Striking the Chord: Popular Karaoke’s in Xi’an

Striking the Chord: Popular Karaoke’s in Xi’an

There are many karaoke’s in Xi'an, the most popular being big name brands like Cash Box KTV, Haoledi and Dagexing (Super Star). All three have the highest quality equipment and hardware, the most personable service and are thus very popular with visitors and residents in the city. Another great thing about these big named places is that they are very reasonably priced – a clear advantage over other same-level karaoke venues that offer similar services at less than desirable prices.

Cash Box KTV

Cash Box KTV is a better-known karaoke chain in China. It aims to provide a high-end karaoke experience and has the grand décor to complement this goal. It has professional equipment that allows for the highest quality audio effects. This venue has over 100 private rooms, so you can expect to be shown to a room no matter what time you choose to visit. The rooms are nicely decorated and each is fitted with its own private bathroom. Cash Box KTV in Xi'an is a lot cheaper than most of its branches in other cities and even more of a good find than other venues, offering the same quality service at higher prices. They update their song selections quite fast, making sure that guests always get to enjoy the latest hits. Cash Box also provides a buffet for their guests and the meals are billed separately; the buffet is available until 20:30 every day. The reservation hotline for Cash Box KTV is open 24 hours and you can call at your next convenience to reserve a private room for yourself and friends.

Regular Rooms:
11:00-17:00  20 RMB/5 hr(Monday to Friday), 27 RMB/5 hr(Saturday, Sunday)
17:00-20:00  25RMB/5 hr(Monday to Thursday, Sunday), 30 RMB/5 hr(Friday, Saturday)
20:00-24:00  53RMB/4 hr(Monday to Thursday, Sunday), 59 RMB/4 hr(Friday, Saturday)
00:00-06:00  20 RMB/6 hr(Monday to Thursday, Sunday), 25 RMB/6 hr(Friday, Saturday)

Deluxe Rooms:
11:00-17:00  25 RMB/4 hr(Monday to Friday), 31RMB/4 hr(Saturday, Sunday);
17:00-20:00  28RMB/4 hr(Monday to Thursday, Sunday), 35 RMB/4 hr(Friday, Saturday);
20:00-24:00  59 RMB/3 hr(Monday to Thursday, Sunday), 65 RMB/ 3hr(Friday, Saturday)
00:00-06:00  25 RMB/ 6 hours(Monday to Thursday, Sunday)29 RMB/ 6 hr(Friday, Saturday)

Cash Box KTV 钱柜KTVView In Map
Add: 1 intersection between North Avenue and Xihuamen Shizi, Kai'ai Building (1st - 3rd floors) Xi’an
Tel: 029 6267 6666
Opening Hours: 11:00- 06:00 the next morning
Getting there: Take bus routes 11, 15, 16, 236, 238, 32, 336, 502, 601, 603, 702, 707, 714 to Xihuamen station and walk 124 m to destination

Super Star KTV

Super Star KTV大歌星
This venue is located in Wanda Plaza and has the advantage of being very conveniently located with easy access by public transportation and car. The interior is very trendy and spacious. It houses a shop with a nice selection of merchandise, a bar, a recording room, and a mini theater – offering a variety of recreation and entertainment for visitors besides the typical karaoke-singing private rooms. The private rooms are all fitted with an automated selection of songs, offering classic hits to the latest popular singles. They're very reasonably priced and those who apply for a membership card can get even more discounts; cards are 50 RMB each and can be used at any of their chain stores all over China. They don't offer a buffet here and you need to call to reserve before coming.

Small rooms:
12:00-19:30  25 RMB/hr(Monday to Friday), 38 RMB/hr(Saturday, Sunday)
19:30-24:00  55 RMB/hr(Monday to Thursday, Sunday), 58 RMB/hr(Friday, Saturday)
00:00-06:00  25 RMB/hr(Monday to Friday), 38 RMB/hr(Saturday, Sunday)

Moderate-size rooms:
12:00-19:30  30 RMB/hr(Monday to Friday), 48 RMB/hr(Saturday, Sunday)
19:30-24:00  70 RMB/hr(Monday to Thursday, Sunday), 78 RMB/hr(Friday, Saturday)
00:00-06:00  30 RMB/hr(Monday to Friday), 48 RMB/hr(Saturday, Sunday)

Deluxe rooms:
12:00-19:30  35 RMB/hr(Monday to Friday), 58 RMB/hr(Saturday, Sunday)
19:30-24:00  80RMB/hr(Monday to Thursday, Sunday), 98 RMB/hr(Friday, Saturday)
00:00-06:00  35 RMB/hr(Monday to Friday), 58 RMB/hr(Saturday, Sunday)

Super Star KTV View In Map
Add: 8 Yanta Rd (north section), Wanda Plaza (3rd Floor), Xi’an
Tel: 029 8781 6666
Opening Hours: 12:00- 06:00
Getting there: Take bus route K709 to Wanda Plaza station and walk 98 m to destination



Haoleidi KTV

Haoledi KTV好乐迪
This is one of the most popular karaoke chains in the city. They've won over many guests with their simple but trendy decor and reasonable prices. There are over 80 private singing rooms being classified into eight different types to accommodate different needs of guests. For example, some are ideal for entertaining business partners, others are better suited for hanging with colleagues and classmates, and still others are perfect for holding birthday parties, etc. The audio is superb at Haoledi; they've also got the widest song selection and the latest updated singles, making them very popular with the young party goers in the city. The prices here are slightly higher, but they do offer special discounts. You can also enjoy more discounts if you get a membership card. You're able to the use the card the same day you register and only cost 30 RMB.

Small Rooms
20:00-01:00 65 RMB/hr(Monday to Thursday, Sunday), 72 RMB/hr(Friday, Saturday)
All other hours 25 RMB/hr(Monday to Friday), 40 RMB/hr(Saturday, Sunday)

Moderate-size Rooms:
20:00-01:00 80 RMB/hr(Monday to Thursday, Sunday), 90 RMB/hr(Friday, Saturday)
All other hours 30 RMB/hr(Monday to Friday), 50 RMB/hr(Saturday, Sunday)

Deluxe Rooms:
20:00-01:00 96 RMB/hr(Monday to Thursday, Sunday), 108 RMB/hr(Friday, Saturday)
All other hours 36 RMB/hr(Monday to Friday), 60 RMB/hr(Saturday, Sunday)

Haoledi KTV
Yanta branchView In Map
Add: 2 intersection between Yanta Rd and Jiandong Street, Yanta district, Xi’an
Tel: 029 8206 8000
Opening hours: Opens 24 hours
Getting there: Take bus routes 21, 224, 23, 27, 30, 401, 41, 500, 501, 5, 601, 609, 715 to Big Goose Pagoda station and walk 96 m to destination

Nanguang BranchView In Map
Add: 69 Nanguang Ji Jie, Weiye Plaza Floors 1-3, Xi’an
Tel: 029 820 68000
Opening hours: 24 hours
Getting there: Take bus routes 218, 23, 251, 31, 32, 501, 610 ,713, walk 34m to venue

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