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Rising to the Occasion: Great Bakeries and Desserts in Guangzhou HOT

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This article introduces some of Guangzhou’s best bakeries, for a real mix of Western and local baked goods, of the sweet and savory kind. ... Read More>>

Maximising Your Weekend: Friday Night Specials in Guangzhou HOT

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Friday nights don’t have to be so expensive if you seek out the good deals and get your money’s worth. Here is a compilation of some of Friday’s best deals, and when and where to go to find them. ... Read More>>

Food Fit For Gods: Sky Dining in Guangzhou HOT

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Guangzhou’s skyline is littered with massive high-rises and what better way to experience the city, day or night, then from high up in one of these towers. Here are a few places to enjoy sky dining in Guangzhou. ... Read More>>

Cantonese for Christmas: Winter food in Guangzhou HOT

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Cantonese food is part of the eight Chinese culinary cuisines and is best known for steaming and stir-frying as the most favored methods of cooking. Cantonese chefs – amateurs and professionals – believe such techniques exude an aroma from the wok, and ...... Read More>>

Summer Fruit Picking: Where to Pick Lychees Around Guangzhou HOT

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This article highlights the best spots for picking lychees around Guangzhou, one of the main areas in China where lychees are grown. While you’re at it, why not make a day trip out of it and enjoy the sunny outdoors! ... Read More>>

Fresh Off the Grill: The Best DIY Barbecue Spots in Guangzhou HOT

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Guangzhou is full of public barbecue spots, though recent regulations have made it difficult to get a good bite. Here, we take a look at the best places for barbecues in Guangzhou, many of which are located in the outskirts of the city. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center: More than Just Campuses HOT

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Looking for something cool to do in your spare time or longing to mix with some hip young crowds? Then head over to the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, there’s plenty in store to keep you occupied. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou’s Lychee Bay: More than Just Pretty Sights HOT

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Lychee Bay is a great place to visit any time of the year. The parade of traditional shops, natural scenery and Cantonese dining options are just a few good reasons to explore the area. ... Read More>>

2013 Guangzhou Restaurant Week: Fine Dining at an Affordable Price HOT

Guangzhou Restaurant Week is back is back with a vengeance in 2013! From March 4-10, top dining establishments in Guangzhou will offer an exclusive 3-course Restaurant Week menu for lunch, dinner or both, for a fixed price starting from 68 RMB for lunch or ...... Read More>>

The Healthy Option: Organic Farms That Deliver Around Guangzhou HOT

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With all the food safety scandals blowing up around here, one might be forgiven for worrying about how to buy safe, healthy produce in Guangzhou. But with a range of options for affordable home delivery, organic fruits, vegetables, and meats can actually be ...... Read More>>

Tea Time in Canton: Best Spots in Guangzhou for Tea and Snacks HOT

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From grand avenue mansions to tiny holes-in-the-wall, Guangzhou teahouses are where you want to go to get that old China feel without that new China smell. Unlike other cities, most Guangzhou teahouses offer full meals in addition to the usual tea and ...... Read More>>

Foodies Rejoice! 2012 Restaurant Week Makes its Guangzhou Debut this September HOT

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Great news for all of you PRD gourmands out there—2012 Restaurant Week is finally making its Guangzhou debut on September 3-9! For those of you who don't know, restaurant week is an international multi-city event that seeks to give people the opportunity ...... Read More>>

The Meat of the Matter: Best Burgers in Guangzhou HOT

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Summer brings school vacations, family trips, and large get-togethers with friends. In many places, it means firing up the BBQ and packing those picnic baskets. Time to put a hamburger on the grill. ... Read More>>

International Dining in TaiKoo Hui Shopping Centre HOT

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As the epitome of luxury and contemporary lifestyle, TaiKooHui opened in September 2011 to Guangzhou's international and increasingly modern demands with great applaud. Though the restaurants were slow to open compared to the likes of Tiffany and Miu Miu ...... Read More>>

From Sushi to Satay—Asian Cuisine in Guangzhou Other Than Chinese HOT

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Guangzhou diners wishing to please the palate with something other than Chinese cuisine don't have to eat Western all the time. Guangzhouers can find a multitude of Korean, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants ready to tease their taste buds. These ...... Read More>>

Hotel Restaurants: Raising the Bar in Guangzhou’s Dining Scene HOT

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China is seeing the world’s highest number of hotels under construction and room openings projected for the next two years. With Guangdong province having the highest number of hotels in China (along with Zhejiang and Jiangsu), it’s no wonder that while ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou's Best Hangover Breakfasts HOT

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1) The Happy Monk<br /> For hung-over Brits and others craving beans for breakfast, the Happy Monk's Full English Breakfast at 88 RMB, or even better yet, the Happy Morning After, will win moans of gratitude. The second meal adds on a Bloody Mary for ...... Read More>>

FOODS Buffet: An Eating Excursion Fit for a King HOT

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Amazing spread in an amazing setting.<br /> With a selection that’s impressive even in the context of 5-star buffet dining, superb service, a great location and setting, and all around first-rate food on offer, FOODS at The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Cheap Eats: Western Appetite, Chinese Budget HOT

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In Guangdong's food-centric culture, going out to eat is a frequent social event. It's easy to get in the habit of dashing off to a restaurant every mealtime, but the cost of all these ordered dinners adds up quickly, especially if you've got a hankering ...... Read More>>

How to Wine-d Down: The Best Wine Bars in Guangzhou HOT

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If you're an occasional swiller of the hearty grape variety, you've undoubtedly found yourself disappointed by the typical wine selections in Guangzhou: whether it tastes like slightly fortified grape juice, or the tannin imbalance is so bad your mouth ...... Read More>>

Best Deals in Tianhe: Getting Happy Hour in Guangzhou, Part Two HOT

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A drink or two at happy hour is perfect for after-work bonding, but too many after may lead to disaster (all a matter of perspective, of course). While a good start on happy hour one day may leave you not so happy the next, drinking in Guangzhou is worth ...... Read More>>

Green Groceries in Guangzhou – In Search of Organic Products HOT

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If we are what we eat, then most of us could probably sell ourselves as pesticides. Recent years have unraveled food quality scandals in China that have prompted even the least eco-minded of us to check grocery store labels more carefully. Ironically, ...... Read More>>

Best Happy Hours in Guangzhou, Part One: Garden Hotel Area HOT

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A drink or two at happy hour is perfect for after-work bonding, but too many may lead to disaster (all a matter of perspective, of course). While a good start on happy hour one day may leave you a not-so-happy one the next, drinking in Guangzhou is worth ...... Read More>>

Sweet Satisfaction: The 5 Best Dessert Spots in Guangzhou HOT

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Dessert, on the whole, is often considered the ultimate culinary splurge. A dish ranging from delicate sweetness to a teeth-aching treat, dessert plays a strong role in everything from celebrating milestones to wooing the lovely face across the table. ...... Read More>>

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