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Revel’s World of Shakespeare in Chongqing October 17-18

Joseph Graves’ critically acclaimed one man show, Revels’ World of Shakespeare, which draws on his own experiences of attending English classes at the Chelsea School for Boys under the tyrannical tutelage of professor Clive T Revel, is coming to Chongqing. Read more>>

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Kenny G in Chongqing September 6 HOT

On September 6, Kenny G will take the stage in Chongqing. Famous for “Going Home”, which anyone living in China has undoubtedly heard everytime they have been kicked out of the subway, a restaurant or a shopping center, the saxophonist will return to China...... Read More>>

Flights from Chongqing to Colombo, Sri Lanka from July HOT

From July 1, Sri Lanka Airlines will be offering direct flights from Chongqing to the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka. There will be one flight a week, flying every Tuesday with the Airbus 320. ... Read More>>

Chongqing Airport Now Offers Free WIFI HOT

Chongqing International Airport has been undergoing a few renovations, with one of them being that you can now get free WIFI for up to 15 hours. ... Read More>>

Foreign National Caught Smuggling 1,503 Grams of Cocaine into Chongqing HOT

On April 13, Chongqing customs officials seized a foreigner who was attempting to smuggle drugs ‘internally’. Whilst performing security checks on an incoming flight from Singapore, airport security officers detained a South American man who was found to ...... Read More>>

IKEA to Open in Chongqing March 27 HOT

On March 27, a colossal 45,000㎡ IKEA will open its doors in Chongqing. However, if you want an advanced look at the shopping possibilities inside from Feb 1 to March 21 you can. ... Read More>>

Guiguisuisui Playing at Nuts Live House, Chongqing, on Feb 21 HOT

Guiguisuisui is a one man band comprising of Dan Gaymer who started making dark garage blues in the frozen north of China, or more specifically Changchun, in 2012.... Read More>>

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These: “Chocolate Dream Park” Begins December 30 HOT

China’s first chocolate large-scale culturally themed creative venture – “the World Chocolate Dream Park” – will be open to the public on December 30 at the Locajoy theme park. ... Read More>>

Sichuan Airlines to Open Chongqing to Sydney Route Dec 20 HOT

On December 20, Sichuan Airlines will open a new flight route between Chongqing and Sydney and special deals will be available for a limited time to celebrate the inauguration of the route. ... Read More>>

Chongqing Introduces 72-Hour Visa Waiver; Applies to 45 Nationalities HOT

On October 27, the State Council ratified a new 72-hour visa waiver in Chongqing. The waiver applies to nationals from 45 different countries and is available to those travelling onwards to a third country. ... Read More>>

Famous Spanish Magician Yunke to Perform November 5-6 in Chongqing HOT

Famous Spanish Magician Yunke, will be performing on November 5-6 at the Chongqing Grand Theater. The specialty of Yunke’s act is to disappear and reappear in front of the audience as well as to perform other illusions. ... Read More>>

Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra Performs in Chongqing Oct 11 HOT

The National Arts Centre Orchestra from Canada will perform at the Chongqing Grand Theatre on October 11. Over its 41-year history, the Orchestra has performed for audiences in hundreds of venues around the world. ... Read More>>

20% Discount on Tickets for Chongqing’s 21 Scenic Spots HOT

Over the October holiday (Oct 1 – 7) you can visit Chongqing’s 21 scenic spots for a little bit cheaper. ... Read More>>

Direct Flights from Chongqing to LA Available Since Aug 20 HOT

China Eastern Airlines opened a new “direct” flight route from Chongqing to Los Angeles on August 20. ... Read More>>

Train Journey Times from Chongqing to Major Cities Cut Dramatically HOT

On June 30, the city of Lichuan, Hubei, was added to the Shanghai-Wuhan-Chongqing-Chengdu railway channel, which will cut down journey times from Chongqing to various major cities dramatically. ... Read More>>

Listen to Great Music at 2013 Chongqing World Music Week June 15-16 HOT

Music fans in Chongqing are in for a special treat this June. Chongqing World Music Week takes place at Nuts Club on June 15 and 16, bringing audiences live music from India, Tuva (near Mongolia), France and China. ... Read More>>

Indie Rockers Queen Sea Big Shark Rock Chongqing Apr 5 HOT

Beijing electro-rock band Queen Sea Big Shark will perform at Chongqing’s Nuts Club on April 5. ... Read More>>

Taiwanese Dance Troupe Performs in Chongqing Mar 29-30 HOT

Taiwanese dance group Cloud Gate will perform their version of “Nine Songs” at the Chongqing Grand Theater on March 29 and 30. ... Read More>>

Beijing’s Nova Heart Performs in Chongqing Mar 24 HOT

Beijing indie-electro band Nova Heart are set to play a gig at Chongqing’s Nuts Club on March 24. ... Read More>>

Taiwanese Expat Band Squids Perform in Chongqing Mar 15 HOT

Popular expat band Squids will perform at Chongqing’s Nuts club on March 15. ... Read More>>

DJ Conrank Spins the Decks in Chonqing Mar 2 HOT

British Dubstep artist DJ Conrank will play a set at Chongqing’s Nuts Club on March 2. ... Read More>>

French DJ Oshi in Chongqing Feb 23 HOT

French DJ Oshi is set to spin the decks at Chongqing’s Nuts Club on February 23. ... Read More>>

“Spring Festival Eve” Party in Chongqing Feb 9 HOT

Chongqing’s Nuts Club will hold a “Spring Festival Eve” party on February 9. ... Read More>>

Spring Festival Fair in Chongqing Jan 24-Feb 4 HOT

Chongqing will host a Spring Festival Fair at the Nanping International Exhibition Center from January 24 to February 4. ... Read More>>

Yang Liping’s Dance Performance “The Peacock” in Chonging Jan 30 HOT

Yang Liping's "The Peacock" will be performed at Chongqing Grand Theatre January 30.... Read More>>

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