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Xining 2014 Lantern Festival Taking Place Jan 23 – Feb 14 HOT

If you are in Xining over the festive period, check out the Lantern festival being held at the People’s park January 23 – February 14. The park will be filled with…no, guess. I bet you can’t…yes lanterns, thousands of them. How in the world did you know? ...... Read More>>

Xining Opens Four More Trains to Lhasa in March HOT

To meet the demands of the increased passenger flow into Tibet during the upcoming travel season, the Xining-Lhasa Rail Company has added four more trains to its March timetable. ... Read More>>

Qinghai Launches Tourism Complaints Hotline for Spring Festival Period HOT

In a response to the heavy demands of the long Spring Festival break, Qinghai has launched a 24-hour complaint and advice hotline in various areas across the province. ... Read More>>

Xining to Hold 8th Ice Lantern Show from Feb 1 HOT

Xining is set to begin its 8th annual lantern festival at the People’s Park between February 2-28. ... Read More>>

Rock Band Tong Dang in Xining Jan 11 HOT

Popular Chengdu rock band Tong Dang will perform at Xining’s Nanqiang Shengyin Warehouse on January 11. ... Read More>>

New Year’s Eve Rock Concert in Xining HOT

A “Farewell 2012” New Year’s Eve rock concert will be held at Xining’s Nanqiang Shenyin Warehouse on December 31. The event will feature performances by Gua (挂乐队), Noise Gate (躁音门), The Lemonheads (柠檬头) and TOAD.When: Dec 31, 20:00 Where: ...... Read More>>

“Race Around the City” in Xining on Jan 1 HOT

Xining’s 40th annual “New Year’s Day Race Around the City” will be held on January 1. The starting line for the various races is in front of the north square of the Xining Stadium. The event includes individual and group games, as well as running and ...... Read More>>

Xining’s Kumbum Monastery Becomes National 5A Class Tourist Attraction HOT

On November 26, the National Tourism Administration named Xining’s Kumbum Monastery a national 5A class tourist attraction. This is Qinghai Province’s second National 5A site, following Qinghai Lake last year. Opening hours: 08:00-17:00 Website: ...... Read More>>

New Xining-Haikou Flight Route Now Open HOT

A new Capital Airlines flight route from Xining to Haikou recently opened. The flight leaves every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from Haikou at 13:20, arrives in Guiyang at 14:55, leaves again at 15:35, and arrives in Xining at 17:20. The return flight ...... Read More>>

New Direct Xining-Sanya Flight Now Open HOT

A new flight from Xining to Sanya, operated by China Eastern Airlines, has opened, marking the first direct flight in the history of the two cities. The flight will leave daily from Xining's Caojiabao airport at 8:10, arrives in Sanya at 11:20, departs ...... Read More>>

New Nanchang Flight Routes to Yinchuan and Xining Open Oct 28

China Eastern Airlines recently announced the opening of a Xining-Sanya flight route on October 28. The Xining-Sanya flight route (MU2253/4) operates daily, departing Xining at 08:10 and arriving in Sanya at 11:20.The return flight departs Sanya at 12:20 ...... Read More>>

k9812 Train from Lhasa to Xining Now Closed HOT

Now that passenger volume has returned to normal, the k9812 train from Lhasa to Xining, which originally opened to help alleviate travel congestion from Lhasa to other parts of the mainland, has closed all operations. See also: Qinghai Opens First Direct ...... Read More>>

Qinghai Opens First Direct Tourist Bus Route to Qinghai Lake HOT

September 2 marked the official opening of the first direct tourist bus from downtown Xining to Qinghai Lake’s Erlangjian Scenic Area (西宁-青海湖二郎剑景区). Eight buses depart daily from Xining’s Bayi Lu Bus Station (八一路汽车站). The trip ...... Read More>>

Xining Voted 5th Best Summer Getaway City HOT

On July 9, the Asia Pacific Environmental Protection Association, the China Institute of City Competitiveness, China City Travel Magazine, and other organizations elected Xining as the 5th best "2012 China Summer Vacation Getaway City". The four ...... Read More>>

Moscow Nikulin Circus Coming to Xining July 27-August 26 HOT

The Moscow Nikulin Circus, one of the world’s most famous circus acts, will be at Xining’s People’s Park from July 27 to August 26. The show brings viewers back to the 18th century with dog acts, hula-hoop performances, and first-rate ...... Read More>>

Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Wild Life Garden Ranked 4A Tourist Attraction HOT

On May 30, the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Wild Life Garden held a signboard inauguration ceremony to celebrate its new 4A tourist attraction rating. A one-month Tibetan Mastiffs culture event is concurrently being held, with pictures of over 20 Tibetan ...... Read More>>

Xining’s First Pizza Hut Opened on June 4 HOT

Xining's first Pizza Hut held its opening ceremony on June 4 at Wangfujing. Construction of the chain restaurant began at the beginning of 2012 and on April 21 a trial operation was carried out. By June 3, the number of customers had already surpassed ...... Read More>>

New Xining-Lhasa Train Hits the Rails HOT

A new Lhasa-bound train (L9815/6) is now available for travellers at Xining West Station. The train departs from Xining West Station at 19:22 and arrives in Lhasa the next day at 18:30; the return journey departs Lhasa at 12:05 and arrives back in Xining at ...... Read More>>

Xining-Qingdao and Xining-Hangzhou Flights Opens on May 15 HOT

Shandong Airlines will open a daily Xining-Qingdao flight on May 15. The flight SC4697/4698 departs from Qingdao at 7:00, lands in Xi’an at 8:55 and arrives in Xining at 11:05. The return flight departs from Xining at 12:00, arrives in Xi’an at ...... Read More>>

Xiamen Airlines Opens New Fuzhou-Chongqing-Xining Route on May 15th HOT

Xiamen Airlines will open a new route between Fuzhou, Chongqing and Xining on May 15th. The flight (MF8273/4) will operate once a day, seven days a week. The flight departs from Fuzhou at 10:30, arrives in Chongqing at 12:55, departs Chongqing at 13:34 and ...... Read More>>

Xining Airport to Qinghai Hotel Airport Bus Route Opens HOT

The Xining Airport recently opened a Qinghai Hotel - Caojiabao Airport (青海宾馆-曹家堡机场) bus route. The new bus route joins the previous Super Leisure Hotel - Caojiabao Airport (舒泊莱雁小酒店-曹家堡机场) bus route. Both routes have greatly reduced ...... Read More>>

Dalian-Ordos-Xining Flight Route Opens HOT

On April 13th, Hainan Airlines opened a Dalian-Ordos-Xining flight route. Flights are scheduled for every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, departing from Dalian at 07:30, arriving in Ordos at 09:20, departing from Ordos at 10:10 and arriving in Xining at ...... Read More>>

New Xiamen-Zhengzhou-Xining Flight Route Opens HOT

On March 26th, Xiamen Airlines opened a new daily Xiamen-Zhengzhou-Xining flight route. The flight departs from Xiamen at 12:30, arrives in Zhengzhou at 14:35, departs from Zhengzhou at 15:35 and arrives in Xining at 17:15. The return flight departs from ...... Read More>>

New Morning Flight Route from Xining to Beijing Opened HOT

On March 5th, a new flight route from Xining to Beijing was opened. Previously, no morning flights operated between Xining and Beijing, and this new flight has filled a void in Xining Airport’s departure schedule. Under the new schedule, two return ...... Read More>>

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