terracotta Traps: How to Avoid Getting Scammed in Xi’an! HOT

A city teeming with history, culture, tombs and pagodas, Xi'an is a dream for any Chinese history buff. Unfortunately, tourists who stream into the city every year to check out some of the greatest historical sites in China are often targeted by scammers ...... Read More>>

Dive in: Xi’an’s Best Swimming Pools HOT

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Swimming is by far the best exercise. Seriously, who would want to run around a track outside in the blazing heat or run on the spot at a depressed musty gym when there are so many refreshing indoor pools around Xi’an? Claim a lap lane or bring the ...... Read More>>

Small Eats, Big Flavours: The Snacks of the Xi’an Night Market HOT

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Shaanxi-style mutton and bread stew simmers. The next stall over, a vendor stirs liangpi (秦镇凉皮), a thick spicy cold noodle dish topped with a few choice vegetables. Guokui (锅盔), a warm filled flatbread, sits out tantalizingly next to a fresh pile of ...... Read More>>

Festival Fever: 2012 Xi’an Zhang Guan Li Dai Music Festival is Back HOT


Remember the fun, carnival atmosphere of last year's Zhang Guan Li Dai's Music Festival? The organisers are at it again, but this time the scale has doubled with two stages and two days of music. This year, the festival dates line up with the Dragon Boat ...... Read More>>

Small Pockets: Living it up in Xi’an, on a Budget HOT

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Being an expat in Xi'an is fun and comfortable. Not only does the city cater to certain Western needs, it also allows for a great living experience on a budget that would hardly last five minutes in a Western country. Saving money in Xi'an isn't tough: you ...... Read More>>

Winter Activities in Xian: Skiing and Hot Springs HOT

Comments(1) ( View In Map )

Do you feel as if you have pretty much done all there is to do in Xi'an, with your options especially limited during winter time? Well, there is yet more of Xi'an to discover, and this winter doesn't have to be as gloomy as you think. Take a look at what ...... Read More>>

Winter Blues: A Guide to Surviving a Xi’an Winter HOT

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While Xi'an may not freeze over quite as much as cities in North China, the cold winter weather here is certainly not shy either – from December through February, temperatures can drop to as low as -5℃. But winter in Xi'an isn't something that must be ...... Read More>>

Youth Hostels Xi’an – A Budget Option for Everyone HOT

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Youth Hostels in Xi’an bring together a huge community of travellers, expats and local Chinese people. It’s a cheaper option for those people travelling in groups and an instant source of potential friends for those flying solo. While hostels are an ...... Read More>>

Popular by Demand – Finding Great Pizzas in Xi’an HOT

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For me, pizza is to Italy what noodles are to China. It conjures an image of both taste and culture, not to mention the characteristic mannerisms of each nation enjoying food at its best. Whilst I can’t promise an exact replica of the Neapolitan classic in ...... Read More>>

Hairy Moments in Xi’an: A Guide to Foreign-Friendly Salons HOT

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Whether you choose a smart, well polished salon or a back street corner shop, you should be prepared for a “China moment” when visiting a hair salon in Xi’an for the first time. Getting your hair done is a cultural experience here, and you need to ...... Read More>>

The Best of Xi’an in Just One Weekend HOT

Comments(4) ( View In Map )

Xi’an is known as the “cradle of Chinese civilization”, the home of the Terracotta Warriors, and the easternmost terminus of the old Silk Road. There’s a ton of things to do in Xi’an, but if you’re just here for a couple of days, here are some ...... Read More>>

That's the Spot: Spas and Massages in Xi'an HOT

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A pair of trained hands can knock anyone out – I’m talking about masseuses. Getting a good back or foot rub can do wonders after a busy week and the Chinese are world renowned for their traditional art of massaging. Whether you want to untangle some knots ...... Read More>>

Finding the Right Apartment in Xi'an HOT

Comments(2) ( View In Map )

Looking for a new home in Xi'an? For short-term stays, there are definitely more options than hostels and hotels. Weekly or monthly rental apartments in Xi’an are also available. If you plan to stay during the winter months (or just like hot showers), make ...... Read More>>

Vegetarian Dining in Xi’an: A Rough Guide HOT

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Being a vegetarian in Xi’an has its challenges but it can also lead to some interesting cultural exchanges and a rather fascinating restaurant treasure hunt. Historically, the predominance of the philosophical teachings of Buddhism and Taoism has promoted ...... Read More>>

The Yin and Yang of Fitness: Shaping Up in Xi'an HOT

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Being on the road doesn't mean you have to give up your healthy lifestyle. With all the mouth-watering dishes Xi'an offers, there are even more reasons for keeping up with your training routine. From state-of-the-art fitness centres to a traditional Tai Chi ...... Read More>>

Striking the Chord: Popular Karaoke’s in Xi’an HOT

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There are many karaoke’s in Xi'an, the most popular being big name brands like Cash Box KTV, Haoledi and Dagexing (Super Star). All three have the highest quality equipment and hardware, the most personable service and are thus very popular with visitors ...... Read More>>

Looking for Western Cuisine? Xi'an’s Unique Western Restaurants HOT

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There are numerous western restaurants in Xi'an, tucked away in every nook and alley around the city, but if it's genuine tasting western food you're looking for, then there's really only a handful that would qualify as a good eat. The following three ...... Read More>>

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