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Go East and Prosper: Africans Communities in Guangzhou HOT

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Standing between the junction of Xiaobei Lu and Huanshi Lu, the surrounding one-kilometer radius is home to African businesses and other visible minorities. Indeed, this area of the city has always been considered the most multicultural district. With each ...... Read More>>

Guangdong’s Disappearing Attractions: See Them Before They’re Gone HOT

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The following is a sad, but important list of Guangdong’s disappearing attractions. If you don’t see them soon they may not be around in a couple of years. Now is the time to see the world’s beauty…before its all gone. ... Read More>>

5 Must-Visit Historical Former Residences in Guangzhou HOT

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Among the city’s bustling streets lie a number of buildings of major historical significance: former residences of famous and influential figures from China’s past. Brush up on local history and visit these five former residences in Guangzhou. ... Read More>>

Sharing the Faith: Christian Churches in Guangzhou HOT

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1) Shamian Chapel (Lady of Lourdes Chapel)<br /> Originally founded as a place of worship for the British Concession of Guangzhou, Shamian Chapel or Lady of Lourdes Chapel, was built in 1865. Ceremonies here are always conducted by English-speaking ...... Read More>>

Dinghu Shan: Explore the Mysteries of Guangzhou’s Very Own Primeval Forest HOT

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Known to the locals (and the tourism promoters) as the "Oasis on the Tropic of Cancer", Dinghu Shan is rife with tropical vegetation and clean, freshly oxygenized air. Several scenic areas can be found in the Dinghu Shan area, among which Tianhu ...... Read More>>

Frugal Finds: Cheap and Free Things to do in Guangzhou HOT


Despite its comparatively large expat community, the majority of activities that Guangzhou offers which cater to us are still overpriced and, unfortunately, often of questionable quality. However, once you become settled in and develop a wide-enough social ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Watchdog: Recent News and Upcoming Events HOT


With all the recent coverage of Universiade, you might have missed these recent news stories and event announcements: Real Madrid visited, the worlds highest cable car ride opens, "biotech island" is under construction, cab prices are going up, ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou’s Metro: A Slice of Life, Underground HOT

Since the line opened in the late 90s, Guangzhou’s metro system has expanded far beyond its first line through the city's centre. Recently extended for last November's Asian Games, Guangzhou’s subway system has now accrued more than 200 kilometers of ...... Read More>>

Rugged History: Temples, Churches and Mosques in Guangzhou HOT

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Even though China's population is largely agnostic nowadays (with estimates ranging from 40%-60%) parts of Taoist and Buddhist belief still have a great influence on the common culture in southern China. Guangdong province was one of the first to get in ...... Read More>>

Sleepy Affair: Finding a Hotel that Suits You in Guangzhou HOT

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Guangzhou attracts visitors year round for business, tourism and politics and hosts numerous trade fairs, including the large biannual Canton Fair. As a result, Guangzhou has hundreds of star-level hotels, and promises even more rooms through apartment room ...... Read More>>

Two-night Stand: What to Do with 48 Hours in Guangzhou HOT

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Stopping in Guangzhou for a weekend? Maybe you’re visiting from Hong Kong on business, or just passing through on your way to catch a flight home. Either way, if you have some time to kill in Guangzhou, there’s more than enough to keep you busy. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou's Got Game: Stadiums around Town HOT

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Guangzhou is China's third largest city, and it has the lively sports scene to show it. Though passed over for a chance to hold the 2008 Olympics, Guangzhou is a regular location for national and international tournaments, especially in basketball, soccer, ...... Read More>>

Monkey Business: Guangzhou’s Best Temples HOT

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Guangzhou<br /> is home to a great number of notable cultural and religious sites. It is an old city, and some might say that Guangzhou, like so many other places, has forsaken its past in the rush for prosperity. However, there are places in ...... Read More>>

Fun in the Sun: Guangzhou's Nicest Parks (Part 1) HOT


You probably know by now that summer and early fall in Guangzhou can be some of the least pleasant times to be outside. It’s hot, it’s incredibly humid, and the city streets are filled with gridlocked cars; like a living case study on the horrors of Global...... Read More>>

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