Introducing the Most Popular Nightlife Spots in Xi’an

Introducing the Most Popular Nightlife Spots in Xi’an
By Sam Elliot ,

Going to the same place repetitively can get old, but one of the great things about Xi’an is that it offers a huge variety in bars, clubs, and hangouts. So next time you get the urge to hit the town for a night out, take the time to consider what you’re looking for: to meet new friends, relax with the ones you already have, dance until you’re sore, or venture to a spot out of the usual expat hangouts. Here are just a couple of visit-worthy nightlife hangouts in Xi’an.

1) Park Qin View In Map
Park Qin is the name of the bar downstairs, but the entire vicinity (hostel and Traveler’s Café) is a great place to hang out. You can get an 8 RMB bottle of Hans beer and pizza that will remind you of home at the Traveller’s Café for dinner, then head downstairs for the bar atmosphere. The bar itself resembles a hipster version of Xi’an, complete with a few life-size terracotta warriors. There are lots of tables and comfortable chairs scattered about, and they’re usually filled with people listening to the live band and mingling. The staff is friendly and the cocktails are reasonably priced. If cocktails aren’t your cup of tea then you can grab a beer, munch on the free table snacks, or grab some buddies and try the “DayanTa”. It’s a flaming tower of different alcohols that are both effective and fun. They also have a weekly beer pong tournament if you’re missing your college days or want to try the game. Lastly, since the building is part of a hostel, it’s a great place to meet up with other foreigners, both travellers and those living in the city. 

Add: A-2 Shuncheng West Alley (inside the South City Gate), Beilin District, Xi'an
Opening hours: Daily, 19:30-03:00
Tel: 029 8728 0092  
Getting there: Head south from the Bell Tower and when you get to the wall take the last right before going under the wall’s archway

2) Vice Versa View In Map
Smaller than Park Qin, but if you’re looking for a good place to hang out with friends, it’s a great spot. The drinks are a little more expensive, but they have some nice deals that are full potency. The “Mexican Standoff” is a Corona, lime included, and tequila shot for 30 RMB. In the bar there’s a nice stage where they have bands come in to perform, and because it’s a smaller place it’s a lot more intimate. If you do want a break from the music or just some fresh air, you can continue up the stairs to the rooftop.

Add: 9 Xianning Xuexiang, Wenchangmen, Beilin District, Xi’an
Opening hours: 19:00-late
Tel: 135 7253 0863
Getting there: Head east from the Bell Tower. Turn right at the first major intersection and walk down until you see the city wall. Before you exit under the wall take a right. Head down the first small street you see. Vice Versa will be on the right side

3) Salsa View In Map
If you want to dance, Salsa is the place to go. It’s a two-story club complete with a dance floor and a couple of stages where the club’s dancers perform. The girl’s dance to the music the DJ plays, but they also have choreographed routines that they perform. Another great thing about Salsa is that you’ll know some of the songs they’re playing. The DJ does a good job of mixing in both Chinese and English songs. If you get a chance, try and catch one of Salsa’s parties. They have themed evenings that they go all out for. But, while they are a lot of fun, prepare for a sea of people on the dance floor. Be proactive about watching your things and leave your belongings at the bag check.

Add: 7F, Parkson Mall, 107 Xidajie, Lianhu District, Xi’an
Opening hours: Daily, 20:00-05:00
Tel: 029 8728 6666
Getting there: Head west from the Bell Tower. Salsa will be on your right at the first big intersection past the Muslim Quarter

4) 3 Carats View In Map
3 Carats can be placed in the gray area between bar and club. It has a good set up for chatting with friends, then going to dance on the stage. Be prepared though, if you are a dancing fiend, you are going to be kicked off at certain points for the band and/or dance performances that the venue puts on. Individually drinks can get pricey, but the group deals where you buy a bottle of a selected alcohol, mixers, and a fruit platter are a good deal.

Add: 2F, Golden Century Plaza, 26 Fenxiang, Nan Dajie, Lianhu District, Xi’an
Opening hours: 20:00-03:00
Tel: 029 8501 0003
Getting there: Go south away from the Bell Tower on the right side of the street. When you see the club Fantasy, turn right onto the little street. 3 Carats will be on your left side on the second floor. You’ll need to go up an elevator to get inside

5) East Gate Barbeque
If you want to venture off the beaten path then you need to try this place. It’s a giant open-air barbeque shopping mall of sorts. You must pick up a re-chargeable card at the main stand which then allows you choose from a huge assortment of food stands. The food is everything from your usual meat on sticks, to fried grasshoppers and duck wrapped pancakes. Everything is mouth-wateringly good, and it can be accompanied by either a single beer or the purchase of a giant container that can fill about eight glasses. While it may sound like a nice place for dinner, and it is, it’s also a place you could spend the entire evening chatting with friends, and if you are foreign you’ll probably be one of the only ones there.  

Add: 268 Dongguanzheng Jie, Beilin District, Xi’an
Opening hours: 16:30-late
Getting there: take bus No. 27, 37, 102, 300, 602, 604, 709, 714, 715, 903, k8, k43, k203, k300, k630 or k709 to Jishiguai (鸡市拐) stop 

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I am in complete agreement with Guest2630374. There is no other way to put it other than that Xi'an is a dull... dull.... dull... dull... dull city. By the way, did I mention it is dull? I speak with much more experience than Guest2630374, however, having actually lived/worked in Xi'an for six years now, I can safely say, Xi'an is by far the most boring city I've visited in China (and I have been to a lot of them). Sure, a provincial inland city is never going to be anywhere near as interesting as "global cities" like Shanghai or Hong Kong (just to name a couple in/near China), but it also falls far short in comparison with other inland cities like Chengdu. Just as an unscientific means of displaying that difference, go to just about any dating website, be it Chinese or western. You will see Chengdu (for example) has hundreds of girls listed (ya... I'm a guy), while Xi'an will have 4 or 5. The problem is that Xi'an is simply a large provincial "village". It is so backwards and conservative you will not believe it (right down to the "local villagers" spitting on the street). Sure... it has a population of over 8 million... but it's a population of uncouth uncivilized "hicks". They are loud and dirty. There's no nice way to put it. From a different perspective, we might judge cities as being "fun" by the many public festivals they have. While the Germans have this down to a fine art (I think they probably have "Tuesday Fest" in Germany, just because any day is good enough to celebrate), there are absolutely NO festivals in Xi'an. Another pleasant feature "interesting" cities have is an nice river winding through them or have some nice large lakes (or "gasp" even an ocean shore). Xi'an has NONE of the above .... zip! (It has a couple of piddly little "streams" but nothing near the city center.) "Totally landlocked" is what you get in Xi'an. Some people rave about the Terra Cotta Warriors... and sure, they are OK... But seeing them once is enough to last a lifetime. It's rather like viewing the Grand Canyon for the first time... After about 5 minutes, all you can think is "Yup.... that's a pretty big hole in the ground", then it's time to move on. The city wall is certainly impressive as well... But like the warriors, a few times there and you will cease to be impressed any further. I do chuckle at my Chinese friends here who say, "Oh Xi'an is so exciting because of the history here", to which I reply,"Well, it's great that Xi'an was the largest city in the world in a.d. 1000 .... but what does it have to offer today?" The isolation of Xi'an makes it almost unbearable. Even other Chinese cities are just so darned far away. OK... I would be remiss were I not to address the question, "If it is so horrible, why have I lived here for six years". That is a fair question. The answer is that I have a really great job. I fell into a "cushy" position when I first got here, working an obscenely few hours a week (for full-time salary). My work is also very satisfying. My employer and colleagues also are very appreciative. I also must admit I have met some really great locals here. Additionally, the food here in Xi'an is the best (to my tastes) of any I have had anywhere ... bar none. But I would go absolutely bonkers were I to spend 12 months a year here. I'm lucky in that I get 3 months off during the summers to return to my beloved Germany (and other EU countries) to "detox" from 9 months of provincial Xi'an. I digress, however. ... Just be assured that if you are looking for "nightlife and adventure" or any other modern cultural pastimes, look elsewhere other than Xi'an. ... Don't say you were not warned. (Pardon the double negative.)

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Second time to Xi'an and the last time I was tied up with business people so I didn't get a chance to check out nightlife beyond a few restaurants. Maybe if I had done, I wouldn't have come back here for pleasure. The bars here are mostly just glorified restaurants. A bit like san li tun in beijing. Think boring unless you have lots of friends with you. If you're solo, go somewhere else for nightlife. There are lots of pretty females here (possibly as good as chongqing) but after traveling to 60+ cities in china, I have to rank this as the worst of all chinese cities to party. Beijing used to take that position but Xi'an trounces it. If you're an expat and can't speak any chinese then beijing is an ok option as long as you're ok with picking up hookers. But if you know some chinese and want to venture out then almost anywhere will be better than beijing or shanghai - and now I can definitely Xi'an to the axis of crap nightlife evil. But Xi'an is great for everything else apart from nightlife and the warriors are breathtaking. Even though I did get laid, it wasn't a result of the nightlife and it would take a lot to get me to come here again.

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