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Beijing Bars with a View: 6 Rooftop Bars in the Gulou Area HOT

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You either love or hate Beijing’s sweaty summer heat, but one aspect of summer that everyone enjoys is lounging on a rooftop bar in Beijing’s historic Gulou area while sipping on an ice cold beer or cocktail—just make sure to bring some mozzy spray! ... Read More>>

Taking a Splash with Style: The Best Water Parks in Beijing HOT

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Like almost any city in China during the summer, the heat in Beijing is pretty relentless. It’s best to embrace it however; and there’s no better way to do it than taking a splash in one of the city’s many water parks. ... Read More>>

Going Up! The Best Places for Rock Climbing in Beijing HOT

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Beijing has an array of extreme sports you can try at your hand at, one of these is rock climbing. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned climber, Beijing has a whole host of indoor and outdoor rock climbing areas to try. ... Read More>>

Drink Up! The Best Beer Bars and Microbreweries in Beijing HOT

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While Beijing’s beer culture is not quite on par with the United States and Europe just yet, a beer aficionado will however find a number of great beer bars and microbreweries in Beijing. Here are some of our favorites. ... Read More>>

Feeling Generous? Where to Donate Unwanted Items in Beijing HOT

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For those of you who are either planning on moving on or simply have too much clothes cluttering your closet, it’s always good to give something back. Beijing has many organizations that accept donations, so why not get generous! ... Read More>>

Run to the Hills! The Best Spots for Hiking in Beijing HOT

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Unbeknownst to some, Beijing’s surrounding landscape is dramatic and stunning, and for many hikers, a true paradise. Fancy breathing some fresh air for a change? Why not take a look through our guide to the best spots for hiking in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Dating in Beijing: Perks, Pitfalls and Tips HOT

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Dating in Beijing is hard, that’s a given. Factor in a smaller than usual support network and it is easy to see why many aspects of our lives get neglected in the megacity that is Beijing. ... Read More>>

When Nature Calls: A Guide to Beijing’s Cafes by Bathroom HOT

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If you are one of the many people who use coffee shops for several hours of studying or work, you might want to consider this question: What is the bathroom like? Here’s a list of some of Beijing’s coffee locations and explanations of how their bathrooms ...... Read More>>

Where to Go Strawberry Picking in Beijing HOT

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As the winter winds gradually disappear and temperatures begin to rise into double digits, there’s simply no better time to head to Beijing’s outskirts for some strawberry picking. From now until the end of May, strawberry fans can grab a basket and pick ...... Read More>>

From Bookstores to Curbs: Sourcing English Language Books in Beijing HOT

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Gone are the days when your best bet for picking up an English novel in Beijing was browsing through the limited selection at the Foreign Language Bookstore in Wangfujing. Beijing’s selection of English-language books is better than ever before! ... Read More>>

2013 Beijing Capital M Literary Festival: Book the Best Events Now! HOT

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For all you book lovers out there, the annual Capital M Literary Festival is about to kick off, with writers, poets, artists, and rock stars from China and abroad all getting involved. We take a look at the hottest events. ... Read More>>

Are You Having a Laugh?! Where to Find Beijing’s Best Stand-up Comedy HOT

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For all those bogged down with the stresses of city life, we’ve got the perfect solution: a night of stand-up comedy! Read our guide for tips on where to contract the worst case of giggles. ... Read More>>

A Breath of Fresh Air: Buying Anti-pollution Masks in Beijing HOT

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Beijing’s air is not going to markedly improve any time soon, so it makes sense to protect you and your family from the long-term health effects of air pollution. Read on to find out where to buy good-quality anti-pollution masks in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Spring Festival Fever: 2013 Temple Fairs in Beijing HOT

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Love them or hate them, Temple Fairs are a staple event in the annual festivities surrounding the Spring Festival. Embrace the madness and attend one of the temple fairs in Beijing this Spring Festival 2013! ... Read More>>

Game On: Sports Bars in Beijing HOT

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Looking for a bar to watch a live-screening of your favorite sport while indulging in a great selection of drinks and grub? This article introduces a few of Beijing’s most popular sports bars. ... Read More>>

New Year, New You: Taking Up a New Hobby in Beijing HOT

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Stuck in a rut? Why not take the New Year as an opportunity to start a new hobby? Just like any big city, Beijing is full of fun things to do. ... Read More>>

What Foreigners Need to Know about Beijing’s New 72-Hour Visa Rule HOT


From January 1, 2013, visitors stopping over in Beijing on transit will be allowed to stay in the city for up 72 hours visa-free. Here’s what you need to know. ... Read More>>

Hidden Gems: Ancient Culture Streets in Beijing HOT

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Beijing is famous for its wonderful ancient alleys (hutongs) and streets, many dating back to the Ming Dynasty and retaining their traditional architecture. However, over the years a number of historically rich hutongs have succumbed to the bulldozer – a ...... Read More>>

Ring in 2013: New Years Eve Countdown Parties in Beijing HOT

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If you are reading this then it can only mean one thing: the world didn't end and this year's awesome New Year's Eve parties in Beijing are still on. So without further ado, here's our list of this year's hottest events to ring in 2013. ... Read More>>

2012 Round-up of Christmas Dinners in Beijing HOT

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Christmas is a time to gather with your friends and family, put on your tackiest jumper, and consume more calories than physically possible. Whether you plan to cook at home or treat yourself to a restaurant blowout, we’ve rounded up our picks of the best ...... Read More>>

Embrace the Winter: The Best Ski Resorts in Beijing HOT

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Every year, when a whole load of fluffy snowflakes fall in Beijing, the city turns into a winter wonderland – for about an hour. Then, it all turns to brown, slippery slush or a compressed sheet of ice with the sole purpose of slipping you up. Only ...... Read More>>

Tis the Season to be Generous: Sourcing Unique Gifts in Beijing HOT

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Between the cookie-cutter malls and the market tat, finding a truly unique, valuable gift in Beijing can seem like a challenge. However, Beijing is a creative city at heart, and in reality you won't have to look far to find a gift that will delight the ...... Read More>>

Got the Late Night Munchies? Check Out Beijing’s Night Markets HOT

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The role of food in Beijing's social scene cannot be overstated. Kitchens continue to fire up dishes until the wee hours of the morning, with many restaurants serving food 24/7. For those prone to late-night munchies, Beijing is the most accommodating city, ...... Read More>>

2012 Thanksgiving in Beijing—Eating Out and Dining In HOT

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You don't have to be American to enjoy Thanksgiving in Beijing. Whether you choose to spend the evening at one of the many restaurants offering Thanksgiving specials, or opt to cook your own turkey, the fourth Thursday in November is a great excuse to stop ...... Read More>>

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