Popular by Demand – Finding Great Pizzas in Xi’an

Popular by Demand – Finding Great Pizzas in Xi’an
By Elaine Fisher , eChinacities.com

For me, pizza is to Italy what noodles are to China. It conjures an image of both taste and culture, not to mention the characteristic mannerisms of each nation enjoying food at its best. Whilst I can’t promise an exact replica of the Neapolitan classic in Xi’an, there’s sufficient choice to lure you away from your usual Chinese favourite dishes. If you’re enticed by the lower cost of pizza made in some smaller Chinese restaurants, you might need to brace yourself for a sweeter tasting bread base, a thinner red sauce, an indiscernible meat topping and cheese that resembles melted plastic. Generally, in terms of pizza, the old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’, applies here.

1) ColaboView In Map
If you’re looking for a more authentic Italian taste, then try Colabo, just a ten minute walk north of the Bell Tower. Situated in a high rise building, tucked away from the hurly burly of busy street life, is this quaint Italian restaurant serving some of the best tasting food in Xi’an. Traditional pizzas are served on huge platters and wine can be purchased for as little as 98 RMB per bottle. Expect to pay around 60 RMB for a standard pizza. However, many customers buy a general pizza to be shared amongst the table and then order individual pasta dishes. I believe this may be the only place in Xi’an to buy a delicious lasagne without breaking the bank. You should note that this restaurant has limited opening times and I recommend you phone them first.

Add: 11F, K.I. Tower, Xihuamen, Xi’an
Tel: 029 8720 1501/8720 1502 

2) Pizza Hut 胜客 View In Map
Mention the word Pizza Hut to any of your younger Chinese friends and you’ll see a gleam of expectancy. I recommend that you try a set menu as it yields better value for money with options of soup, fish dips and drinks, in addition to your choice of pizza. The pizza however is basically the same delicious non-descript event as in the West, which may be just what you’re looking for. The restaurants situated to the east and south of the Bell Tower are accustomed to foreigners and the staff will assist you with your choices. Both restaurants are ideal people watching places and attract a wide spectrum of customers. The West Street restaurant, near the Muslim Quarter, has less experienced waitressing staff and chefs. From time to time this is evident in the taste of food and the quality of service.

Add: 1F Haida Tiandi Business Building, 8 Nan Dajie, Xi'an
地址: 西安市南大街8号海大天地商厦1楼
Tel: 400 8123 123

3) Shuyuan International Youth HostelView In Map
When I eat pizza, I like to watch the drama and the theatre of it being made. If this appeals to you, try the café in the popular Shuyuan Youth Hostel just inside the city wall near the south gate. Don’t be put off by the word ‘youth’, as a wide group of ages find themselves tasting the homemade pizza delights, dramatically shaped and baked in a huge purposely designed oven, clearly visible to their hungry customers. This is a low budget hostel and so the price of Western food here reflects this. Expect to pay from 40 - 100 RMB for a descent sized pizza (12 inch – 20 inch) made with toppings of your choice and cheese that tastes like the real thing.

Add: 2 Shunchengxixiang South Street, Xi'an
地址: 西安市南门里顺城西巷甲2号
Tel: 029 8728 7720 / 8728 7721

4) Dolce CaféView In Map
If you prefer an Italian restaurant with a strong Australian influence try Dolce Café, based in the High-tech Zone. Here you can eat BLT pizza and benefit from two for one deals during the week.

Add: 1F, Lihua Keji Mansion, 2 Gaoxin Lu, High-Tech Zone, Xi'an
地址: 西安市高新区高新路2号丽华科技大厦1楼(高新真爱斜对面)  
Tel: 029 88227588    

5) Other Popular Options…
If you’re in the Big Wild Goose Pagoda area, try The Highflyer, a fourth floor restaurant with a European ambiance. The food is reasonably priced and you can expect to pay around 100 RMB for a standard 10 inch pizza, accompanied by drinks, soup and possibly a small pasta dish. This restaurant is open all day and the manager speaks very good English. However, the service can be a little slow at times but polite prompting usually does the trick.

On occasions I feel the need to delude myself into thinking I’m eating in a more luxurious setting than I really am. The Tuscany Restaurant in Gaoxin manages to do that. The wine list will make you gasp but the food is quite reasonably priced. A simple 12 inch Margherita pizza made with mozzarella cheese costs around 80 RMB and a smoked salmon version, 70 RMB. If you like the feeling of quaint modern restaurants, this may suit you. Don’t despair about the wine as the café bar Sculpting in Time is just a few doors away and you can happily sit there sipping wine for around 150 RMB to 200 RMB a bottle. Alternatively, you might welcome the soft lighting and romantic guitar playing at Bacchus, yet another intimate western style restaurant serving Italian food.

Tuscany Restaurant 塞乐酒窖餐厅View In Map
Add: 1F, Building A, Jinqiao International Square, Keji Lu, High-Tech Zone, Xi’an
Tel: 029 8799 8319

Sculpting in Time Café 雕刻时光View In Map
Add: 55 Keji Lu, High Tech Zone, Yanta District, Xi’an
Tel: 029 8886 0857
Website: www.sitcoffee.com

Bacchus Pizza巴克斯比萨View In Map
Add: 25 Gaoxin Lu, Xi’an
地址: 西安市高新路25号
Tel:  029 8821 8111

In short, pizza is versatile and easily accessible in Xi’an. Buon appetito!

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