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Longfeng Wetland Park in Daqing to Open to Public October 1 HOT

The Longfeng Wetland Park in the city of Daqing is scheduled to open to the public on October 1. Tourists can visit the wetland museum, a wetland theme park, Dragon Island. ... Read More>>

2013 China International Beer Festival Comes to Daqing Jul 12-26 HOT

The 2013 China International Beer Festival will be coming to Daqing from July 12-26, and will be held at the Manhaway Hotel. ... Read More>>

Daqing to Sanya Flight Closes on Mar 17 HOT

Flights from Daqing to Sanya will cease operation from March 17. ... Read More>>

Flights from Daqing Heavily Discounted Feb 28-Mar 7 HOT

Flights from Daqing will be heavily discounted from February 28 to March 7. ... Read More>>

Daqing Lantern Festival Takes Place Feb 6-24 HOT

The Daqing Lantern Festival will take place at the city’s Times Square as well as the Tieren and Wanda Plazas from February 6-24.... Read More>>

New Express Bus Route Opens in Daqing HOT

The No. 2 Express bus line commenced operations in Daqing on January 7. ... Read More>>

1st Daqing Snow & Hot Springs Festival Opens HOT

The 1st China (Daqing) Snow & Hot Spring Festival opened in Lindian County on December 20.... Read More>>

Daqing Implements New Train Schedule Starting Dec 7 HOT

From midnight on December 7 onwards, Daqing Train Station will begin using a new schedule that affects the departure times of 25 trains. The K40 from Qiqihar to Beijing, which originally departed at 10:14, will now depart at 10:36. However, the ...... Read More>>

Daqing-Sanya Flight Route Resumes Operations Dec 11 HOT

China Southern Airlines will resume its Daqing-Sanya flight route on December 11. Departing flights operates every Tuesday and Saturday, leaving Daqing Airport at 07:35 for a layover in Dalian, and arriving in Sanya at 15:05. Return flights operate every ...... Read More>>

Second Flight Route from Daqing to Shanghai Open Since Oct 30 HOT

Shanghai Airlines has announced that a second flight route from Daqing to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport began operating on October 30. The flight operates every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, departing from Shanghai Hongqiao at 7:20, arriving in Qingdao at ...... Read More>>

Daqing-Harbin Express Trains Begin Operations on Oct 20 HOT

Three weekend express trains from Daqing to Harbin will begin operating from October 20 onwards. These new trains—T5203/T5204, T5205/T5206 and T5207 /T5208—will not make any stops in between and only soft seats will be available. Tickets from ...... Read More>>

Folk Art Exhibition to be Held in Daqing from Oct 1-7 HOT

The first ever Daqing Folk Art Exhibition will be held at the Baihu Film and Television Expo Center (百湖影视会展中心) from October 1-7. Work from over 180 artists from all over China will be on display, including works with jade, pearls, ceramics, books, ...... Read More>>

Daqing Olympic Park Stadium Construction Nears Completion HOT

Local authorities recently announced that the Daqing Olympic Park Stadium project has just entered the final stage of construction, and will hopefully be complete by October 2012. The stadium is modeled after a traditional woven flower basket, hence the ...... Read More>>

Schedule Change to Daqing-Harbin Airport Shuttle Services HOT

The departure schedule of shuttle buses between Daqing and Harbin was adjusted on August 20. From now on, buses heading to Harbin Airport depart from Daqing at the following times: 5:00, 7:00, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 14:00. Furthermore, bus ...... Read More>>

First Daqing Grassland Music Festival to Be Held August 25 HOT

The first ever Daqing Grassland Music Festival will be held August 25 at the Yinlang Muchang (银浪牧场). The 200,000 square meter festival grounds will host a 500 square meter stage and feature local Daqing bands and well-known domestic bands and DJs. A ...... Read More>>

Daqing Adds 2 Summer Trains to Shanhaiguan HOT

Two new trains from Daqing to Shanhaiguan will run during the summer months. The L10 train will run from July 9 to September 1. The train departs from Daqing at 10:55 and arrives in Shanhaiguan the next day at 5:24. The L9 train will run from July 8 to ...... Read More>>

Daqing Children’s Park Builds 108 Rides after Re-Opening HOT

On July 6, Daqing Children's Park re-opened with the addition of 108 new rides and games. "Surprised Shouting," "Perfect Storm," and "Take Off" are three of the many unique rides in the Heilongjiang park. In addition, there is ...... Read More>>

Daqing to Open Daqing-Dalian-Nanjing Flight Route on July 3 HOT

Daqing Airport plans to open a Daqing-Dalian-Nanjing flight route on July 3, run by China Eastern Airlines. The flight will take off from Nanjing on Tuesdays and Fridays at 17:05 and arrive in Dalian at 18:45. The plane will then depart from Dalian at 19:30 ...... Read More>>

Daqing’s Minghu Waterpark Re-opens for the Summer HOT

The Minghu Waterpark in Daqing re-opened for the summer on June 1. To promote the opening, a number of boat rides will be free of charge from June 1-3. The park’s main attractions include hand steered boats, foot pedal boats, sailing boats and speed ...... Read More>>

New Express Bus Opens in Dongcheng and Xicheng Districts HOT

A new express bus line opened on April 26th in Dongcheng and Xicheng districts in Daqing. The express bus starts out at the Main Terminal Station in Dongcheng District and terminates at the Economic Development Zone Station in Xicheng District Station. The ...... Read More>>

Beiguo Hot Springs (Lindian County) Named a National 4A Scenic Spot in Daqing HOT

On April 6th, it was announced that the Beiguo Hot Springs in the Lindian County outside of Daqing has been named a national 4A scenic spot. The hot springs are located about an hour outside of the city. Daqing now boasts three national 4A scenic spots (the ...... Read More>>

Check out Ice Lanterns and Ice Sculptures this Winter in Daqing HOT

Over 70 Ice lanterns are being set up on Daqing's street corners this weekend in celebration of the New Year. An additional 43 snow and ice sculptures also being built around Daqing. In particular, a 10 metre tall "abstract peace dove" sculpture ...... Read More>>

Wanda Plaza and Sheraton Hotel Open in Daqing HOT

On November 25th, Daqing Salto Wanda Plaza and the Sheraton Hotel held a grand opening ceremony. With a total investment of over 3 billion RMB, the plaza is a comprehensive business centre integrating shopping, leisure, catering and entertainment. It ...... Read More>>

Daqing Airport’s Expansion Project Passes Inspection HOT

Daqing Sa’ertu Airport’s expansion project successfully passed its inspections on October 26th, and the airport’s capacity has now been officially upgraded. According to a report, the “flight zone” of Daqing Sa’ertu ...... Read More>>

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