Get Your Skis On! Where to Go Skiing Around Xi’an

Get Your Skis On! Where to Go Skiing Around Xi’an

Everyone knows that the best cure for the winter blues is good old-fashioned fresh air and exercise. So what better way to pass a cold, dry Xi'an winter weekend than with a day trip to one of the ski resorts located outside the city. Doesn't matter if you're an expert skier or just a novice—there's something for everyone at these four popular ski resorts hand-selected for your enjoyment.


1) Fengyu Zhuangyuan Ski ResortView In Map
Located high in the mountains, Fengyu Zhuangyuan is Xi'an's only true alpine ski resort. Here you can glide down one of two courses on skis, inner tubes, or plastic discs built for two. Fengyu Zhuangyuan doesn't have the biggest or the toughest slopes around, so you may be disappointed if you came looking to show off your skills. For that reason it may be best for beginners; try hiring an instructor for 100 RMB per hour per person to get you started.

Add: Fengyu Zhuangyuan Ski Resort, Xiwan Gonglu (Fengyu Kou), Chang'an District, Xi'an
地址:西安市长安区西万公路(沣峪口), 沣峪庄园滑雪场
Tel: 029 8592 0256; 8762 8283
Opening hours: 8:30-15:30
Price: 15 RMB (park admission), 5 RMB (insurance), 200 RMB (deposit)
Ski passes (Mon-Thu): 60 RMB (1 hour), 100 RMB (2 hours), 130 RMB (3 hours), 160 RMB (4 hours), 200 RMB (full day)
Ski passes (weekend and holiday): 80 RMB (1 hour), 120 RMB (2 hours), 150 RMB (3 hours), 180 RMB (4 hours), 220 RMB (full day)
Getting there: from Xi'an Shuisi Bus Station (西安水司汽车站) take bus No. 921 to Fengyu Kou (沣峪口), then hail a van to the ski resort. Or from the east side of Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square (大雁塔北广场东侧) take tourist bus No. 1 (operating on weekends and holidays) to Fengyu Kou (沣峪口), then hail a van to the ski resort. Or, if you book one day in advance, you can take the direct shuttle to the ski resort from the east gate of Shaanxi Provincial Stadium (省体育场东门) for 25 RMB.

2) Bailuyuan Ski ResortView In Map
Bailuyuan is just a hop, ski(p), and a jump away from the city, making it the most convenient large-scale ski option for Xi'an residents. Bailuyuan also has two slopes, one for skiing and one for snowboarding, plus a dedicated zone for inner tubing and a children's play area. They've even got special ski gear on hand for children aged 2-12.

Add: Bailuyuan Ski Resort, southeast of Textile City, Gaoxin District, Xi'an
地址:西安市高新区纺织城东南, 白鹿原滑雪场
Tel: 029 8541 1178
Opening hours: starting Dec 20, 8:00-24:00
Price: 20 RMB (park admission), 138 RMB (ski pass, full day, weekdays), 168 RMB (ski pass, full day, weekends and holidays)
Clothing rental: 30 RMB
Getting there: take bus No. 240 to Xi'an Aviation Tourism College (西安航空旅游学院) 

3) Cuihua Shan Ski ResortView In Map
Cuihua Shan is not just Xi'an's only all-natural ski resort; it's also the largest and most professional (all ski gear for rent is imported from Austria) ski resort in Shaanxi Province. In addition to skiing, you can also try your hand (or bottom) at sledding and tubing, or hire one of their more than 30 professional ski instructors.

Add: Cuihua Shan Ski Resort, Cuihua Shan, Taiyigong, Chang'an District, Xi'an
地址:西安市长安区太乙宫翠华山, 翠华山滑雪场
Tel: 029 8565 7828; 137 0929 8586
Opening hours: 8:30-18:30
Ski passes (Mon-Fri): 80 RMB (1 hour), 140 RMB (2 hours), 180 RMB (3 hours), 220 RMB (4 hours), 300 RMB (full day)
Ski passes (weekend): 100 RMB (1 hour), 180 RMB (2 hours), 220 RMB (3 hours), 280 RMB (4 hours), 380 RMB (full day)
Ski passes (holiday): 120 RMB (1 hour), 220 RMB (2 hours), 300 RMB (3 hours), 380 RMB (4 hours), 480 RMB (full day)
Clothing rental: 30 RMB
Getting there: from Xi'an Railway Station (西安火车站) take bus No. 600, 603 to the TV tower (电视塔), then take the Jiangjiazhai-Cuihuashan 905 (蒋家寨—翠华山905路) tourist line to Cuihua Shan Tourist Bus Station (翠华山旅游车站)

4) Tongchuan Yuhuagong Ski ResortView In Map
Located in the midst of a forest in the neighboring city of Tongchuan, Tongchuan Yuhuagong Ski Resort is one of the largest and most beautiful places to ski in China's northwest region. The area is well-known for its ice and snow activities throughout the winter months, including building snowmen, ice sculptures, and ice lanterns.

Add: Tongchuan Yuhuagong Ski Resort, Yuhua Village, Yuhua Township, northwestern outskirts of Tongchuan City
地址:铜川市西北郊玉华镇玉华村, 铜川玉华宫滑雪场
Tel: 919 7586 011; 139 9292 5692
Opening hours: 8:00-18:00
Price: 41 RMB (Yuhuagong admission), 5 RMB (ski admission), 100 RMB (ski pass, 1 hour), 160 RMB (ski pass, 2 hours), 400 RMB (ski pass, full day), 500 RMB (deposit on ski gear)
Getting there: take a long-distance bus from Xi'an Railway Station (西安火车站) or Chengbei (North) Coach Station (城北客运站) to Tongchuan (铜川), then from Tongchuan Beiguan Bus Station (铜川北关汽车站) take tourist bus No. 3 to Yuhuagong (玉华宫)

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