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Indie Heroes Queen Sea Big Shark to Rock Nanchang Mar 24 HOT

Queen Sea Big Shark will perform at Nanchang’s Black Iron Livehouse on March 24. ... Read More>>

Chinese Rock Band Reflector Perform in Nanchang Mar 15 HOT

Chinese rock band Reflector will perform at Nanchang’s Black Iron Livehouse on March 15. ... Read More>>

Irish Folk Musician John Carroll Performs in Nanchang Feb 19 HOT

Irish folk musician John Carroll will perform at Nanchang’s Heitie Livehouse on February 19 ... Read More>>

Nanchang Begins Testing “Carpool” Taxis HOT

In order to alleviate problems with finding a taxi in the city, Nanchang started testing a new “carpooling meter” in 10 taxis at the beginning of January. ... Read More>>

Russia’s Little Birch Tree Dance Troupe to Perform in Nanchang Jan 25-26 HOT

Russia’s Little Birch Tree Dance Troupe will perform at Nanchang’s Jiangxi Arts Centre on January 25-26. ... Read More>>

Johann Strauss Orchestra in Concert in Nanchang Jan 3 HOT

Vienna’s Johann Strauss Orchestra will perform a special New Year’s Concert at the Jiangxi Art Center in Nanchang on January 3. ... Read More>>

Manhattan Symphony Orchestra Performs in Nanchang Dec 31 HOT

The Manhattan Symphony Orchestra will perform a special “New Year's” Concert at the Jiangxi Arts Center on December 31. The orchestra was founded in 2005 and is led by conductor Gregory Singer. Since then, they have performed at Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln ...... Read More>>

Bollywood Musical “Taj Express” Staged in Nanchang Dec 19-20 HOT

The Bollywood musical hit "Taj Express" will be staged at Nanchang’s Jiangxi Arts Center from December 19-20. Taj Express tells the love story of a rich girl and a poor thief, and features the same authentic Indian music and dance that have ...... Read More>>

First “Free Wi-Fi” Enabled Taxis Hit the Streets in Nanchang HOT

On November 22, Jiangxi Taxi Company Ltd in Nanchang deployed the first 20 of its new "free Wi-Fi" taxis. Flag fall on these taxis is 8 RMB, and they can be identified by the "免费Wi-Fi" sticker on the window. To get online, patrons ...... Read More>>

American Ska Band Big D and the Kids Table Perform in Nanchang Nov 20 HOT

American ska band Big D and the Kids Table will perform at Nanchang’s Black Iron Livehouse on November 20. One of Boston’s biggest names in ska, Big D and the Kids Table has been playing together since 1995. In 2007, they teamed up with Chinese ...... Read More>>

24th Nanchang Chrysanthemum Exhibition Open Nov 5-25 HOT

Nanchang's 24th Chrysanthemum Exhibition will take place at the Honggutan Administrative Square from Nov 5-25. Spread over 25,000 square meters, this year's event will feature approximately one million chrysanthemum pots and over 100 different varieties of ...... Read More>>

Nanchang’s First Bilingual Bus Route Opens HOT

Nanchang's first bilingual bus route began operations on October 10. Bus No. 10/11 runs a circular route from Xinjia'an-Jiefang Lu (辛家庵途经解放路), Binggangshan Dadao (井冈山大道), Zhanqian Lu (站前路), Bayi Dadao (八一大道), Nanjing Xi Lu (南京西路), ...... Read More>>

New Nanchang Flight Routes to Yinchuan and Xining Open Oct 28 HOT

The Jiangxi branch office of China Eastern Airlines recently announced that two new Nanchang flight routes to Yinchuan and Xining will open on October 28. The Nanchang-Yinchuan flight route (MU2239/40) operates every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, ...... Read More>>

Argentinian Band Capitan Tifus to Perform in Nanchang on Oct 14 HOT

Argentinian rockers Capitan Tifus will perform at Nanchang’s Black Iron (黑铁) Livehouse on October 14. The band, which offers a unique blend of ska, reggae and Latin elements, will be performing songs off their new album E Viva!. Website: ...... Read More>>

Rock Group Zhaoze to Perform in Nanchang on Oct 11 HOT

Rock group Zhaoze will perform songs from their new album 1911 at Black Iron Livehouse (黑铁摇滚现场) in Nanchang on October 11. Zhaoze is one of China's foremost independent bands, bringing together art rock, post-rock, electronic and Chinese classical ...... Read More>>

7th Nanchang International Auto Show Takes Place Sept 21-24 HOT

The 7th Nanchang International Auto Show rolls into Nanchang from September 21-24. Held at the Nanchang International Exhibition Center, the event will be spread over 65,000 square meters and will be organized into five indoor sections as well as a large ...... Read More>>

Nanchang’s First H&M Store to Open August 24 HOT

Nanchang's first H&M store is set to open in Honggutan Wanda Plaza on August 24. H&M, a Swedish fashion company, is Europe’s largest clothing retailer, with more than 1,500 stores in 28 countries around the world. Getting there: take bus No. ...... Read More>>

Nanchang’s First Starbucks to Open on August 8 HOT

Nanchang’s first Starbucks branch will open its doors on August 8 at Bayi Square. The CEO of Starbuck’s China Division will be there in person for the opening event. Starbucks plans to open six to eight stores in Nanchang within the year, with ...... Read More>>

Beijing Skateboard-Punk Band “Larry’s Pizza” Perform in Nanchang July 21 HOT

Beijing-based skateboard-punk band Larry's Pizza will perform at Nanchang's Black Iron Live House on July 21. The band was formed in October 2006 and brings a rock, skateboard-punk, melodic-punk, pop-punk style. The four man group features front man singer ...... Read More>>

Norwegian Band “Black Snakes” to Play in Nanchang on July 4 HOT

The Norwegian band Black Snakes will perform on July 4 at Nanchang's Black Iron Live House. Black Snakes is a European punk, retro and dance band that has been critically acclaimed since their breakout performance with the popular New York Dolls in April ...... Read More>>

Nanchang Classical Theater Hosts Dimitry 2012 Piano Concert June 9 HOT

The Dimitry 2012 Piano Concert will be staged at the Classical Theater in Nanchang on June 9. Dimitry Rachmanov is popular at major international festivals and has been hailed as "an elegant and talented pianist" by the New York Times. Ticketing ...... Read More>>

New Rule Allows No More than Three Flies in Nanchang’s Public Toilets HOT

A new rule in Beijing permitting no more than two flies in the city's public toilets has sparked fierce debate online and aroused much publicity. However, Beijing is not the only city to set new hygiene standards for public toilets; Nanchang's rules allow ...... Read More>>

Punk Band “The Argies” to Perform in Nanchang on May 11 HOT

Legendary Argentinian punk band “The Argies” is scheduled to perform at the Heitie Livehouse in Nanchang on May 11. Considered by many as “Argentina’s Clash”, The Argies have rocked stages throughout South America and Europe ...... Read More>>

Norwegian Band “Riots” to Perform in Nanchang May 3rd HOT

The Norwegian band “Riots” will perform at C-Lounge in Nanchang on May 3rd. Formerly known as Goldcrush, this band has existed in some form or another since around the turn of the century, over which time they have cultivated their sound, seen a ...... Read More>>

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