Youth Hostels Xi’an – A Budget Option for Everyone

Youth Hostels Xi’an – A Budget Option for Everyone
By Elaine Fisher ,

Youth Hostels in Xi’an bring together a huge community of travellers, expats and local Chinese people. It’s a cheaper option for those people travelling in groups and an instant source of potential friends for those flying solo. While hostels are an attractive option for budget conscious backpackers, the more upmarket hostels also appeal to an older generation who are young at heart with a higher disposable income. Xi’an hosts some of the best hostels in China, each with distinctive historical and social characteristics. If you’re enjoying the expat life in China, Youth Hostels in Xi’an are also quite a good option during the festive season.

1) Shuyuan International Hostel
Two of the most popular hostels, Shuyuan International Hostel and Xiangzimen Youth Hostel are located beside each other near the South Gate of the city wall. Shuyuan is well known for its courtyard appearance, cosy café serving Western food and its lively Par Qin basement bar. This is where the expat community meets on Saturday evenings. The staff are friendly and informative. It’s worth noting that you can book last minute train tickets from this hostel for a small charge, whether or not you’re staying there. The private rooms are basic but clean. The hostel is located within easy walking distance of the city’s key attractions and is about 35 minutes from the train station. A free pick up service is available. Dorms are mixed and range from 50 to 60 RMB with shared bathroom facilities (they can feel very crowded in the summer months). Private three bed en-suite rooms are also available as are standard twins but you will need to pay for the entire room if travelling solo. You should also note that Youth Hostels in this area sometimes have drainage problems and a faint unpleasant aroma may linger from time to time.

Xian Shuyuan International Youth Hostel (西安书院国际青年旅舍)View In Map
Add: 2 Shunchengxixiang South Street, Xi’an
Tel: 029 8728 7728, 87287721

2) Xiangzimen Youth Hostel
The neighbouring Xiangzimen Hostel also has a good reputation for friendliness, location and cleanliness. This is an award winning courtyard style hostel frequented by the local Chinese population, particularly in the evenings. It has a quieter atmosphere than its neighbour. Rooms are located on several levels and I would try to avoid the basement if you can. The rooms on the upper floors have a 3-star hotel feel to them but the dorms are fairly basic. This hostel will collect you from the airport for a charge of 100 -150 RMB and offers a free pick up service from the train station.

The hostel is a good place to chill out during the day. Some travellers prefer to sleep here and socialise at the neighbouring Shuyuan hostel, enjoying the best of both worlds. Solo travellers can expect to pay 160 RMB for a single private en-suite room. It also has a four bed female only dorm costing 50 RMB. Mixed dorms are priced from 40 RMB. If you’re brave enough to face the Xi’an traffic you can also hire bicycles here.

Xiangzimen Youth Hostel (湘子门国际青年旅舍)View In Map
Add: 16, Xiangzimiao Street, Nanmenli, Xi’an
Tel: 029 6286 7999

3) The Bell Tower International Hostel
The other hostel you’ll hear a lot about is The Bell Tower International Hostel. Four years ago this hostel was the heart and soul of the city but after selling a large section to KFC, much of the atmosphere died. This hostel is very centrally located but lacks the historical feel of the city. Its staff would do well to learn better customer service skills. It has a poor level of cleanliness and the rooms are rather shabby. The whole place lacks care and attention. Single private rooms are priced at a ridiculously high price of 220 RMB and dorms fall into the 45 – 50 RMB price bracket. It is conveniently located close to the airport shuttle bus and that may make it worth an over-night stay.

Bell Tower Youth Hostel Xian (西安钟楼国际青年旅舍)View In Map
Add: 1 North Main Street Xi’an, China
Tel: 029 8723 3005, 87231203

4) 7 Sages Youth Hostel
The 7 Sages Youth Hostel has a growing reputation. It has historical characteristics and an open garden seating area. The staff are friendly with good levels of English. Its location is a bit of drawback being at least a 10 minute taxi ride to the city’s centre, although many may find the quiet Chinese residential area a welcomed change to the bustle of the city’s tourist sites. Single en-suite rooms are reasonably priced at 120 RMB, with dorms at 50 RMB. However, this hostel offers special three and four bed en-suite rooms which may well suit families and are reasonably priced between 70 – 93 RMB per person. Twin, double and three bed rooms cost 90 RMB per person. This hostel also has a separate six bed female and male dorm.

Xian 7 Sages (Qixian) YH ( 贤国际青年旅舍)View In Map
Add: Courtyard 5 of Qixianzhuang No. 1, Beixin Street, Xi’an
Tel: 029 8744 4087  

5) The Hang Tang Inn Youth Hostel
This hostel is also enjoying popularity at the moment. It’s conveniently located close to the airport shuttle bus and within walking distance of the Bell Tower. A pleasant roof top garden distinguishes this hostel from others. The hostel has a good level of cleanliness and the staff communicates well in English. The Western food here is basic but at a good value. However, you might be more tempted to try food from the street vendors positioned outside your door. The dorms largely have en-suite facilities, including the three, four and six mixed bed dorms. Expect to pay 90, 70 and 60 RMB per person respectively. Twin rooms are available at 120 RMB per person; a little expensive. This is an award winning hostel well worth a look, particularly if you’re travelling in a group.
Xi’an is a high profile tourist orientated city and so I strongly advise pre-booking by internet. Shop around as some booking sites charge a small fee and most expect a 10% deposit. You may feel more comfortable booking directly with the hostel. Try to avoid verbal agreements and always get written confirmation. Aside from potential language difficulties, hostels are very busy places and often have frequent staff changes. You may also wish to purchase a Youth Hostel membership card for 50 RMB as this can bring considerable discount if you intend to travel around China. Enjoy your stay in Xi’an.

Xian HanTang Inn International Youth Hostel (西安汉唐驿国际青年旅舍)View In Map
Add: 7 Nan Changxiang, Xicheng Plaza, Xi’an
Tel: 029 8723 1126, 87287772

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