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A Dentist for Every Guangzhou Expat HOT

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Navigating your way through the different types of dentists can be hard, especially when your tooth won’t stop throbbing. eChinacities has done your homework and compiled a list of suitable options, for every type of expat. ... Read More>>

Try Something Different: Wacky and Unusual Guangzhou Museums HOT

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Guangzhou’s museum scene is ever changing, with its museums becoming increasingly bigger and more architecturally challenging. These are some of the more unusual themed museums that Guangzhou has on offer. ... Read More>>

Bright Lights & Quiet Streets: Night Biking in Guangzhou HOT

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Whether you decide to go cycling alone or with friends, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to make sure that night biking in Guangzhou remains a fond memory. ... Read More>>

Strap Up Your Boots: Stunning Spots for Hiking Near Guangzhou HOT


Bet you didn’t know that Guangzhou has loads of beautiful, hike-able hills nearby? Here, we look at three places near Foshan, Guangzhou’s neighboring city, for some excellent places that provide perfect opportunities for hiking near Guangzhou. ... Read More>>

Dive In: Where to Go Swimming in Guangzhou HOT

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Swimming is easily one of the best ways to stay fit in Guangzhou. The zero-impact, aerobic, full-body exercise does wonders for your health. Thankfully, Guangzhou has a ton of places to do some laps or just take a quick dip if you know where to look, in a ...... Read More>>

De-stress with a Great Massage in Guangzhou HOT

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It’s easy to let inner city pressure get the best of you in Guangzhou, unless you know where to find a quality massage, that is. Don’t settle for just any back-alley massage parlor; let a muscle relaxation professional work you over and you won’t regret ...... Read More>>

Where to Go Bowling in Guangzhou HOT

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Bowling may not be a traditional Chinese past-time, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this indoor, low-impact, affordable sport in China's southern metropolis. Whether you want to switch up your weekend routine a little or celebrate an occasion, bowling ...... Read More>>

The Healthy Option: Organic Farms That Deliver Around Guangzhou HOT

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With all the food safety scandals blowing up around here, one might be forgiven for worrying about how to buy safe, healthy produce in Guangzhou. But with a range of options for affordable home delivery, organic fruits, vegetables, and meats can actually be ...... Read More>>

Rest and Relaxation Nearby: Guangzhou’s Best Hot Springs HOT

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Although the region surrounding Guangzhou certainly has no shortage of lovely natural springs, a majority of these sites remain undeveloped to this day, much to the chagrin of Guangzhou's relaxation-seeking residents. Currently, two nearby cities—Conghua ...... Read More>>

Nature’s Ride: Top 4 Rafting Spots around Guangzhou HOT

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As Guangzhou's daily scorchers get more and more frequent, so does the desire to escape the city and get a breath of fresh air. Rafting is an exciting way to relieve stress, feel the cool (clean) breeze and get that adrenaline pumping. So grab your oars, ...... Read More>>

Beat the Heat this Summer – Places to Cool Down in Guangzhou HOT

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May and June mark the beginning of Guangzhou’s hottest, wettest season – and the time of year when newly arrived foreigners realise it’s hard getting used to the subtropical climate. With daily highs hovering in the 30s throughout the humid summer, even ...... Read More>>

The Hands of Tradition: TCM in Guangzhou HOT

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From the east to the west, most would agree that a good bowl of homemade soup is the perfect remedy for the common cold. Why? Who knows. The mysteries, methods and miracles of medicine, both modern and ancient, are vast and while most of us pop those pills ...... Read More>>

Educate Yourself—Expat-Friendly Classes in Guangzhou HOT

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Living abroad is a learning experience in itself. However, once that "shiny newness" has worn off the new home, expats sometimes find themselves cocooning into a routine, often involving laying on the couch and watching too many DVDs. Fight the ...... Read More>>

Ride On – A Guide to Buying or Renting Bikes in Guangzhou HOT

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China has more bikes per capita than almost any other country in the world – which, with its population as large as it is, adds up to be a LOT of bicycles. So why wouldn’t any foreigner, cycling aficionado or not, want to experience the gut-wrenching ...... Read More>>

6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Guangzhou HOT

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Settling into a big city like Guangzhou takes a lot of time no matter who you are. Learning transportation routes, finding your favourite foods and getting an idea of entertainment options is a long process. Guidebooks and internet how-tos abound, but often ...... Read More>>

Fitness, Fun and Friends: Sports Clubs in Guangzhou HOT

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Living in Guangzhou, we may find ourselves without incentive to exercise – the gyms are crowded, the skies are gray and motivation is low when you’re flying solo. Luckily, Guangzhou is full of expat sport clubs and leagues, suitable for sport enthusiasts ...... Read More>>

Pump it up: Guangzhou’s Best Gyms HOT

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Fitness clubs are one of many new luxuries in China, with most appearing in the past ten years and transforming the tastes and leisure time of its citizens. Guangzhou, like other large Chinese cities and a few small ones, is home to some of the most modern ...... Read More>>

Extreme Sports Options for Adrenaline Junkies in Guangzhou HOT

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With the Asian Games just around the corner, it’s a better time than any to delve into all of the athletic offerings that Guangzhou has to offer. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, an exciting date idea, or a unique way to get in shape, this ...... Read More>>

Top 10 Hills to Climb Around Guangzhou HOT

Guangzhou is located on Guangdong's lower plain, as the Pearl River nears its end. This broad, flat region is interspersed with only a few low mountains, Guangzhou's Baiyun being one of the most famous. However, ringing Guangzhou in the north is the start ...... Read More>>

Where to go for Relaxing Chinese Messages in Guangzhou HOT

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Most of us go to a massage centre or spa for relaxation, but in China the trend has always been towards massage as a form of healing. ... Read More>>

Expat Friendly Hospitals in Guangzhou HOT

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Though we may feel super healthy and invincible now, there will come a time in all of our lives where a visit to the doctor is inevitable. A stint in hospital is one of those things we always have to take into consideration, and knowing where to go during ...... Read More>>

How To: Be Vegetarian in Guangzhou HOT

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Meat-free folk find it challenge to eat at ordinary Chinese restaurants, as most use fish oils and other meat products in the kitchen, and cook vegetables and meat in the same pan. Bad news for veggies. And what’s worse, many dishes in Chinese restaurants ...... Read More>>

Relax: Guangzhou's Best Spas HOT

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Try something right now. Sit back, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Really try to slow down for a moment and check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Maybe you’re tired run-down, or maybe the air pollution outside is getting to you. If ...... Read More>>

Causing a Racquet – Badminton, Tennis and Squash in Guangzhou HOT

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Although it is table tennis that still captures much of the public eye, other racquet sports in China are booming. Though knocking a ball around the court is originally a Western phenomenon, formulated in the nineteenth century and onward, China is now ...... Read More>>

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