Looking for Western Cuisine? Xi'an’s Unique Western Restaurants

Looking for Western Cuisine? Xi'an’s Unique Western Restaurants

There are numerous western restaurants in Xi'an, tucked away in every nook and alley around the city, but if it's genuine tasting western food you're looking for, then there's really only a handful that would qualify as a good eat. The following three dining venues definitely qualify in terms of both, food and the environment offered. You might even feel, for a brief instant, as though you are no longer in China.  These venues are also favorite dining places for expats in the city, so you can't go wrong with advice from those in the know. 

Green Jasmine Restaurants绿茉莉餐厅 View In Map
Green Jasmine Restaurant is an Irish-style dining venue. It is fitted with green windows, wooden fences, brick walls and a uniquely ornate facade that is very noticeable from the streets. The arched entryway into the restaurant serves to separate the outside bustling streets from the quieter, more intimate atmosphere on the inside. The dining area is furnished with European-style chairs and tables, chic windows and artsy curtains. Waiting staff at the venue are also very friendly and patient; they lead you to your table and then leave you be to peruse the menu and decide your order in your own time. 

Recommended dishes at Green Jasmine are definitely its pizza varieties; especially worth mentioning is the Irish pepperoni pizza with thin crust and rich cheese. Aside from the pizza, curry rice is also a top choice for many diners – the beef is tenderly cooked and delicious. One floor below the restaurant is an Irish-style bar with the famous zodiac series cocktails and a uniquely relaxing atmosphere to boot.

Add: Gaoxin Lu, Gaoke Building (Auxiliary Building, 1st Floor), Xi’an
Tel: 029 8188 3339
Operating hours: Daily, 11:00-22:30
Getting there: Bus 14, 28, 34, 212, 218, 220, 322, 400, 512, 608, 700, 721 to Gaoxin Rd (Keji Rd) station and walk 47 meters (154 feet) to venue
Price: 107 RMB/person

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Moroccan Muslim Restaurants摩洛哥清真餐厅 View In Map
This dining venue is the only Moroccan restaurant in Xi'an. The dishes here have been prepared in the manner of traditional recipes and they offer a variety of genuine tasting Moroccan food. You can enjoy classic dishes like couscous and Tajine. Recommended is the lemon chicken with olives Tajine, a perfect combination of spices with meat, olives and lemons, served with spaghetti and bread. Also, desserts here are something else altogether. They have sweet and smooth honey warda and refreshing mint tea, very complementary together.

What's more, guests are especially impressed when the waiter brings a bronze bowl filled with water and rose petals for them to clean their hands before meals. The ever familiar Casablanca tune, great service and delicious food are all elements that guarantee a great dining experience.

Add: 319 Dongxin Street, Sofitel Hotel (East Building, 1st Floor), Xi’an
Tel: 029 8792 8888 ext. 4626
Opening hours: Daily, 08:00-23:00
Getting there: Bus 15, 16, 32, 46, 251, 502, 601, 603, 702, 706, 707 to Xincheng Plaza station and walk 114 meters (374 feet) to venue

Price: 174 RMB/person

Seine River French Restaurant塞纳河法国餐厅 View In Map
This is the only French restaurant surrounded with floor to ceiling glass windows in Xi'an. Aside from the main dining area that offers a fantastic and full street view, other things to note at the Seine River French Restaurant include a trendy wine bar, a classic cigar bar, luxurious VIP rooms, a French bakery, a piano area and a performance stage. They aim to provide a dining experience that is romantic, posh, genuine and trendy.

The dining area has been beautifully renovated, modeled in all the luxurious grandeur that one would expect of a French royal parlour. The main lobby hosts periodic performances by foreign bands and you might think for a moment that you're nearby the banks of Seine in Paris. The head French chef at the venue serves up only the best of his creations; the selection on the menu is limited but very classic.  Recommended are pan-fried foie gras, premium steak seasoned with sea salt and mushroom cream soup.

Add: 59 Nandajie, Zhonglou district (Fuhao Building, 5th Floor), Xi’an
Tel: 029 8726 6688
Opening hours: Daily, 11:30-00:00
Getting there: Take bus routes 6, 26, 208, 221, 229, 502, 600, 603, 608 or 609 to Zhonglou (South) station and walk 33 meters (108 feet) to venue
Price: 200 RMB/person

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