Finding the Right Apartment in Xi'an

Finding the Right Apartment in Xi'an

Looking for a new home in Xi'an? For short-term stays, there are definitely more options than hostels and hotels. Weekly or monthly rental apartments in Xi’an are also available. If you plan to stay during the winter months (or just like hot showers), make sure natural gas and heating (双气) are included in the lease. Got a car? Be sure to scope out the parking situation before setting your heart on an apartment. Remember, downtown real estate is generally 30% more expensive. While from a less central location, taxi to work would only cost a small fare each day. Here are some tips for finding the right apartment in Xi’an.

1) The College Life: Carefree LivingView In Map
A short ride from any Xi'an university, Ziyouzizai (Carefree Living) is an ideal location for foreign teachers to rent an apartment. As with most apartments, Carefree offers a minimum of one-year lease, and you can choose between basic and luxury furnishing. As you can imagine, Carefree Living comes at a cost—especially for a location far from CBD. A newly renovated two-bedroom apartment (93m2) with TV, fridge, laundry, Internet and a living room may cost 2600 RMB per month. Getting a buddy to share a basic-furnished place is a better deal (1900 RMB). For fresh graduates looking to maintain a college lifestyle, the area is swarming with students (potential English tutees), and it's only a 10-minute ride to Defuxiang Bar Street. The closest bus stop is Lijiacun (李家村). The end of summer is prime time shopping since availability will drop significantly in September after school starts.

Carefree Living
Rental Company: Dahe Apartments (大何房屋)
Add: Rm A203, Datang Building, 88 Xiaozhai Donglu, Xi’an
地址: 西安市小寨东路88号大唐商务大厦A203室
Tel: 029 8896 0771, 13186193867
Opening hours: 09:00-17:30
Price: 1900-2600 RMB per month

2) Live Fiercely: Warriors ApartmentView In Map


The Warriors Apartment is for warriors, who also enjoy coziness and convenience. That's what Clarence figured when he renovated his apartments in 2008. For all those who fought a hard 20-plus-hour flight to Xi'an, then battled through the traffic from Xianyang Airport, this can be your refuge and haven. Acting both as a hotel as well as a short/long-term rental apartment, you can share your living space with several terracotta warriors for 2500-3000 RMB per month. On top of the run-of-the-mill furniture and facilities, Clarence also provides free pick-up from the train station, an available PC and a mobile phone. This is the most central location you can find in Xi'an, right next to the Bell Tower –hence, the price. For longer stays, I think a regular pad would be sufficient, but if you're looking for a month or two, this is a neat spot. When you're tired of the urban scene, you can also take Clarence's tour to see the actual Terracotta Warriors and other historical sites around Xi'an. Not a bad choice over cookie-cutter condo buildings and international hotels.

Rental Company: Clarence Guo (family apartment)
Add: North Street, by the Bell Tower, Xi’an
Tel: 135 1919 7819       
Opening hours: call after 17:30
Price: 2500-3000 RMB per month

3) Shopocalypse NowView In Map
“Good as well as many” – that's the Chinese name for Trust-Mart, and it accurately portrays the area near Xiaozhai. It's the place to bargain, to buy, and to indulge yourself. Moreover, there are plenty of reasonably priced apartments for rent. Jiatian has an apartment building right next to the Xi'an Tourism International Centre, and you can find yourself nicely settled in for 1500 RMB per month. If you decide to drive, street and basement parking are available, but you can easily make the 5-minute trek to Xiaozhai bus stop. Living here, you'll have everything you need within walking range. For groceries, you may visit the nearby Trust-Mart. For everything else, wade onto the streets for the best deal. In essence, it's the place to be if you ever worry about being out of fashion.

Rental Company: Jiatian Real Estate (嘉甜房产)
Add: Oppsite of Xi'an Normal University, 23 Tiantan Xilu, Yanta District, Xi’an
地址:西安雁塔区天坛西路23号 , 师范大学对面
Tel: 029 8852 6848, 18992852827. 
Opening hours: 09:00 - 17:30                                   
Price: 1500-1700 RMB per month

4) Techies and Suits: The Crystal IslandView In Map


For those who work in the High-Tech District, Yijia has several apartment buildings nearby. Crystal Island, like the name suggests, is one of the high-end residential areas in Xi'an. Most of the apartment buildings here rose within the last five years, and Yijia has fully-furnished rooms available for tenants on mid-term leases. Bachelor pads are equipped with Cable TV and broadband Internet. You can expect to pay around 1500 RMB per month, while two-bedroom apartments could cost up to 2000 RMB. The area is clean and well-suited for IT or management professionals. Crystal Palace is closest to where most business-related expats live. Because parking is always the big question in Xi'an, you can rest assured that Yijia apartments will provide your ride, so you won't find yourself fighting tooth-and-nail for a spot on the sidewalk.

Rental Company: Yijia Apartments (亿家房屋中介公司)
Add: 16, High-tech 5th Lu, High-tech District, Xi’an
Tel: 13363960013
Opening hours: 09:00-17:30
Price: 1500-2000 RMB per month

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