Festival Fever: 2012 Xi’an Zhang Guan Li Dai Music Festival is Back

Festival Fever: 2012 Xi’an Zhang Guan Li Dai Music Festival is Back

Remember the fun, carnival atmosphere of last year's Zhang Guan Li Dai's Music Festival? The organisers are at it again, but this time the scale has doubled with two stages and two days of music. This year, the festival dates line up with the Dragon Boat Festival giving festivalgoers more time to celebrate and hear the bands they love. The festival will be held June 22-23 at the artsy Banpo International Art District (a.k.a. Textile City Art District). This equation sums it up: Music+ Art + Life = The happiest two days you will spend in Xi'an all year.

The Theme

This year's festival theme '乐来乐快乐' (More and More Happy), is a play on the words 'music' and 'happiness' (both share the same character). The message behind the music festival revolves around the idea of happiness. We were born as happy beings and despite the difficulties surrounding us we remain calm, peaceful and yes, happy. The theme will come through in upbeat performances. Don't be alarmed if you suddenly find yourself happily dancing to the amazing bands lined up for the festival.

The Stages

This year, for the first time in Zhang Guan Li Dai Festival history, not one but two stages will be set up to host a diverse line-up of performers. The new stage, in accordance with the festival theme will be called the "Yue Lai Yue Kuai Le" or "Music Brings Happiness," stage. The new stage will complement the preexisting "Zhang Guan Li Dai," stage. Two acts will perform at the same time, one on each stage.

Other Events and Entertainment

The festival will feature a contemporary art exhibition, a crafts market and a dining area and bar. There will also be a sponsored cultural exhibit. Festivalgoers can explore, shop, eat and drink in the dynamic festival atmosphere.

The Lineup

The "Yue Lai Yue Kuai Le" stage features domestic heavyweight musicians and rock bands. Prepare for lively and colourful shows on this brand new stage including performances from many different up and coming noteworthy new artists.

The original "Zhang Guan Li Dai," stage will show off many of Xian's own local talents and rock bands. The stage will contain many different styles of music throughout the festival but will consistently showcase the strength of Xian's homegrown performers. Below is an intro to a few acts to look out for:

Wang Wen (惘闻乐队): Wang Wen was established in Dalian in 1999. Since then, the band has released five official records and completed a seven-city tour performing in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan, Changsha and Nanchang.  

Second Hand Rose (二手玫瑰): "Second Hand Rose," has been one of the best emerging Chinese rock bands for the past few years. In December 2006, the group was awarded the title of, "Best Rock Band of the Year." In 2011, the band played at the Strawberry Music Festival and the Zhangbei Grassland Music Festival.  

Hanggai (杭盖): Hanggai, founded in 2004, is the most famous Mongolian band on today's international music stage. The group has travelled to over 40 countries and given almost 250 performances. In 2011, Hanggai were the only performers from China to play in the world famous Bonnaroo Music Festival in the USA. The band was also invited to perform in Asia's largest rock music festival, Fuji Rock.  

Xie Tianxiao a.k.a. XTX (谢天笑): XTX, the new godfather of Chinese rock and roll, will also perform at the festival. XTX began his musical career with the band Cold Blooded Animal, whose album of the same name counts as one of the best and most influential Chinese rock albums even to this day. XTX is signed to Modern Sky record label and has played at major festivals both in China and abroad.

On top of all that, the festival welcomes Zhang Chu, another renowned musician who despite not releasing any new material since 1997, remains a prominent figure in China's rock music scene.

Yue Lai Yue Kuaile Stage

演出时间 6月23日 演出时间
AOK 14:00-14:40 OOC (控制之外) 14:00-14:40
Casino Demon(赌鬼) 15:00-15:40 Wang Wen (惘闻乐队) 15:00-15:40
Perdel (逃跑计划) 16:00-16:40 Shuanzi & Ci Band (爽子与瓷乐队) 16:00-16:40
Cao Fang (曹方) 17:00-17:40 Hao Yun (郝云) 17:00-17:40
Lure (诱导社) 18:00-18:40 Zhan Fu (战斧) 18:00-18:40
Second Hand Rose (二手玫瑰)  19:00-19:40 Hanggai (杭盖) 19:00-19:40
XTX (谢天笑) 20:00-21:00 Zhang Chu (张楚) 20:00-21:00

Zhuang Guan Li Dai Stage

演出时间 6月23日 演出时间
Zhao Bin + Band (赵彬与乐队) 14:30-15:30 THE FUZZ 14:30-15:30
Nous underground 15:30-16:10 Weibu (未卜乐队) 15:30-16:10
TBOR 16:30-17:10 Xuan (玄乐队) 16:30-17:10
Amber (琥珀) 17:30-18:10 No Contention (无争) 17:30-18:10
Island Mood (岛屿心情) 18:30-19:10 Ma Fei (马飞) 18:30-19:10
Black Caesar (黑撒) 19:30-20:10 Wang Jianfang (王建房) 19:30-20:10

When: June 22-23
Where: 238 Banpo International Art District (Formerly Textile City Art District)
Price: 100/day pre-sale, 120/day on-site
Booking Hotline: 400 610 3721
Getting there:Take bus 105, 241 to Fangzhi Cheng Wenhua Chuangyi stop (Cultural and Creative Textile City) 

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