The Healthy Option: Organic Farms That Deliver Around Guangzhou

The Healthy Option: Organic Farms That Deliver Around Guangzhou

With all the food safety scandals blowing up around here, one might be forgiven for worrying about how to buy safe, healthy produce in Guangzhou. But with a range of options for affordable home delivery, organic fruits, vegetables, and meats can actually be delivered right to your door, ensuring peace of mind without lifting a finger. Here are our four recommendations for organic farms around Guangzhou that deliver freshness on demand.

The Healthy Option: Organic Farms That Deliver Around Guangzhou

1) Guangzhou Golden FarmView In Map
Golden Farm offers a full range of fresh, organic vegetables, including your average green leafy stuff plus, peanuts, bitter melons, and that boring-on-the-outside, bright-red-on-the-inside radish the locals call xinlimei, "inner beauty" (心里美). They also specialize in the local "walking" chicken (走地鸡), famous for its strong leg muscles. Place an order in the afternoons before 18:00 for best results; expect your delivery between 36 and 60 hours later.

Where: Guangzhou Golden Farm Limited, Miaobei Village, Dagang Township, Panyu District, Guangzhou
广州市番禺区大岗镇庙贝村, 东升农场
Tel: 020 3493 9548; 400 889 3006; 135 3870 3189
Website (official):
Website (ordering):
Delivery: free for orders over 100 RMB within the city, free for orders over 130 RMB outside of the city

2) The Real TasteView In Map
The Real Taste is one of the younger organic farms around Guangzhou, but they pride themselves on being mature beyond their years. In addition to the usual fresh vegetables, The Real Taste offers a variety of organic grains and mushrooms, including millet, mung beans, and wood ear mushrooms. We recommend getting a gift card for ease of ordering.

Where: The Real Taste Organic Farm, Wuxing Village, Zengjiang Township, Zengcheng City, Guangzhou
广州增城市增江镇五星村, 品珍有机庄园
Tel: 400 888 1873; 020 8759 5266; 8759 8522
Delivery: free gift card for orders within the city

3) Organic and BeyondView In Map
The Beijing Organic and Beyond Corporation (BOBC), one of the biggest organic farm operations in China with farms in seven provinces, has a delivery service in Guangzhou. Sign up for a weekly supply or purchase a convenient gift or membership card, or just shop online at their website and place an order for exactly what you want.

Where: 1505, Building B, Fuli Yingtai Plaza, 100 Huangpu Da Dao, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou
广州市珠江新城黄埔大道西100号富力盈泰广场B座1505室, 正谷(上海)农业发展有限公司广州分公司
Tel: 400 650 1001
Delivery: next day delivery available to Yuexiu, Haizhu, Liwan, Tianhe, and Huangpu Districts

4) Organic FarmView In Map
The appropriately named Organic Farm runs a very extensive online store for several large cities in China covering not just organic fruits, vegetables and grains but also a line of organic baby food and cosmetics. Order directly from their website or contact their "VIP" service (020 8788 8501) to set up home delivery.

Where: Organic Farm, Longze Wanfu, Aotou Township, Conghua City, Guangzhou
广州从化市鳌头镇龙潭湾扶, 有机农庄
Tel: 020 8788 8662; 020 8788 8501
Delivery: expect 1-2 working days for delivery, normal shipping costs 20 RMB

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