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Beijing’s Oasis of Knowledge: The National Library of China HOT

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The China National Library has a worldwide reputation. It is the largest library in Asia and the 3rdh largest library in the world. It also holds the largest collection of Chinese literature and historical sources in the world. Its prestigious, worldwide ...... Read More>>

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Beijing HOT


In the past year, the iPhone craze has really hit Beijing. Whether you are riding the bus or subway, it’s hard not to notice young and trendy Beijingers using gaming apps on their iPhone as they wait for their final destination. Sitting in a coffee shop ...... Read More>>

Finding Your Way Around Beijing Using Public Transportation HOT

Whether you are just visiting Beijing for a few days, or Beijing is your “laojia” (old home), it is of the utmost importance that you know how to get around the city quickly and cheaply. While you could take a cab from point A to B every time, this gets ...... Read More>>

Going Under the Knife: Artificial Beauty in Beijing HOT

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Beauty is only skin deep, they say. Yet a glance at any Beijing news stand, or a look up to the invasive billboards in Guomao or Dongzhimen invariably tells us what we long to forget: perfection exists. Some might wisely turn a blind eye, and choose ...... Read More>>

Finding the Right Medical Care in Beijing: Chinese and Foreign Hospitals HOT

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There have been many books written about how to explore every nook and cranny of Beijing. There are countless websites and a slew of magazines detailing where you can shop all day and then eat and drink the night away, but when it comes to your health there ...... Read More>>

The Lowdown on Networking in Beijing HOT


Are you looking to broaden your social network? Trying to expand your China business? Or are you in the midst of a grueling job search? If so, this guide to networking in Beijing is the solution to all your problems. For some of us, networking does not come ...... Read More>>

Homeschooling in Beijing – The Freedom to Choose HOT


Homeschooling has become a popular option in Beijing as tuition prices continue to rise at international schools. Homeschooling offers flexibility and the freedom to learn what you and your kids are passionate about. It also comes with the responsibility of ...... Read More>>

Surviving the Smog: How to Deal with Beijing’s Air Pollution HOT

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When you live in Beijing, you face bad pollution days. Sometimes the air is thick with lung-harming particles and you just don’t want to be outside in that. If you live in Beijing it should not be the biggest surprise if you wake up one morning, open the ...... Read More>>

Shopping for Big-sized Shoes in Beijing HOT

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Shopping for shoes should be fun! But when you have trouble finding what you are looking for, it can be a bit frustrating and overwhelming. In Beijing those seeking big-sized shoes can have a hard time finding shops that provide what they need . But it’s ...... Read More>>

Beijing DIY Guide: Knitting, Sewing, Jewellery Making, Woodwork etc. HOT

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Are you a do it yourself kind of guy or gal? For those of you who enjoy creating your own projects but don’t know where to start in this massive city, we’ve created a “Do it yourself” (DIY) list of shops in Beijing to assist you in your favourite DIY ...... Read More>>

Dancing around the Mines of Employment in Beijing HOT


You’re young, ambitious, newly arrived in Beijing and looking for work. If you rewind to just five years ago, those would have been the ingredients to an auspicious start of your life here. Unfortunately, that train has passed, and finding a job in Beijing ...... Read More>>

Meat-free Please! Great Vegetarian Restaurants in Beijing HOT

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It seems like people are divided about vegetarianism in China – some say it’s extremely difficult; others rave about how many vegetarian options are out there. If you belong to the former category, then rest assured; Beijing’s vegetarian restaurant scene ...... Read More>>

How to Get a Driver’s License in Beijing HOT

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Q: When a vehicle overturns slowly and jumping out of the vehicle is possible, the driver should jump _____? ... Read More>>

How to Raise a Pet in Beijing HOT

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Numerous studies have been conducted to prove that pets can bring joy and healing to our lives, plain and simple. Coming home to someone who is always glad to see you and who never complains or argues is delightful. Naturally, along with a pet however comes ...... Read More>>

How to Get Clothes Tailor-Made in Beijing HOT

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Photo: Once you find the right combination, having clothes tailor-made in Beijing can be a wonderful experience. Not all fashion is created equal so why settle for a finished product that is lacking your style or needs to be altered to fit ...... Read More>>

Hands-on Wellbeing: Beijing Massage on Any Budget HOT

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Along with elegant tea, ink brush painting, paper cutting, martial arts and Chinese medicine, massages are also an important aspect of traditional Chinese culture. Chinese massage stems from the Chinese medical massage and is one of the cornerstones of ...... Read More>>

How to: Avail of Western Food without Going Bankrupt HOT

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Hankering for home comforts is part and parcel of being an expat. Many are disheartened by the paltry and overpriced offerings at the imports section of their local supermarket and gob-smacked when they see some of the prices on the labels in the ...... Read More>>

Capital Clubs: How to Meet People in Beijing HOT

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Beijing is a megalopolis. One thing you don’t fully appreciate before you touch down at the airport is just how large the city is. For newcomers this can be daunting; not only to understand the logistics of finding your way around such a large city – ...... Read More>>

How to: Find an Ayi in Beijing HOT


Domestic help is something that most foreigners in Beijing are unaccustomed to; paying someone to clean up after them or have them do their laundry is an alien concept for some. Many, after a period of living in the capital come to realize that having this ...... Read More>>

How to Find a Bicycle in Beijing HOT

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There are nine million bicycles in Beijing. And that’s a FACT (probably…). In fact, the number of bicycles in Beijing is likely to have increased inline with Beijing’s ever expanding population since Katie Melua crooned those immortal words back in 2005. ...... Read More>>

How To: Volunteer in Beijing HOT


Do you spend more hours a week watching mind-numbing TV shows or surfing the net than you have to? Do you wish you spent your time more constructively? Do you feel empathy towards people, animals and/or the environment? Do you want to ...... Read More>>

How to Live "Green" and Protect the Environment in Beijing HOT


Going “green” has never been as urgent as it is today, and fortunately for the planet, the world’s biggest polluter has finally begun jumping on the environmental bandwagon. China is home to the world’s largest coal production industry, yet ...... Read More>>

How To: Find Hidden Treasure at 5 Little Known Beijing Markets HOT

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Aside from eating, drinking and cavorting, shopping has to be one of the Beijing expat’s most favoured pursuits. There are miles of shiny marble-floored malls filled with couture boutiques with stylishly near empty shelves in Beijing, as well as tourist ...... Read More>>

How To: Stay Healthy During Winter in Beijing HOT

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Balancing a healthy lifestyle in Beijing’s somewhat tough winter climate is a goal which is much longed for but not always realised by many. Here is a helpful how to guide to staying healthy in the Beijing winter. ... Read More>>

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