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Shanghai Spring Airlines Launches Flight Between Shijiazhuang and Seoul HOT

Shanghai Spring Airlines launches direct flight Shijiazhuang to Seoul twice a week ... Read More>>

Direct Flights Shijiazhuang-Daegu, South Korea Now Available HOT

Direct flights from Shijiazhyang- Daegu in South Korea are now available from budget airline T’Way Air. ... Read More>>

Starlight International Music Festival Held in Shijiazhuang Oct 1-3 HOT

Shijiazhuang is playing host to the first Starlight International Music Festival this coming October holiday. Follow the sounds of the music through the city to Hebei Provincial Garden Expo from October 1 – 3. ... Read More>>

Shijiazhuang Airport to Open Flights to Seoul and Busan April 5 HOT

New flights from Shijiazhuang to Seoul and Busan in South Korea will begin operations on April 5. ... Read More>>

Shijiazhuang-Sanya Flight Opens HOT

Hebei Airlines opened a new Shijiazhuang-Hangzhou-Sanya daily flight on February 18. ... Read More>>

Temple Fair Held in Shijiazhuang Feb 12-19 HOT

The 6th Shijiazhuang Spring Festival Temple Fair will be held at various spots around the city from February 12-19. ... Read More>>

Ice-skating Rink Opens in Shijiazhuang HOT

A natural ice skating rink was recently opened in Shijiazhuang’s Hutuohe Scenic Area. ... Read More>>

Shijiazhuang-Bangkok Flight Route Opens HOT

On January 2, Shijiazhuang International Airport opened its first regular direct flight route to Bangkok, with flights scheduled for five-day intervals. ... Read More>>

New Shijiazhuang Railway Station Opens Dec 20 HOT

The new Shijiazhuang Railway Station will commence operations on December 20. For the first few days, it will be all slower trains coming and going, but the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail line will start up on December 26. In addition, the old station ...... Read More>>

Shijiazhuang Music Festival on Dec 16 HOT

Shijiazhuang’s 10th Rock Music Festival will be held at Honey Club on December 16. Ten bands are scheduled to perform, including The Assassin, Gum Bleed (牙龈出血), WEED and Witness (目击证人). Getting there: take bus No. 12, 45, 56 to Yuejin Lu ...... Read More>>

Shijiazhuang-Kunming Flight Route Opens Dec 1 HOT

Spring Airlines is opening a new daily flight from Shijiazhuang to Kunming on Dec 1. Flights depart from Shijiazhuang at 9:45 and arrive in Kunming at 12:30. Return flights depart Kunming at 13:30 and arrive in Shijiazhuang at 16:20. Currently Spring ...... Read More>>

Shijiazhuang Airport Opens Second Flight Route to Taiwan HOT

Mandarin Airlines opened a new Shijiazhuang-Taichung flight route, its second such flight route to Taiwan on Nov 2. Flights (AE7211/2) depart every Friday at 07:00 from Taichung and arrive in Shijiazhuang at 10:50. The return flight departs Shijiazhuang at ...... Read More>>

Jaywalking Pedestrians to be Fined 50 RMB in Shijiazhuang HOT

From October 23, a new set of rules have been implemented in Shijiazhuang which stipulate that pedestrians violating a number of traffic rules – including walking over red lights, not walking on the sidewalk, climbing over road barriers etc. – ...... Read More>>

Shijiazhuang-Haikou Flight Service to Open on Oct 28 HOT

A new flight connecting Shijiazhuang and Haikou will begin service on Oct 28. The Capital Airlines flight will leave daily from Baotou at 10:45, arrives in Shijiazhuang's Zhengding International Airport at 11:50, departs at 12:40 and finally arrives at ...... Read More>>

Reflector Celebrate 15 Years of Punk in Shijiazhuang on Nov 3 HOT

Punk band Reflector (反光镜乐队) is coming to Shijiazhuang’s Velvet Underground Art Club (地下丝绒文艺现场) on November 3. One of the biggest and most successful punk bands in mainland China and considered by many as the "the Godfathers of Chinese...... Read More>>

Yang Liping’s Dance Performance “The Peacock” in Shijiazhuang Oct 13 HOT

Yang Liping's "The Peacock" will be performed at Shijiazhuang's Hebei Provincial Arts Center Theatre on October 13. Yang Liping is China's most famous choreographer and dancer, who at the age of 54 is hailed for being a creative and independent ...... Read More>>

Shijiazhuang’s-Jiuzhaigou Valley Tourism Rail Line Opens on Oct 9 HOT

A new rail line from Shijiazhuang to popular tourist destination Jiuzhaigou Valley (九寨沟) in Sichuan is scheduled to open on October 9. The train for the first tourism group will depart from the Shijiazhuang Railway Station at 22:00 on October 9 and the ...... Read More>>

New Shijiazhuang-Yantai Flight Route Now Available HOT

Residents of Shijiazhuang can now conveniently get to the Yantai coastal area: Shandong Airlines opened a new Shijiazhuang-Yantai flight route on August 3 that runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The quick flight SC4813 departs from Yantai at ...... Read More>>

Multi-ethnic Rock Band “DUDE” Performs in Shijiazhuang August 4 HOT

Rock band Dude will be performing in Shijiazhuang on August 4. With members hailing from the U.S., France and China, the band has been performing for years in big live houses in Beijing and has attended large events such as the Midi Modern Music Festival, ...... Read More>>

Norwegian Band “Black Snakes” to Play in Shijiazhuang on July 7 HOT

The Norwegian band Black Snakes will perform on July 7 at Shijiazhuang 's Velvet Underground. Black Snakes is a European punk, retro and dance band that has been critically acclaimed since their breakout performance with the popular New York Dolls in April ...... Read More>>

Direct Flight From Shijiazhuang to Seoul Opens June 20 HOT

A direct flight between Shijiazhuang and the Korean capital Seoul will begin operating on June 20. The flight departs every Wednesday and Sunday. The Wednesday flight departs from Seoul at 17:30 and arrives in Shijiazhuang at 18:40; on the same day, a ...... Read More>>

First Flight from Hebei to Guiyang Opens June 17 HOT

The first flight route between Hebei and Guiyang will officially begin operating on June 17. The flight MU5641 takes four hours to reach Guiyang. It will depart daily at 15:20 from Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport, arrive in Xi'an at 16:55, ...... Read More>>

99 RMB Flights from Shijiazhuang to Hangzhou Available Until October HOT

From May 18th to October 27th, Spring Airlines is offering 99 RMB flights (exc. Taxes and surcharges) for the newly opened Shijiazhuang-Hangzhou route. The flight, 9C8551/2, operates once a day, departing from Shijiazhuang at 6.50 and arriving in Hangzhou ...... Read More>>

The 1st Hebei Garden Expo Opens on May 1st HOT

The opening ceremony of the 1st Hebei Garden Expo will take place on May 1st at the Garden Expo Park in Zhengding New District and will run until June 30th. Chengde Park will be the highlight of this Garden Expo, while Yanzhou Park, covering 12 hectares, ...... Read More>>

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